1,272,040 Mauritians & less than 150 bloggers

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Hi everyone!
Welcome back to yashvinblogs.com!

Today, the Central Statistics Office has published the “Population and Vital Statistics – Republic of Mauritius for Year 2008”.
As you will read further on, there was 1,272,040 Mauritians at the end of December 2008.

The official figures

I will do a quick summary of the numbers:

Total (Republic of Mauritius): 1,272,040

Males : 628,105

Females : 643,935

Island of Mauritius : 1,234,052

Island of Rodrigues : 37,699

Other islands : 289

Live births : 16,334

Deaths : 8,957

Number of marriages : 11,120

For more info, go to the official page.

And the bloggers?

Unfortunately, the Central Statistics Office has not started to collect data about this new category of Mauritians.

Fortunately, yashvinblogs.com has some unofficial data which was collected over months.

However according to the latest data gathering (available to my knowledge), there is

  • Less than 60 ACTIVE bloggers (blogged at least once during the last month)
  • Less than 60 DORMANT bloggers (who blogged at least a few times in their life, lol)
  • Some 20 bloggers who decided to delete their blogs
  • Total of about 140 bloggers

Please note that none of these numbers above are official, and the list compiled by Yashvin may not contain all bloggers of Mauritian origin.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Regrouping bloggers!

The idea is not new.

Indeed a few years back, some bloggers (including me) did meet in real life

To LaSh, Lady Angele, Aadil and James :
Hope you don’t mind that I used this picture 🙂

It was a nice to know the persons with whom you interact daily through blogs!

Since a few months,together with other bloggers, I decided to set up a  bloggers’ club/community. However, due to some lack of time and motivation, we did not continue in this adventure.

However, Morinn contacted me today to know the status of the “project”.

Hence, we officially decided to relaunch this project and bring it to life asap!

She already blogged about this project here, so my bloggers friends and dear readers, do have a look and let us know your ideas, suggestions and criticism.

I can even see some great benefits of this group:

Setting up a first meeting


Of course, we don’t look like chips!

But some bloggers may want to remain in the dark, nevertheless I believe we can devise some special arrangements with them, so that they can come “ni vu, ni connu“… btw, why not a mask?

The first meeting is scheduled for the 14th March 2009.
Please head to her blog to confirm your participation.

One of the main aims of this group will be to Promote Blogging in Mauritius.

Make our Mauritian fellows discover this hobby of ours!

Come on bloggers and my dear readers, lets rock this world!

41 thoughts on “1,272,040 Mauritians & less than 150 bloggers

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  1. yayy!! you’ve said it greatly! I was hoping everyone could look like chips! 😛

    Yes, let’s promote Mauritian Blogging and bring it to a new level and encourage new people to blog. 😉 We really need the help of everyone in doing this.


    1. @Carrot : lol, It will come soon… I will try to see who I have missed out in this list.

      @sjdvda : Of course you are on my list!

      @Morinn : Lets do it!


    1. @ Chervine : lol, I guess you are from the “dormant” group of bloggers lol.
      Of course, all bloggers are invited!
      Through this club, I hope that blogging will be considered something serious and everybody will be blogging 🙂

      @ Roushdat : There is a private jet which will be sent to fetch you.
      1. We have already made all security arrangements
      2. All speed breakers have been removed along the roads.
      3. All stairs (including perons) have been replaced by lifts.
      4. That day will be a public holiday.
      5. All public places will be closed on that day, including restaurants etc
      6. We have already passed a law to stop people from smoking. In this way, your health wont be affected.
      7. Dogs won’t be allowed to bark on that day LOL.
      These are only a few things!

      @ Bruno : Welcome to blogging!
      The Mauritius Blog Tracker has done a big work, and thanks to MBT, the first bloggers were known.
      The work accomplished by Mauritian Blog Brethen is also remarkable, since the members have been able to form a group which was active during a period.
      Thus, with the help of people from these 2 ‘clubs’, we hope to be able to make something better.

      A small note : We are not going to compete with neither MBT, nor MBB.
      Our aim is to make a real community with all bloggers.
      Once this community is set up, we shall work on other ideas.
      btw, the name has not been decided yet.

      @ bbZuSh : You said it! 🙂


  2. Hi, I just started blogging as well. I’m in the UK for three years and certainly I wont be able to come anytime … depends on when I can book for holidays. Great idea (Mauritian Blog Club). However, aren’t the Mauritius Blog Brethen and Mauritian BLog Tracker not supposed to be that club?


