Can you sit properly (*comfortably*) in buses?


Welcome back everyone!

Since the post on the unavailability of big clothes in Mauritius, I believe that Mauritians are not that small overall.

Though not all of you are concerned with this *inconvenience*, many of you do complain about those bus seats and also the inadequate space for the legs.

Normal buses

TVR! During my life, I have travelled in most of the buses throughout the island

They are : Triolet Bus Service (TBS), Rose Hill Transport (RHT), National Transport Corporation (NTC), United Bus Service (UBS), Mauritian Bus Service (MBS) and the privately owned ones (individuel).

And the problem remains the same, depending on the models of course but I rarely came across a bus in which I could sit with great comfort… perhaps the Blue Line ones?


Bis zouzou menaze

Most of you won’t notice this lack of space, but you will surely if you travel in those tiny models buses of Rose Hill Transport and privately owned ones (individuels).

Wow, these ones are so small that I remember I took them only if there was a free seat just at the last back row, in the middle or in the first front row!

ps to RHT : Your site is practically down!

Why don’t I offer my seat to a (standing) zoli mamzel?

If you are a zoli mamzel, and you are standing in the bus, I will never offer you my seat, for a simple reason lol.

If I do so, I won’t be able to stand straight in the bus (faire porte manteau) since I am much longer than the height of the ‘corridor’ of the bus.

From my experience, I estimate the height of a ‘normal’ bus to be around 1m90-1m92.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Some last words

It would have been so much better if in the future, the bus companies remember that Mauritians are neither Chinese nor Indians! They should design and order buses which will be appropriate for the population.

I think that most of them actually do not care about the comfort in their buses!

This is the reason why the authorities SHOULD ensure that the buses are safe/comfortable enough for our roads.

Most of you have surely travelled in bus during rainy weathers, nah? No comments.

btw, I ask myself when the price of the bus fares will decrease, especially with the recent decrease in the price of Diesel!

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  1. Lol about that *censored* pic.

    For us students it’s a real nightmare, before the free bus program there was 5 buses at school for Form 1 to Form 4 now we have 4 buses for Form 1 to Lower VI. All the buses are packed (read: 130 students in a 75-people capacity bus). In my case, you don’t worry about getting a comfortable place, you worry about getting a place even if that means standing with 4 sweaty students around you 😦

    I’d also like to complain about many buses that don’t stop at bus stations when there are only students because they don’t have to pay.


  2. ROFL at the censored!!! πŸ˜€

    Sure I get that problem every time – that’s why I tend to avoid crowded buses.
    Most of the companies’ philosophy is pretty straight-forward – cram as much people as possible in the bus. & the coachwork follow suit.
    Somebody should give these coachwork builders a good lecture on anthropometric & ergonomic constraints – where the average size doesn’t necessarily mean best. πŸ™‚

    & it’s the same problem with cars as well – all Japanese cars (& buses & vans) are made for… Japanese only. Why can’t they fricking import EU standard-cars!!? πŸ˜›


  3. Apart from the Blue Line I would describe the famous “Tata” type buses as the “shake rattle and roll” type. Not much comfort at all. Those buses to/from Q-B to Flic-en-Flac are a real experience. Their tin frames get a hammering on the Palma road when the driver blindly speeds over the humps. I seem to remember nearly laying out my nice but not quite digested Indian meal in that bus after being thrown in the air three or four times. I try to avoid taking the bus except for the Blue Line to P-L. I prefer to pay the extra for the comfort of a taxi. I feel sorry for the elderly passengers trying to pull themselves up the steps. Hopefully, in the future, the bus companies will purchase vehicles that are not only comfortable but user friendly for the elderly and handicap people.


