Nomad : Operation nettoyage!


Nomad is back as headlines after a looooonnngggg period!

One of my regular reader (Mike) sent me a message today while another reader h(thats his name) has added a comment on my blog, sharing the latest updated news from the Nomad.

For those who don’t know:

Nomad is a internet service provider whose moto is, I quote :
High speed wireless internet for home and office“.

According to a daily newspaper, Nomad has unfortunately come to such a situation where the management had to suspend 20 employees because of “unfair competition“.


I don’t really know to which extent this is true, but as an ex-nomad user *who had to stick to the phone for more than 2 years for customer support*, I can say loud and clear that they are simply unprofessionals!

The number of unsatisfied customers has only been increasing since its launch.

10 main reasons why customers hated nomad are :
ps : All of these reasons are linked to related posts.

  1. SLOW speed *cough* *cough*,
  2. Unreliable connection,
  3. Frequent lost of connectivity.
  4. A customer care service which is not always available
  5. A customer care service which takes days and weeks to revert back to you.
  6. 90% of solutions from Customer care :
    “Teigne ou modem, allime li apres 10mins”
  7. Waiting for hours on the phone, and YOU pay the bill, not even a toll free service!
  8. Their billing system which keeps billing you wrong figures!
  9. Their foolish marketing strategy which only aims at getting new customers.
  10. One of their technicians being rude to me!

The whole set of Nomad posts can be read from this special section!

btw, I introduce the famous anti nomad tshirt which I wore during infotech and in uni days 😛


Just now, another reader of mine (Mayeven) mentioned that Nomad is now in Flacq, promoting their rabbit…

Anyone has pictures please? 😛

Their official web site

Take a look at the screen shot below :
An official link redirecting to their domain, which has already expired lol!


I just wanna say to those 20 employees:

“Good luck for your career, you deserve better.
Look for a company which you won’t be ashamed of when saying its name.”

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  1. Rightly said!! hehe, I think Nomad should have shut business a long time back, by keeping the last amount of dignity that was left to the company.


  2. look man.
    stop criticising this company because believe me, their service may not be good, but the guts they had to stay afloat regardless with the ferocity of the competition is not easy; especially if you don’t have billion to invest!

    rest assured i’ve always been an MT ADSL user; never tried Nomad. I think that your attitude is unwarranted and doesn’t deserve my intellectual gratitude!

    I’m an owner of my own company, it’s not easy these days to have a proper cash flow at the end of the month.

    DCL and Mauripost closed down; but nomad didn’t.
    PErhaps you can find flaws in its marketing strategy; but on a personal note, the aggressive presence on the UoM Campus is laudable with the price range they were offering the tertiary students. 400rs i think for 128 or 64kbps. Whatever the download speed, at the end of the day, you has an unlimited connection also it took ages to download something.

    so mate, stop throwing mud onto a Company with limited resources, limited expertise be it human resource or technical, try to appreciate their willingness to be the only ISP for years to compete although never successfully; when on the other side you had that big monster called Orange.

    You being an IT graduate, it’s really disgusting throwing this post!!


    1. @ Emmerdeur :
      If you go through my earlier posts, I must have surely mentioned that the main reason why people subscribe to nomad is because of the price. which is accessible to students, hence their presence on the campus.
      I wont deny you, I was with Nomad only because of the low fees, and as u said, “at the end of the day, you has an unlimited connection

      Nevertheless, this is not a reason for their unprofessionalism *which shows up very frequently when you call them*
      nor does this justify all the problems with their system.

      never tried Nomad
      Thats a right decision!
      Just ask a bit around you, nomad users have never been satisfied with the service.

      their service may not be good, but the guts they had to stay afloat regardless with the ferocity of the competition is not easy;
      You have a point here, but I ask myself for how long they will be able to survive.

