Mauritian Bloggers sponsorship

Mauritian Bloggers Sponsor

Hi everyone.

After the discussion yesterday with Morinn, Jevin and some other bloggers, I am proud to announce that we have now an official sponsor for our events!

It was much difficult to convince the companies in Mauritius about our community, and especially about the benefits of accompanying us in our journey.

However, after showing our average daily stats and the impact of blogs on our society, especially through Facebook, the company was amazed by our popularity and the response of Mauritians.

We still have some papers to be signed to finalized before the launch of this partnership, but this won’t take much long.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Among the benefits offered by the company:

  • Free t shirts for every member
  • Sponsorship of our events/meetings (lunch, booking)

You may ask yourself, what are the conditions behind this sponsorship?

Ya, its normal, the company has requested for

  • Including its banner on our official web site as well as the t shirts.
  • Use of its name in our events (provision for banners will be made)

The name?

The name of this sponsor will be revealed very soon, and everything will be made public in a few days.

A small tip?
Look for a company which hasn’t been targeted by our blogs, lol!

Morinn will be blogging on this later today to keep you updated!

Cheers for Mauritian Bloggers!

34 thoughts on “Mauritian Bloggers sponsorship

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  1. koooll, top net πŸ™‚
    ehhh but i already know d name of d company :D:D
    let oders guess, i wont tell :s:s

    but we should write good articles abt dat company? :o:o

    sponsoring lunch, nu met ene plan shooters vite haha πŸ˜€


  2. i got something to ask. suppose am a regular visitor of all the mauritian blogs, giving my opinions always, then will the company sponsor tshirt and lunch for me?


  3. πŸ˜€ If it is a telecoms/IP company will you get discounts on subscriptions? I hope they have big budgets cos if your sponsored lunches are anything like the telecoms ones I experienced they could stretch to the early hours (liquid lunches)!!


  4. Hi and congratulations to you guys.

    Am an ex-blogger. But well, if you need to make your info to the press, you can count on me… I know someone who will be quite interested to do an article about it.




  5. Hey i can hook you up for a tshirt printing service at an affordable price. I know its being sponsored but at least u will have more money to spend at shooters lol


  6. i think its either MTML or Coca/Pepsi…

    coz think all others hve been critized on blogs… lol..


    too good!


  7. Nomad sponsoring Bloggers on MyT to blog !! .. si c’est pas le monde a l’envers, my second guess would be Mauritius Telecom !! :S or mite be DCDM consulting !! :S lolzzz..
    I am also thinking at air Mauritius !! .. really cannot see who else would benefit from sponsoring Mauritian Bloggers !! lolzz..


  8. Why is sponsorship needed anyway? So that no-one pays for a lunch for the once-in-a-while meetings? I am sure everyone can afford a meal at McDo once in a while πŸ™‚


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