Increase in price for petrol – April 2009

Price of Petrol April 2009

This is not an april’s fool hoax like the one I made to the blogging world and the readers, nor it is a post saying that the announced news was a joke, lol!

As you already know, I have been blogging about the new prices of petroleum products monthly.

The prices (applicable for the month of April 2009 ) announced a few minutes ago are :

Diesel…. : Rs32.30/L > Rs 34.70 – INCREASED

Essence..: Rs36.65/L > Rs 39.35  – INCREASED

Prices April 09

Yashvin, pages of my life

Here is a small graph I made myself, like a big boy (with the help of excel of course) :

Graph by yashvinblogs

Here are the blog articles for a few months ago:

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Are still paying the error of STC hedging or is this increase worldwide?

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  1. well i guess its time that evryone starts cycling to work in mru then…tats gonna help the environment and themselves as well…

    environment===>>less pollution…a greener world 🙂

    themselves====>>healthier..more economical..well literally at no cost after initial investment in a cycle..^_^

    so in both ways it’s a better world…lol


  2. well its unfair as each time STC tell us(consumers) that they have the previous stock which has cost so much hence we have to increase the price, but recently the price of baril had fallen drastically so, HOW COME THAT PETROL PRICE has risen??? its just that we “to dimune” we are clearing the debts of STC and govt….


  3. It is not about debts 😉
    we are sooo lucky to have such a nice government, they think about the future sooo much , and sooo much that they have forecasted the price of petrol for this year would be around $150 – $200 ..
    soo, they made a deal to pay petrol for $100 approx.. whatever the price of oil changes or decrease.. and to break this contract of 2 YEARS !! .. they would have had to pay $2billions .. needless to say, it is not affordable !
    It is the same shit that happened at Air Mauritius, and We mauritians, pov malerer ki mizere to passer !!, are made to pay petrol at $100 approx.. even wen the price had decreased to $50 since 7 months !!..
    le pep admirab de moris, zotte vraiment admirab..
    kan suresh boodhoo faire fosss prediction zotte critique, pov diab la, kan gouvernment faire foss prediction, sameme gouvernment ki meilleur.. Indeed, i shall be tagged ANTI PATRIOT and arrested under the POTA!!for such words.. but on ne m’enlevera pas ma liberter de penser.. and history shall judge them, and as James.David.. went to tagg a statue with some stupid cartron.. i shall do the same one day, i am still young and they shall surely perish before my hair turns white !!

    Kan mo tizil plorer..personne na pa souille so lizier ! – kaya
    In fact, everyone finding it normal that we are paying such price for petrol.. Le pep admirab telman ine souffert ki line habitier souffert en silence now! 😦


  4. You see, the problem is that those useless @#$% sitting at the head of the country don’t even pay for this so they don’t give a damn! They get all free…so why should they care??? Why don’t they pay for their cars and petrol like everyone else??? They get cars, petrol, chauffeur, water, electricity and so much more for free!!! Please, someone kick them!


  5. @ashfaq.. i think you are talking about Hedging.. and i think its only for air mauritius.. not ALL FUEL of MRU. Correct me if im wrong. 🙂

    well… it increased.. next time its gna decrease and come back to the same price as previous(march) , and all mauritians will be so happy thinking that it decreased.. lol..


    1. @ Sun :
      next time its gna decrease and come back to the same price as previous(march) , and all mauritians will be so happy thinking that it decreased

      lol! So true!


  6. @sun – yes, i was talking about hedging and it is not only air mauritius which imports Jet A 1 oil but all petroleum products which are bought by the STC. STC struck a deal start of last year for the hedging, as long as i remember the deal was for 2 years with some Indian Refinery company. I do not remember well the company name either.
    As far as air mauritius Jet A 1 oil is concerning when their is contamination which aeorplane oils, they do not put that in airplanes but downgrade those oils to be sold in fuel stations which we put in cars. So, it is pretty much the same since STC which buys the oil in bulk.


