Why you should go to Infotech 2009?

infotech 2009

Sorry but there is simply NO REASON why you should go there. Period.

This year, Infotech 2009 was simply a mere trade fair, nothing like what I proposed a few weeks ago on this blog.

If only I could go back in time and save my previous time and money lost yesterday… Its no use crying over spilled milk now, but this clearly shows that its better to stay at home for the next one, just like I did the previous year.

Not even those beautiful models we used to see to “faire liziers content“, pfff.

I came back home only with a pile of brochures…
Maurice Ile Durable… C’est un plaisir!

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  1. Not even those beautiful models we used to see to “faire liziers content“

    to ti bizin ale bonaire ti ena boukou …

    en tout cas c’est pas ca que j’ai rater moi .. :p


  2. Agreed. The entire thing sucked!

    The prices went down though – still, you can buy stuff @ the stores instead of at the fair.

    How to make things better? Bring on the DCL naked dudes!!! – we can make fun of their gayness LOL.


  3. I agree with Yashvin hopeless from a professional point of view. I went on Friday thinking I would beat the crowds and so be able to ask questions on the stands. No such luck, I did not find anyone around on the MS stand, did not see any demo of Win7. I tried to get information from DCL stand about their progress on their future Wimax deployment, I only obtained a short answer from a student saying it was for next year. I just ended up killing time wandering around the hardware stands basically seeing nothing new. I could have just simply visited any Cash&Carry in the country and done the same. Frustrating or what? Thankfully the entrance was free otherwise I would have been really p…off.


  4. ill be fair this time .. i hate crowds …so less stands mean less people hurray! second nice hostesses by RAWAT..VERY NICE meme…3rd i went to buy a pc ..and prices did go down cause i compared them . so it was “une aubaine”. furthermore i dont knw if many of you have seen the orange “bins”. those bins are used to dispose of batteries, broken cellular phones, calculators etc… so yash you said sarcastically “maurice ile durable” ben moi je pense que oui.. maurice ile durable si on a remarque ce quil fallait:P et en passant yasn mone realer today … mone mari pense toi. ti ena ene ban poubelle destine a ban piles portables etc.. mais remplies de brochures..toujours mauricien .ras KOUYON. mo penc kan meme ki orange ti bizin faire ene gran advertisement lor sa ban poubelle la ki pou en place dan sa fair la .. plein dimoun ti kave vine forward with their batteries or broken phones parski franchement tout sa la pou ale depose dan ene landfill et li vraiment domage. enfin je megare un peu .

    moi mone satisfait par sa fair la .. ben main competitors were there no rajesh sunil and zorze as it used to be the case some time back . koT inovation mo dakor kan meme .. ki pas ti ena gran chose..mais linovation en terme computer now li tellement ephemere. ene inovation vieux en 1 semaine nowadays..a bon entendeur. bonsoir


  5. btw precision mo pane pense toi akoz rassd couyon : / loin de la .. mone pense toi akoz mo ti p dire ki sa foto la ti pou akve blog lor la .. kmen mauricien utilise ene poubelle ki senC destine a usage specifik mais ki mete nimporte quoi dedans. voyaaaaa


  6. @ yashav.. mo penC le but ene fair c de se deplacer et daller voir sur place en fait.. li un peu ene loisir aussi .. ene moment de detente en famille. si en europe banla encore deplaC pour ale salon de linformatique alors mo pas kmpren ki to expect maurice nou faire li lor net .. food for thought


    1. Mo penser nu p mal comprend le concept initiale d’Infotech.

      Infotech li siposer ene salon kot presente bane nouvo technologies tout sa et justement, sa l’annee la, bane organisateurs ine introduire sa concept de “selling right inside infotech”.

      Mais sorry, apart selling, mo pane truv narien dans infotech 2009. Kikene ine remarke kitchose apart selling???


  7. infotech ti suppozE 1 place kot to montrE bann nuvo truk technologik.. mais… rarely has it ever been up to that expectation … 1 ou 2 fois sa meme tout depi mo konE … mo nepli ena expectation lor la since quite some years now. i view it simply as a place “where most ppl who has lots of time on their hands or wants to look ‘as if’ they know lots about new technologies go their to hang out”


  8. there should be also handsome male models for girls to check this event not fair there is only female model :-p
    well I didn’t go this year cos knew beforehand gonna be another commercial event for courts,cash n carry so didn’t waste my time there
    hopefully next year they gonna improve and innovate


  9. Azioooo fran too gaspiye letemps sa..
    Hey ouais mo ti truv toi labas yashvin 😛

    Moi mone gaigne ene bon ti demostration kumen fer montage video lor ene imac dans stand cash n carry. The guy seemed very experienced sof ki language imac la ti ene englais e li ti p lire englais la en francais LOL.

    Aprt saaaaaaaaa hmmmmm ti mat lol.. e franc too lanner dernier ti ena stand infinity e so ban models ti super classsss…

    APressssssss mone ressi repon ene repose e mone gaigne ene ti cado too lol.. mam la dir moi.. mo poo poze toi ene kestion.. mo dire li wai donne kestion la.. apress li dire moi repose la c nu slogan compagnie e get li la haut labas… WOW that wassss pathetic lol.. givin me the answer b4 the question.. mone feeel wadir ‘sale’ poo prend zot cado :S:S…ki grand cado si zone donner.. ene ti sakos de merde.lol

    Apresssssssss mone truv dimoon rent lor facebook labas.. mo penC ene zafer nouvo poo zot sa…

    Apressss mone truv ene fam p danC kouma folle kot stand samsung :S:S

    nfin c too :P:P

    MauriceCestUnePlaisir de merde pour les mauricen !!


    1. @Avishna : Mo croire to ti al Infotech pendant the first day or may be 2nd day.
      On Saturday (Day 3), career fair ti vine enbas zis a l’entree du batiment, a coter la cantine la.

      lol, tellement dimoune pas ti interesser pu monte lo 1er pu al guet sa 😛


  10. Infotech Pa aler sa….lolzzz
    Internet pli gran ki swami vivek ananda 😛

    WEll nou tou cner maurice tro cher…sa mem gaspillage aler sa ban zafer la…


  11. Career fair in Infotech most of it nek software developpement,programming, database, sql..

    A B no computer technicians and networking administrator la Kot bizin apply sa??


  12. who’s going to this year’s (2010) infotech ? 😛 … im going to watch the new technologies =D … lOol .. and if there’s nothing new, the hostess will do fine 😉


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