  4. Why do you always steal my ideas, dude you are a danger for me wlol, i was just uploading my pictures on my photobucket ac πŸ˜€ . Telepathy? πŸ˜›

    I do agree, me i can`t sit well, my legs are too long, bizin asiz karter lol, if someone is next to me, window seats are not advisable. That is why i sometime prefer to stand as luckily i`m still 1 m 85 but it is a problem when i have spiky hairs πŸ™‚ and also these hand rail ‘pou apendan’ they are danger to people of our type as you may get your head bang bzw today i just got one [1 bosse] while walking on the road with the help of a stop” board, it still hurts, aster bizin veille obstacle lor laterre ek dan l`air…WTF 😦


  5. Hi there…
    well…ive never been comfy in buses…yea, except the blue line ones…worse on rainy days…tou la fenetre fermee, la porte fermer, 10 dimoune p deboute….and (ahem) ene drole parfum ki partou…ouf…

    i think that since the prices for buses is already so high ( zot rapel nu ti p paie Rs5 pour le meme trajet que le Rs23 zordi, and navette ti p pran Rs2?) we should get a better service…+ get buses ON TIME as well!

    As for Triolet Bus Service buses, almost all Express buses are already full when they reach 8th mile in the morning…so the days I do get those buses, either standing or sitting, its supposedly luck…i think that provision should be made for everyone…since okaine bus ordinaire pa travail in Triolet…

    i do hope that zot pran conte tousa…de toute facon, c’est zot mem ki pu gagne plis clients…..


  6. bof, you are complaining when you have been traveling in buses which is considered pretty good over here, if you were traveling in a perle de la savanne bus :p then you would have thought you were in hell!

    Par fois bis pena meme pare brise! Soferr bis perle de la savanne zot ena 1 lower life expectancy.

    As for the seats, its not the fault of bus makes, its coach builders and bus owners as carrot mentioned it.

    moi kan dimoune siz kartE et serre moi dans bis, mo dir li franc dans to figirr, “larmE, ou kapav siz ou bien svp”

    li al guettE si li bizin lim so lipiE ou pas!


  7. First of all. THEY SIMPLY DONT CARE. Even if they accept feedback, and use if for FUTURE busses, the current busses are nt gna be thrown away. πŸ™‚ The bus “roule”. so there is NO problem. thats their mindset

    Now now now… for all those who travels in “baie du tombeau”, “roche-bois”, “pere laval” and “cite la cure” buses, you would understand me if i tell yashvin… :

    Those rose hill bus you are talking about.. they ARE VERY VERY COMFORTABLE.

    in the regions i mentioned above, the buses date from before 1992. United bus service, never NEVER has put a bus > 1995 in that region. Maybe they dont know people live there. I live this everyday. i know what i am talking about. Childrens have to travel is those carbon monoxide extractor. and THEY SIMPLY DONT CARE.(THEY = UNITED BUS SERVICE and Individual bus companies that operates there.) so.. those who travel by rose-hil bs transport (even the oldest buses) ARE VERY LUCKY!


  8. Kuma mw ki ti p assiz aktr tw.. πŸ˜€
    Astr si tou dimun kuma neha,persone pa pu ggn prblm pu assiz *comfortably*

    Wi deja p fr chaud,dn bus pa ggn assez place..ban eleves col col r dimune..zt senti pi plus zt transpire lor dimun :S


  9. lol at this cens0red pic xD… ena 1 lot problem si ladan 1 tas fois dan ban bis surotut UBS siege la perna so dossier ou li dechirer et kan to p asizer kot lafnet to truv 1 ti cancrella mont lor toi…li pas loin sa zour kot nu pu trouv le rat dan bis ensam ek cancrella :p


  10. Ahh ca ene sujet siper inTressant!!

    I got a big prob when travellin by bus! It gets on my nerves when people who sit next to u “colle ek toi” couma dire zot pres pr assiz lor toi!! pffff!!
    OU pli pire ena zot dormi carrement n zot kass coup!!
    …ek sans oublier bans ‘mentally-sexually disturbed man” bans pervers!! sa si enaa!!

    Ek finalement…cancre dan bus 😦 mai enfin m pa gagn prob pr vremen assiz dan bus..koz m lipied pa sa grand la πŸ˜‰


  11. Moi I prefer bus in the morning… well I take the bus at around 06:30 to reach office before 08:00am πŸ˜›
    And I just sit in one bus till la gare le nord… trankille… then from le nord to victoria… then from victoria to ebene… πŸ˜€


  12. Thats nothing…here in botswana, and south africa, people travel in small vans…and sometimes 4 people sit where 3 people are supposed to sit…


    when i see those vans, im relieved that we use buses in mru…



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