  7. seriusly i thought that fuel price will decrease tats y since 1week i didnt go to refuel my car…well we pay for the fuel/water?well everything for the govt official as said reenadkl and lol even the car they travel…hehe
    here in mauritius i dont really fink people do react to all these increase in price, they are just passive people…
    even if tomorrow the price of petrol become 100rs/ litre , we will abide to it saying ” hey waa taaa prix la ine monter, mo kwar partou sa ou zot pu dire govt la pa bon, mai ki pu fer ”
    lol la democratie mauricienne 😀
    hedging is a wrong decision from the govt and they have to bear it…Not US….
    i wonder how many millions have gone in the account of those who dealt the hedging …hehe


  8. @Ravish—> I bet my everything that there are quite a lot of millions which went into pockets! !

    *cough*Reading newspapers.So many angry people at MT..ROFL..Finally..*cough*/


  9. ramgoolam has been praising a lot about the white list of mauritius of OCDE .. i still linger in disbelieve each year why a mauritian prime minister has not yet got the prize for transparency governance of africa, a price which botswana wins nearly every year.
    They have since independence make a point in killing corruption and now botswana is one of the top 4 best countries to live in AFrica !! ..
    Where is mauritius in that list ?
    surely not in the top 10 !! ..


  10. @ Ashfaq

    Well, I share your point. But bear in mind that our dear Prime Minister thinks he is the hero of a hindi movie. He is the one who is saving the people against atrocities (committed by his own!), he even has the dance sequences…(macarena etc…lol!)

    You see, he cannot show transparency as he is himself the biggest fraud. He is so cheap and can stoop so low. An example is the Gamma incinerator project. Till date the government is hiding behind some stupid reports which are not even public BECAUSE Gamma is filling the pockets of the head of the country.

    Mauritius is getting worse than India in terms of corruption and disgusting political moves….pfff!!!

    Bez 2 claques do!


  11. @reenaDKL .. just for the Gamma-covanta waste to energy project, i was there for the presentation of the project even before it comes to public. This was done at the university of mauritius with the top persons of gamma and the engineers putting forward the project from foreign countries. I have a document full of notes on that matter. And to be honest, i am currently on the “for” side ! ..
    The incinerator project is the best of its kind for the 20 years to come and i am not taking the words of anyone, sarkozy just inaugurated an incinerator in france en plein centre ville !!.. and la chaumiere incinerator will have a non habitable zone of 3 kilometres or more !!..
    Furthermore, the current system of enfouissement is obsolete, the tons of dechets, their are very toxic products in the rubbish, and those are put some place, those rubbish release methane gas which is inflammable and can explode the rubbishland anytime during high temperatures, also, Those rubbishlands are not completely safe, the juice from the rubbish goes down the earth till the nappe phreatique which contaminates our water.

    The best solution is the one by gamma-covanta which will take the rubbish, do a tri-selective with it, separating what can be recycled, of the 350 mille tons de dechets, they will take only 150mille tons, leaving half of it for other factories who want to go into that. After the tri-selective, they will burn the rubbish to produce ENERGY !!.. which will in turn be sold to CEB at at advantageous price which will not increase, since dechets is FREE and will always be available in mauritius and furthermore , mauritius is damn small, we have nowhere to export our dechets, and faute de mieux ( because enfouissement is the worst of all, it is land wasted), i think for the 20years to come, waste to energy project is the best.

    Please read those few lines, it will give you an understanding of that whole project.


  12. @ Ashfaq

    Hmmm…thnx for the details man…Yeah maybe you are not that wrong, but still the thing is that when asked to produce the reports, the government just did not. By d way, did you know that the Coventa partner was tried in court for not respecting some legal and health matter in one of the important countries itself???

    There are dark zones surrounding the project. I have to care coz I live at Roche Brunes and it sucks to know that some assholes are going to build something like that not far from my house. Believe me it’s not that far… I mean if it’s not that bad, why don’t they build it near Patrice Ah Tek’ house or the Prime Minister’s house???

    It sucks big time…well that’s for me… I heard the radio debate between some expert and P Ah Tek. The latter was talking cow dunk…he could not answer half of the questions he was asked, When asked about Coventa and the law trial (which it lost…), he talked some nonsense and changed the topic.

    Bref… can comment on my post concerning the subject if you wish….


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