Fuel station pumps growing everywhere

Fuel station pump

It is a fact, fuel stations can be seen everywhere in Mauritius, for the most convenience of road users ๐Ÿ™‚

With the increasing demand of petroleum products to power our motor vehicles, many people have indeed realised that this business can be very profitable but at the same time, require much investment.

These stations are accessible throughout the island and the operators are Shell, Total, Caltex and the latest one, Indian Oil ( which has already invaded the whole island).

Construction of fuel stations

Fierce competition, same price…

Fuel stations can even be seen on both sides of motorways nowadays!

On one day, you see company X building his station on the motorway, and some time after, you will notice another company Y starting the construction of his pumps on the other side of the motorway, lol!

Since the price of petrol is uniform throughout the island, the companies must play with other factors:

  • Customer service
  • Be present and accessible from anywhere.
  • More efficient products
  • Extra services

Extra services include

  • Boutiques,
  • Washing,
  • Food,
  • Fidelity cards

More Efficient products?

With the launching of Indian Oil services in Mauritius, many drivers (including myself) rushed to their stations for refills.

I do not know if its true, but their petrol seemed to be better.

And most lately, Shell came with its Extra fuel, which gives you more kms with same amount of fuel.

This time too, I seem to notice that it is indeed true, perhaps only a perception?

Yashvin, pages of my life

Risky job/business

Like most of the business in the world, much investment is required.

However, the biggest risk remain Robbery.

fuel station

Indeed, many of the stations are vulnerable to thieves since

  • Some of them are located in remote areas and in regions of high risk.
  • Loads of money are carried by the employees

It even happened that the same stations have been robbed several times, and some people even left their lives while doing their jobs!

The future

With the importation of gas vehicles in Mauritius, the fuel stations have quickly offered this new refill service in most of the big stations on motorways. This also encouraged the creation of a few companies who install gas fuel systems into ‘normal’ vehicles.

Some of the stations are even opened all round the clock : 24/7!

I don’t see any important factors that may discourage the construction of more of them in the near future…

…until the wide use and availability of electric powered vehicles

but who knows, they may be providing spare batteries ๐Ÿ˜›

13 thoughts on “Fuel station pumps growing everywhere

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  1. These station pumps make huge profits… no wonder they are prone to robbery.

    BTW, about the “enhanced” fuel, it may be really so great after all. Heard from a pump attendant, that while Diesel Extra was good for the engine, it also increased fuel consumption. ๐Ÿ˜


  2. isn’t that called a gas station of filling station?

    My idea of all these new stations is that it sucks!

    Sincerely, those things are ruining lots of beautiful well forested areas. For example at la vigie, 3 stations like that have cropped up, i am against building of any thing in catchment areas and wet lands.


  3. Indian Oil’s refinery is different. After trying ou the diesel it for 1000km, I can say that it uses up faster! Many of my friends also say that because it’s more refined. Means care for your engine, but higher consumption.

    As for Shell, it’s my favourite. Diesel Extra was introduced a year before the petrol Extra Mile. It really does last some 5% or so longer than regular (Caltex, Total) diesel. I’m using that since over a year now (20,000 km+).

    Shell’s diesel has higher power, which in turn causes you to press lighter on the accelerator, means LOWER consumption!

    For even better mileage and higher power, you can add Acetone to your petrol or diesel tank, according to several forums on the Web. Be careful in the amount you add. It should be 0.1% for diesel (means 60 mL for your 60L tank).

    I wonder when they’ll start doing that in Mauritius. Or add alcohol like Brazil, and for when is the clean low-sulphur diesel? Really a must for new clean-diesel engines that use less than petrol hybrids!! Yes, the VW TDI diesel does better the Toyota Prius!


  4. about robbery.. they could introduce and encourage credit card payment..

    pas pou ena cash liquid… ki zote pou cokin??.. lol..

    si ti ena kit promotion ki si to paye par card to gagne ene discount ou mem to gagne ene kdo.. pou ene full refill.. mo penC pou ena plis clients ki pou paye avek card..


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