      You being an IT graduate, it’s really disgusting throwing this post!!
      Sorry, but I don’t see the relationship with this post…


  3. What’s with the first pic? ROFL!!!
    A death portrait…

    But why the carrot???? 😛

    If you used Twitter more often, you could have blogged about this much earlier. I tweeted this news first thing in the morning. 🙂

    Coming back to the post, I predict Nomad to file for bankruptcy at the next price decrease.
    & then we’ll witness a deathmatch between the two ISPs – Emtel vs Orange! 😀


  4. Well I have to disagree with @Emmerdeur, I do believe that criticism is valid as it is the only way to get things moving/improved in this country. When you have been used to having fast and reliable internet services and you come to this country to be confronted with poor services you need to voice your concerns. A consumer has the right to expect good services if he/she is a paying customer. The norm here is paying high rates for a slow service. I am sure that MT/Orange has thrown a huge brick into the local ISP puddle and it is making waves. All the better for the users/consumers that we are. That’s business, if you can’t take the heat get out. And yes, I am a Nomad client hanging in there awaiting for the ISP fog to settle so that I can see which way I should go to get the max for my Rs.


  5. Hi,

    Ritzz here.

    Nomad sucks unlimited limits and Nomad has shown that clearly. Nomad was not good in wireless internet and now in a want to cut costs and show better connection, Nomad is trying to cut back staff. Nomad you should be cursed to the limit. You are laying off people who drive your sales, those who do your marketing! Nomad, piece of….

    You should be making redundant those engineers who are incompetent in giving good internet connections and are suckers at telecommunications. Lay them out first and take good engineers to at least provide a worth seeing package that works for us consumers.

    Nomad, when will you change, your company sucks. Talking about bloggers in the arena, Nomad top level executives, I invite you to come in blogs like and see the quality posts such as mine to put some knowledge in your illiterate brains and then try to give us, internet consumers of Mauritius, a fair price and fair connection.

    Nomad sucks to the limit. Yes completely.

    By: Ritzz


  6. Hi

    I was just wondering what you wanted to portray with the infamous nomad modem alongside Hanuman in the picture? Am trying hard to keep an open mind here..



  7. @Yashvin
    I see you’re using the “Scroll to Top” plugin.

    Dunno if it’s a problem with my browser or with plugin, but it flickers whenever I scroll & hikes CPU usage. 🙂


  8. @Kailash
    @Yashvin :
    that reminds me of the saying “on a wing and a prayer” the pilot’s motto, kind of reflects the maybe we will have a good connection attitude. We live in hope for improvements in services. It is all very well the government pushing for a PC in every home but when you do not have a proper network connecting you to the outside world you might as well go back to using carrier pigeon…


  9. Hi,

    Well its nt the first time that Nomad is sacking people, av seen my friends being sacked from there…its hard to believe that actually they recruite new people and sack old ones…is it a way not to pay the end of year bonus and local and sick leaves??
    Personnally av been using nomad in the past and i do agree that it sucks, av even been working their for about 2months…i totally agree wiz u tht they are real unprofessionals…tht ws the main reason for me to quit

    There was someone…who is actually still employed by Nomad who always said and i think will continue to say, i quote :
    “Nomad comment dire 1 la boutique chinois…kan to envi to rentré et kan to envi to sorti”

    Sometimes i ask myself, y is this company still here??
    All unsatisfied customers…how can a company operate??

    Miss N


  10. Haha xD I remember using Nomad =P My darkest days… After one month, I stopped calling customer service, because it seemed there was only one solution to all our problems. “I’ll call you back” But do they? NOOOO! Je me demande kuma zt kav rest la 😛


  11. It’s a shame that companies sack people like that. i think that the government should apply strict rules to that…

    Now abt nomad…lol! I remember it was the first topic I commented about and hence got addicted to blogs…

    Nomad might have been the lifebuoy of middle class people if it was as good as it advertised it would be…Unfortunately they sank deeper and deeper and worse, their advert about NEW IMPROVED NOMAD was the joke of the year. Needless to say which agency did that! lol!

    I sincerely hope the people sacked will find better jobs..

    As for the first pic…hihihihi! Yashvin, maybe you have to dip it into the Ganga Talao…it will work wonders after that!


