You’ve been april-fooled!

You may have already guessed it when you saw the title!

Its true, many of you have been caught into this april first joke!

There is no sponsor for Mauritian Blogger, not yet.

I repeat, no sponsor for any lunch, dinner, or any other bloggers’ event, not even free tshirts!

Right now, you may be laughing at yourself!

About the people

The previous post was written with the conspiracy of Morinn, Jevin and Dakshinee.

During the day, I received a few comments which stated that it was an april’s fool joke;

Congrats to:

btw, I have just approved these comments…

@Kurt : Daks gave you a clue : it has a L at the end.
Answer : April Fool! lol!

No excuses!

You did believe it!

You were also numerous on MSN to believe this April’s fool prank!

April fooled by Yashvin

Without forgetting facebook!

April Fooled

Your turn now…

Lets be fun! Lets be different!

So, how did you fool your friends, or how was you fooled?

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As for now, I wanna get well asap!

Fever, go away!!!

16 thoughts on “You’ve been april-fooled!

Add yours

  1. lol…tone bien gagne banla 😛

    as for my case, you fooled me by saying that you were sick yesterday, and truely speaking I did believed u..(pa bizin dire twa…mone fini penser ki mo pou toute seule dan 1 buro rempli r dimun hier TVR)

    en tou cas…well done 🙂


  2. i sensed that…kurt was right! Sponsor la tombe zis le 1 april…miracle sa! 😀

    Did 2 fools this year
    1st. i wrote a a mate`s shirt, writing with the back of the marker…idiot thought that i wrote on him, mate next to him told him that there was no ink on his shirt and that the marker was dead but still zaco ti coire banane…i mean april fool. Lot la rasse mo marker ek ekrir lor premier la so shirt…ey vraimem li ekrir ta! lol… the fool!

    2nd: in accounts class…prof la imper pervy-type. rod 1 ringtone: voice of a babe making noises [you know what] rod 1 zozo…gagn pandi**…fer semblan pe pran lamisic lor so n95 [zoue mari fort sa] transfer the music and set as ringtone…max volume. retourn pandi so mobile. En class…telephone him …. Ohh Yeah 😀 😀 had a rofl that day

    bzw who would have been the sponsor? that small building ? 😉


  3. i got alot of people fooled on my blog in connection with leacked test papers of uom.
    no one managed to fool me. mom txtd me to say she was admitted to hospital. i know where this was going, and called at her work, and the ‘fooler’ got ‘fooled’.. lol


  4. Fortunately the president was not easily fooled…but hey it’s not that far-fetched.Make us think to what extent people can believe stuff written online…can be frightening at times.The great thing will be to get real sponsors for 1st April 2010, think about it guyz 😉


  5. hahahaha hereusement i didn’t fall for that one :p.

    Tard dans la nuit, i fell for what yuds wrote about the papers, i was even trying to figure out how the heck would someone call stealing papers without any sort of remote exploit be called a hack!


  6. My bf got me! 😦 We met as usual, and he seemed strange, not talkin and all. I asked him what happened. He shrugged and said forget it. i asked again, this time with more anxiety. He then admitted he had to tell me something he had been hidin for a loooong time. I squeaked “Kieter?”, goin pale and lookin like death! Then the idiot started laughing and yelled “Poisson d’avril!!” But he stopped quickly when i whacked him with my umbrella in front of all the starin people! 😀


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