  3. According to me there are at least 300 bloggers in Mauritius. But you are right Yashvin when you say most of them are not active bloggers. I did compile a list about a year ago on search.moricien.com. Even though you guys know the existence of this (sort of directory), as it was mentioned on the MBB forum last year, None of you bloggers submitted their urls. you bloggers did not agree with the fact that you should give out your emaill addy for a url submission. You are bloggers right, every comment we write on your blog, we are asked to write down our email address. So i do not really understand why you guys did not make any submission. I have another list of bloggers on http://ziloi.com; but this site will go down soon after i publish my personal list of Mauritius bloggers


  4. We could set up a Barcamp session to share our knowledge on “Geek stuff”. Maybe blogger’s barcamp or something like.

    Personally, I got the opportunity to meet other bloggers by participating in Barcamp Mauritius.

    And its always a great pleasure to meet then again at each Barcamp Mauritius sessions, as well as meeting new blogger friends.

    Nice initiative. Barcamping is only my suggestion -> having drinks and snacks n cool jokes whilst at the same time doing presentation in a convenient place on things like we would like to share or simple stuff like we love to do!


  5. Well among the 1million + people we have, its really unfortunate to have so little bloggers, but we have to bear in mind that not all people have time to blog. some are busy working, including overtimes, while others are busy with studies or playing playstation @ home 😉
    Another point is that there are still many people here who dnt knw how to use a computer or access the internet & surf, now talking about blogs to them is like talking to an alien 😀


  6. I’ve always been pestering you to organise a seminar / meeting/ outing with all the bloggers…


    Lets’ make it man!!!

    COUNT ME IN!!!


  7. C’mon yashvin, am not that stupid to require that the small economy that is mauritius to hybernate only because of me. We should set an example, instead, people should work for 24 hours during my visit (that way, the economy can even improve + no traffic jam since people will be at work :p)


  8. Reserve un place pu mw pu lanner prochaine as m a future blogger..
    Les exmz fini lrl mwsi pu blog blog n blog!
    Long live to blogging..
    btw mo p al picnic 😀 n guess where!! MBC grrrr(maha bourik corporation)


  9. blogger ena 1 ta.. mai li pa focus only in mauritius..
    i hv loads of m8s on game blogs…
    i do hv mine smwhere also..
    it does not mean only 150 out of 1.3 millionnnnnn!!!


  10. yea, i guess it would be interesting to make a list of codes for the association of bloggers if ever we meet in real ! :S
    it wouldnt be nice to be denounced to police or anything laterz for our words on our blogs since x,y or z now know who we are ! yea ??
    y a des bloggeurs qui ont tres peu de scrupules ! sa c sure !

    btw, am i in ur list of 140 bloggers ?? haha lolzzz.
    neways, i am in the list of afrigators neways 😛 yuuuyuuu ! lolzz


    1. @ Ashfaq : I think you are, will check that later.
      Even if you are not, as from now, You are in! This pharse a bit complicated lol

      @ Rubeina : Dont worry. you will blog again!


  11. I guess I am not really considered a blogger anymore as my blog has been collecting digital dust for a while now. Looks like the meeting will be lots of fun, I’ll look forward to the second meeting if I become an active blogger again. 🙂
    Don’t forget to post pictures


  12. It’s really amazing how the blogging community in Mauritius has grown over the years. Back in 2004 when I was making a list of Mauritian bloggers, I only got around 15 to 20. Unfortunately a lot of them have stopped blogging by now. I still don’t know most of the newer generation of Mauritian bloggers. There are so many now.

    It would be nice to see a website with a complete list of all Mauritian bloggers but not everyone likes to have their blog listed for all to see. Some people only blog for a selected group of people and prefer ‘some’ privacy. 🙂 In fact, it would be great if people are able to submit their own blog url, description of blog etc. Something like the Singapore Blog Directory sgblog.com but better. I only looked at that directory for a few minutes but I noticed that they even have the pagerank statistics for the blogs on the main page.

    Having a Mauritian bloggers meeting is a great idea. 🙂
    I still remember the one where James, Lash, Angele,Aadil and you met up a few years ago. Unfortunately I was in Shanghai at that time.
    Now I’ll miss this new meeting too. 😦 I’m in Singapore right now. (mabye I’ll be back to Mauritius in a few months.. )

    I look forward to reading all about the meeting next week. 🙂 Take lots of photos. Have fun! =)


  13. “Fortunately, yashvinblogs.com has some unofficial data which was collected over months.”

    will yashvinblogs.com consider releasing that data in more details for the benefit of the mauritian blogosphere? ((When&&How&&Whre) || Why not) ?


    1. @ Roushdat : The list is still growing day by day.
      We, bloggers may be in danger if the list is made available to every human here.
      You may be in danger, so the list must not be leaked out, thus the need for an official bloggers’ club where any leaks will be easily detected 😛


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