The smallest building in Mauritius

Smallest Building Of Mauritius

Have you ever wondered which is the smallest building of our island?

Well, according to me, here is The building which I would describe as being the smallest!

It is situated in Arsenal, just among a group of tourists’ shops  which had a phenomenal growth in this northern part of the island.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Close up

Smallest building in Mauritius

Again, this is my opinion, please feel free to suggest any other smallest building (according to you)!

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23 thoughts on “The smallest building in Mauritius

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  1. @Everyone:

    You will be amazed to know that this building was used as a “Khebab” shop!

    But seems this business wasn’t profitable as the building was closed shortly afterwards.


  2. This is a place to hibernate. The man built that place so that he could hibernate himself whenever he would have quarrels with his wife. LOL!! 😀

    This is why it’s said: Before every thing, there’s a woman xD


  3. @Joshua : lol, its very simple to find inspiration.
    Just blog what You find interesting!

    @Joyshan : Telephone booth is not a building, lol whereas this one the name itself includes the word Building.

    @Nussaibah : Marchand Khebab so batiment 😛

    @Pete : well, I think he has been hibernating since years now!


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