HSC laureate said “Mo pas pu retourne moris”


Since a few days now, the results of the Higher School Certificate have been made public, making some students overjoyed, while some may be disappointed.

As usual, newspapers have given much importance to the 2009 laureates.

While reading these newspapers during this weekend, I was reading the interviews of some of the laureates who have the sense of Patriotism by clearly stating that they WILL return back after their studies to help Mauritius.

However, to my astonishment, some of they said :

“After my studies, I won’t return to Mauritius”


“Depending on opportunities, I will decide if I will be back to Mauritius” or things like that.

F*ck to them!

How do they dare to say things like that when its with the money of the Mauritians that their studies will be financed for years?

Not only their studies, but even their living and pocket money!

Did they forgot that? or are they dumb despite being ‘laureates’?


If some of them (or even you) reply that its with their hard work that they achieved that, then they should not have competed to obtain a scholarship, CONTRIBUTED by Mauritians!

I think that the Government should make some conditions regarding these scholarships, for instance, they should return back to the country after their studies, or things like that. I dont know if it is the case, but for certain scholarships offered by certain countries, I know they have conditions.

You may perhaps have heard the ministers or other persons saying that they have kindly asked the students to return back to the country, its as if they are begging them.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Do not hesitate to forward this to your friends, specially if they form part of the 2009 laureates.

That’s my point of view and I will be happy to hear yours…

178 thoughts on “HSC laureate said “Mo pas pu retourne moris”

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  1. sincerely i think its not the fault of the laureates but it the educational system in which they are indulged from their early childhood which is to be blamed…am sure if you had the same opportunity you would have done the same….really do you want such quality students to rot in these ‘universities’ in mauritius….they surely deserve to go to world class  unis , live their lives there n then come to retire in mru…. if mauritius was as highly developed as countries like uk,aus,usa,canada such a problem would have never crop up….who to blame?


  2. Personally, I think this brain drain is a huge problem. To combat it, I propose a job guarantee for laureates from top companies in Mauritius – particularly foreign reputable companies. This way, the best get chosen for the best jobs in Mauritius and this problem – whilst it may not be entirely solved – is certainly, somewhat ameliorated.


  3. i think that laureates should come to mauritius after their studies and work here till they pay the total sum of money spent by mauritian themselves and whatever they do after is none of our concerns.

    as you stated other countries have their laws which compels the laureate to come back, there should be a kind of equivalent system here in mauritius, people saying that the grass is greener on the other side: we aren’t holding back the person, just that pay your dues then continue, someone with results such as theirs would easily get jobs and trust me 2-3 years are enough to repay the dues.

    if right after university they get foreign jobs, maybe if a system of working for the government was introduced, the firm taking the laureate would perhaps agree to pay the dues that the person has towards mauritians,

    [i don’t really know if it makes sense but in the job field, it certainly applies as i know someone who broke his work contract with company A to join company B and company B did pay a sum of money to company A as stated in the contract that if the person breaks the contract earlier, he will have to pay x sum of money to company A which company B did because it needed the services of the person]

    imho laureates are people who are the same as lottery winning people, some do managed to make it but those who don’t who happens to be normally the real nerds, disgusts their lives

    funny how someone who wasn’t noticed all the years in a college, had to face bullying, was laugh at because of the dressing sense and haircut suddenly becomes the pride of the college and everyone is like he’s studying in my college/class, i know him! and teachers are like he’s my student/he has been my student while actually they didn’t even cared about him, hypocrisy really.

    my 2 cents even though my 2 last paragraphs are a bit irrelevant :p


  4. Basel – laureate does not mean that you are suitable for the job market. One may be good at exams and studying, but hopeless in a working environment. so dont make a direct link between the two (I am a laureate too). Not to say that some laureate perform very poorly at uni – I know one who got a 2:1 in a course where there were 22 who got first class. It is however true that prospects are bleaker in Mauritius, bleak elsewhere in the world in this time of economic turmoil – with of course, exceptions. We live in a world where there is poor recognition of intellectual achievement or patriotism – it’s a world where the rich and powerful (no matter how they got there) dictate terms at all levels. Corruption exist in EVERY country of the world – the difference being that in Mauritius, people are stupid enough to get caught and to do it in the open ….
    Anyway going to the main topic, yes conditions should be imposed and if broken, they should be asked to pay back over a period of time.


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