Mauritian Bloggers sponsorship

After the discussion yesterday with Morinn, Jevin and some other bloggers, I am proud to announce that we have now an official sponsor for our events! It was much difficult to convince the companies in Mauritius about our community, and especially about the benefits of accompanying us in our journey.

First Bloggers’ Meeeting 2009, Promising!

The first Mauritian Bloggers' Meeting 2009 was a success!

25 bloggers met at Mac Donald today to share their blogging hobby. This get-together has given us an opportunity to know the authors of the blogs which we read daily.

Doesn't this want to make you a blogger? 🙂

1,272,040 Mauritians & less than 150 bloggers

1,272,040, thats the number of people living in Mauritius. This figure has been published today by the Central Statistics Office. 150 bloggers, this is my estimate of the number of Mauritian bloggers to my knowledge. Dear bloggers and readers, we are going to launch a bloggers club very soon, be part of it!!!

Introducing blogging

Hi everyone! I just wrote a page on "Blogging"... Took me about 3hrs to cover different important points on blogging... My main objective was to introduce blogging to newbies, in a simple way, with lots of pictures... You can read it here, and perhaps mention any additional points I have missed out... Lets see if... Continue Reading →

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