First Bloggers’ Meeeting 2009, Promising!


The long awaited Mauritian Bloggers’ Meeeting was a success!

We did it!

Today, the 14th March 2009 is a date which should be written in the history of blogging in Mauritius.

For a first time, 25 bloggers met for a first meeting in Mac Donald, Port Louis.

This event had been organized since more than 1 week back by mainly Morinn, Jevin and myself.

This event was even hosted on facebook for a more convenient way to manage and send updates to all the guests.

btw, a big sorry to everyone in Mac Donald today, since we know, we were a bit crowdy (and noisy?), taking up 25 chairs in a long row πŸ˜›



Ya, ya, Β I know, each one of you want to get hold of all the names of those present in today’s meeting πŸ˜›

So, Β the 25 bloggers who attended our meeting are :

For those looking for pictures, please follow this link to the photo album of the event on facebook.
I have just finished the uploading of my share of pictures.

More than 50 pictures!

btw, I guess most of us are on facebook, so this won’t be a big problem πŸ™‚

Who blogged this event too?


I guess many of us will blog this soon, perhaps tomorrow but till now, the following fellow bloggers have already shared published their posts :

Please send track backs/comments to this post if you are writing about this event.

What’s next?

Of course, we won’t stop here!

Together with all other bloggers, we will soon be back in the real world to organise something even nicer and I hope that we will get even more bloggers attending the meeting…

Who knows, perhaps we may invite YOU, readers too!!!

btw, dear bloggers, now I am sure that I know the names of each one of you.

Special sorry to Sandeep, Irfaan, Parwez, Pirbhay  and Ashfaq since I kept forgetting their names each time πŸ˜›
As from now, I can easily associate the names correctly with the pics πŸ™‚

A big thanks to everyone for their presence!

47 thoughts on “First Bloggers’ Meeeting 2009, Promising!

Add yours

  1. Dear all,

    Sorry for not coming today. I called Jevin to ask him to tell you that we were taken in a family lunch in Quatre-Bornes. It’s nice to see that you have had a lot of fun and I guess you’ve discussed about very interesting things.

    When is the 3rd meeting?


    1. @Avinash :

      Hi, its ok if you have not been able to make it for this time, but the next time, you have to be among us πŸ™‚
      Anyway, it was quite a short notice (about 1 week).

      The next one?
      We started discussing about the next event at the end of the meeting, and we hope it will be very soon.
      I think we will soon be launching a suggestion box for collecting any ideas for the next one πŸ™‚

      And I guess that Mac Do will not be appropriate this time lol!

      Have a nice Sunday!


  2. was gud.

    The food sucked a bit, macdo as always… can’t be finger lick’n gud as good ole kfc!

    and yes, i was right it was definitely sjDVDa! i’ll call ya DVD now since it kind of complicated to remember.

    tushal wasn’t very much talkative btw….

    night night


  3. hihi we are the bloggers gang! πŸ˜› I think everyone is really impatient to attend the next one! πŸ˜› kudos for this event yashvin!! It was really great fun and everyone got in and started talking to each other, meme si zot pa ti tro conne some people. πŸ˜›


  4. Hehe…Yashvin, mo pa kone toi!!!
    Nice meeting up today… sweet mo vilain papier ine vine dan foto la haut…lol


  5. “Special sorry to Sandeep, Irfaan, Parwez, Pirbhay and Ashfaq since I kept forgetting their names each time ”

    At least, you still remember it.xD

    It was a pleasure to meet all of you. Although, I already knew most of those who came.:p

    “selven said:
    tushal wasnÒ€ℒt very much talkative btwÒ€¦.”

    Sorry. I was ill.*cough*I’m still ill*cough*Blame the rain and the everyday drinking chilled sprite*cough*
    Else, I’m very talkative. Ask Yashvin, Chaya,Dhaneesha, Dakshinee, Sundeep..xD

    I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

    Saajid, le petit petit..xD


  6. Special sorry to Sandeep, Irfaan, Parwez, Pirbhay and Ashfaq since I kept forgetting their names each time

    thats ok… me too i didnt remeber the names of each and everyone.. but i do remember 90%..

    btw, for my link, change the name from s4ndeep to Sun.
    I dropped that nick. πŸ™‚ *too many sandeep’s around*

    @All, meeting was really great. Next time Mayb we should be closer to nature.., beach?? or jardin(pmplmssse) *just a thought*

    im not gna blog on this.. im just gna comment everywhere!

    @pierre, your blog ROCKS!!


  7. It was a great meeting indeed.

    The next one is going to be bigger and better. We’ll update in due time. It’s all just plans in your heads now anyways.


  8. its was a good time with you and iÒ€ℒm really happy know you now ! i hope the next time one party at the beach πŸ˜‰

    see u soon !


  9. Oh am all set for the beach…we could sit in a circle and it would be easier to talk with everyone around…but it was great to see the response! πŸ™‚



  10. By d way..if we could tag ourselves in the pics on facebook, it would be great..easier to know who is who…

    @ Yashvin

    Man you are tall!!! pfff!!! I feel so short, shorter, shortest!


  11. @Tushal

    Lol! Bein nu ti bzin met longeur ene coup! lol! Mo pa p rapel toi ki sane la.. 😦 Tag toi lor facebook…

    Next time nu met longuer ek tire photo (Both Tushal n Yashvin)… πŸ™‚


    1. @ Reena : lol, to pas p koner ki sane la Tushal, avouer! πŸ˜›

      @ Tushal : Sa meme li p dir toi tag yourself.

      @ Both : Moi ki pli longue la πŸ˜› 1m93… Tushal, toi?


  12. @yashvin—> 1m93! ! !mo pli courte ki sa! ! *wohooo*ena dimoune pli long ki…

    @reena—>fini tag..xD

    @Krishen—>yes..we have an alien between us..ops..i meant 2 say..veggie..xD


  13. heyyy lol

    ene mari coincidence sa.

    Moi si mo ti labas dans ene lot latab..
    kan mo chek longg dire.. hey b mo conne zot sa ban figir la…


    enfin ouais paret zot ti b mari enjoyy.. mem si macdo mari kk pffff


  14. Hey all, sorry for not being able to come, next time why don’t we all meet at P-louis then we go to the seaside? what say? πŸ™‚

    There will be plenty of space there and can accommodate loads of peeps:P


  15. Where can i find pictures with nick names on it.
    completely confused with who is who.
    next time everybody gets a sticker with his name and blog on it and sticked on the forehead πŸ˜›


  16. I think it is time to make a group on facebook now .. any suggestions ?
    a group called Mauritian bloggers .. say what ?? :))we can keep as a much more formal platform for regrouping the members together.. i guess 99% of the bloggers are on facebook ! .. except one person !! .. dont remember who it was tho !! ..


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