  12. Ene lepok la nomad ti p dir ban dimoun ki pa ti p gagne rezo that zot pa ti p gagner coz ena tro buku dimoun p use XD
    si get sa dan ene lot fason…. kan tou dimoun alume zot tele le soir, zot ena risk pa gagne kelke chaine, fot de tro buku dimoun p get tele XD lmao…. ban customer care service la em pa koner ki pu invenT :-/ duh duh duh
    e pui something pour “Emmerdeur”… ena ene zafer ki apel time out :S si ene truk pan resi load pendan ene certain temp… li time out… mem si ena unlimited conections xD alors, mo pan tro truv pt la… dezoler…
    howver, mo use nomad dpui 2ans parla ou mem plus, so conektion gagne moins prob comparer a kan mti fek pren li.


  13. wwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooWW!!!!

    The first pic is awesome!!

    well.. i never used nomad. and from what all i’ve heard. never gna use it. no matter what. 🙂


  14. I wish to add that you can only market a product which is good. In nomad’s case, they are marketing a product that is not worth jack shit.

    Based on their earlier failures, i thought they would improve their services, but no lol, they instead improved their misleading advertising.

    good luck to anyone who wishes to own their might be better off with a real one.


  15. @Emmerdeur—> The day you use Nomad will be the day you will actually swear at Nomad. I’m talking from past experience.

    Please, don’t make me start talking on Nomad. Else Yashvin will have to kick my ass for crashing his server.


  16. they knew beforehand they were going against a giant in telecommunication. why would they limit themselves on resources and expertise? may be mr Rabbit’s strategy was to lure customers with their cheap pricing and were willing to deal with the complaints once the contract is signed. because they knew they will receive large volumes of calls from their unhappy customers, they limit their ressources on customer care and hope the customers would get tired and live with it

    you being an intellectually gifted person, its really unfair you did not get the marketing job at mr rabbit


  17. “the ferocity of the competition is not easy”

    @Emmerdeur – LOL.

    It’s all about innovation, customer care, and a good business model (incl. the roadmap)

    So, unless you want to side in with the ICTA, you should see the obvious – Nomad is meant to die.


  18. “Dunno if it’s a problem with my browser or with plugin, but it flickers whenever I scroll & hikes CPU usage. ”

    The scroll to top plugin in an annoyance – I’m experiencing issues with it too. *flickering screen*


    1. @ Shah : Thats the 2nd person reporting this.
      I will try to get in touch with Asvin for this issue, but for me, its working wonderful 🙂
      Feedback is important.



  19. thank you. you could have used css instead of js to display the scroll to top at a fixed location.

    me browsing your blog without css & js – it’s flicker-free but plain 😦


  20. Scroll to Top Rocks.. So cool. It might be an issue with your graphic card. May be.

    Nomad. I used it for 1 month on trial (512K). Was so cool. Very Good Speed. But then I heard that all those who are on trial just love it. And once contract bound, lots of issues. End of story.

    BTW.. What do you guys think about MT. Internet prices went down. I never asked for double speed with My T. I was satisfied with 256 KB connection. Now they double the speed so as for us to keep paying the same price. There should have been an option.


  21. agreed with Bhooks

    i was perfectly happy with my 256K, dont use internet as much i did before at home. there should have been a option, coz myt customers have never been asked wether they prefer higher spped or lower their price!!


    Your next post might be on the price on internet to Myt Users.


  22. @Yashvin
    Here’s an alternative to your Scroll to Top plugin:

    Yeah, this one’s for Blogger, but it’s just html. & it doesn’t scroll.


    @Avishna @Bhooks
    The reason why MT didn’t include the 256K is because they don’t want to lose their most profitable customers – dial-up users.
    A 256K connection priced at Rs 500 would have been very popular for users, & least profitable for MT. 🙂


  23. Nomad fired a bunch of employees last week again… It’s mismanagement that’s causing this bad internet service. I know a few people there who do their best to work, but each time they get new managers from India who keeps ‘met baton dans la roue’ and extravagences (like moving to the super-expensive Cyber Tower from Forest Side)… Ask anyone who worked there…

    The product is good, it’s just that they have too few antennas, are not very good at determining if you will have a good service, and launched too early… What else would explain why the same Rabbit modem works perfectly in Australia and other countries, but not in Mauritius?

    See Emtel, they’re taking their time with the same WiMax technology, and haven’t launched it yet for retail (only businesses, and you get an external antenna)…


  24. @Emmerdeur, first if all, I think that jumping on yashvin like that without experiencing what we endured, the hassle we have been through is blasphemy. Yashvin, myself, tushal (and dnt know if you remember me :D…was in the days when we used to spam the old forum of Nomad until they took it down :D) and many others would confirm that there is a BIG difference between a company struggling and Pure incompetence from their part, so please, Don’t.

    So where to start? (who stole your money :D)

    but the guts they had to stay afloat regardless with the ferocity
    of the competition is not easy; especially if you don’t have billion to invest!

    wait what?


    ADB is headquartered in Dubai and is part of a conglomerate of sister companies, including:

    Galana Petroleum Limited:

    Based in Dubai, GPL supplies oil products to countries in East Africa and the Indian Ocean region;

    Africa Digital Bridges Free Zone:

    Based in the Dubai Internet City, ADB-FZ provides mobile computing solutions to enterprises in

    Africa Digital Bridges Networks Ltd:

    Operating in Mauritius under the trade name “Nomad”, ADBN provides Internet services to enterprises and households;

    Indian Ocean Commodities Ltd:

    Based in Dubai, provides food & beverage products to wholesale and retail markets across the
    Middle East & Africa. “Nomad”, ADBN provides Internet services to enterprises and

    Tell me something new.

    I think that your attitude is unwarranted and doesn’t deserve my intellectual gratitude!
    Im not flamming but really dude…if you knew, you really wouldnt…I dnt think you were there when we had our problems and frustration.. Its easy to talk.

    I’m an owner of my own company, it’s not easy these days to have a
    proper cash flow at the end of the month.

    Agreed;BUT, do you ever make something that will make YOUR company have bad reputation or worst, make your customers angry?
    I have seen a business myself, and i know abt the weight of having to feed a family at the end of the month and at the same time,
    work on loss to make yourself known to the business. They have bad equipments maybe? Laughable…..Try to get to the internal LAN and
    then you will experience true speed…so the problem is definetly HUMAN…but if they dont care abt troubleshooting where there is trouble,
    what you expect? Profit and encouragement…?

    DCL and Mauripost closed down; but nomad didn’t. ~ DCL has been an Internet Service Provider since 2001 and still is FYI.
    Mauripost is out.

    so mate, stop throwing mud onto a Company with limited resources,
    limited expertise be it human resource or technical, try to appreciate
    their willingness to be the only ISP for years to compete although never

    See first quote…especially in respect with “limited resources”…or better check before claiming stuffs.

    To end, with this:
    laudable with the price range they were offering the tertiary students.
    400rs i think for 128 or 64kbps.

    Laughable maybe yes…because at the end of the day it came out more expensive that it was before… Wondering how?

    1) Pay a monthly contract where you barely get to the net (google homepage cant even load..sighs) or at best…enough to look for something on google…as for
    loading the page, thats another story…12kbps…really

    2) connect to 312 1212 or use smartnet solutions because you have no choice and need net (academic reasons or otherwise)

    3) Phone call them where YOU pay and either dont get it solved or they put you on waiting… I would gladly testify on the
    numerous occasions where i was put on hold without my call being taking on the first place for more than 20 mins in some cases,
    or having them cut on my face.

    So what do you expect? Encouragements? I had an internal source who told me that complaints are registered, BUT it NEVER reaches the top
    management, and despite the catastrophic direction they are heading to, the top management didnt deem it fit to inquire, they have their
    share of responsability as well… if it falls, would definetly be of human miss management.

    You being an IT graduate, it’s really disgusting throwing this post!!
    Maybe im reaching the wrong conclusion, but does that mean that being an IT graduate, we dont have the right to complain, especially
    when we have showed to you all the flaws present and you were taking our money? I still recall how yashvin was approached to talk to them
    (why would you bother is you have a working system,….or not)or when he was debugging for them (telling them why he wasnt connection because of the BTS id
    wrongly assigned..). We aint perfect Sir, but when you reach the limit of frustration (coupled with the fact that you couldnt cancel for one year,
    poor customer/quality service, reluctancy to admit failure, being rude to customer) so maybe,….at least maybe, before reaching wrong conclusion..look at the background which led to this. Thank you.

    Ex Nomad user.

    p.s. I wnt deny that the connection was okay…for the first 3 months (approx) at least…then, nightmare.


  25. I was using a promo package of RS459/month but now, the new price of Normal Nomad is RS459/month. Do you think i would pay less next month?

    May i safely drop Nomad for ADSL?


  26. It appears that there are many fans and non fans of nomad around here…Just to set all records straight once and for all;
    nomad came to Mauritius with a huge project of being the first wireless isp.. how pleasing this sounded to the ears and to our purses….
    however after a long and still ongoing labour…the child born of such a pregnancy proves to be well below all expectations…
    Poor coverage…and there is a simple technical reason for that (can be explained in details to those who which to be enlightened…high prices…wrong marketing strategies…poor service….and to say the least…wrong product…
    Therefore when a company (by the way nomad is not a company without financial backing to say the least…)starts a business such as this one that company must expect to be bashed until the services provided (not for free for your information) is to the expectations of the paying customers…..
    So if nomad wishes to be praised as a great isp, they only have to provide the services they are claiming to do…period.


  27. nomad ine decevoir moi net mo p atan ki MT tire n modem pareille coman nomad, franchement dire sagrin bane dimoune ki travail la bas mais zote ine arive lheure pou ki sa company la, tous bane responsable la ki fotif, zote telephone ena problem pa conner comier temp sa pe durer sans ki persone faire le necessaire, zote service impitoyable,connection sucks..


    Ine gagne kelke jour de cela mo ti active nomad et mo fine paye zote ene montant***.**pour le moui ki p vini et mo ti suposer pa gagne bill sa mois la mais zote in facture moi ene montant pou 2 mois, depuis sa jour la mo pa fine aret tel zote des fois pa gagne zote des fois quand mo reusi gagne ene customer care li dire moi line laisse 1 note lor mo docier ki departement finance pou prend contact avec moi mais jamais, zote dire ine corect mais kand mo lot bill vini tjour la meme chose, donc moi imbecile ki mo eter mo perdi mo les temps ar call zote, mone caspiye mo credit, mo fine perdi ene journee travail + mo pay ene taxi pou ale la bas pou resoudre ene problem kote ti capave regler lors telephone.. mone rente kote banlas agent travail je veux dire sur le plateau, ena environ 6 a 7 dimoune pe travail mone mari etoner… bref voila mon histoire (mone ecrire en creole pou ki zote tous comprend) MERCI.


  28. @nomad client
    ceki banla in fer toi li passable mais ceki zot in fer avec mw plis pire!!mne ti pren nomad l’annE derniere vers mars …aster apres 2mois nepli kapav servi mo call zotte sois zotte dir mw ki trop bcou dimoune P servi ou bizin atan so peak time(apres 8hr kot plis dimoune servi LOL!!) lerla mo connection pu plis rapide!!bref mo call zot dir zotte mo envi ki mo envi cancel contrat zot dir moi bizin vin retourne modem la mais pane trop gagne l’occasion et apres 1mois 1 dimoune depi nomad mem vin kot moi pu pren modem la

    here’s the real prob!!
    kan mne fini retourne modem pane gagne nouvel nomad ditou(ni bill,ni call,etc..)B lerla mw aussi mo pane pren conte MAIS apres 1ans mne gagne 1 lettre de la compagnie SOGEREC ki mo dois nomad rs10000
    mo call nomad tout de suite mo explique zot bien lerla zot dir ki zotte compren moi tousa, mais mo bizin get sa ar SOGEREC la et SOGEREC dir mw tel nomad

    plz i really need your help guys!!


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