Nou pays, nou la bière


So, whats up everyone?

Here is the new ad of Phoenix, our mauritian beer.

I find the advert very original, really fresh ideas.

I love the music with the tabla!

Yashvin, pages of my life

[Thanks to Circus Advertising for allowing me to post their video, legally]

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27 thoughts on “Nou pays, nou la bière

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  1. hmm.. pas mette Ac emphase lor la biere la mo penC.. ine coz imP tro boucou lor bannes lereste la..

    li pas ine highlight produit la bien .. li cpave ousi pass pu ene pub pou gato piment.. lol


  2. Hi there,

    well well…. the tone should be platonic… since we have to bear in mind that alcohol advertising will be banned as from 01st March 2009…

    Be prepared for over-exposure of alcohol ads in the press, radio and TV these last weeks…

    By the way, the strategy behind this ad is: make Mauritian identify themselves within the country and everything… It is OUR Country, and ‘Marchand Colporteur’forms part of the Mauritian culture, or should i say tradition!!!!

    That is why, even if you are far away, you will feel nostalgic about Mauritius and our Mauritian Beer…

    This ad plays a lot on feelings/emotions to make people buy-in more of Phoenix Beer even after the alcohol ban…

    I think i have written quite a lot for you to reflect on guys…




  3. Oh, i forgot to comment on the fact that Circus allowed you to upload this video on your blog… Great Step from Circus towards opening up to new technologies and the company would be most grateful to you as this would cut their advertising budget!!!

    well, you should know that NOW, all NEW means of Communication will be good for the advertisers of alcohol products in Mauritius. in fact, this will ensure that the ad will still be visible by internet savvy people even after the ban on alcohol ad!!!

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  4. Saw that a few days ago… Yeah as I’ve already said, it Kind of sums up the best of Mauritian culture!

    Yeah, the voice should have shown more enthusiasm when describing these things that are very dear to us.

    Great ad! 😀

    Will it be shown on TV? Isn’t there a ban or something on alcohol spots??


    1. @Carrot : Its already on tv since a few days.

      @Yumn : No advert on alcohol on 1st March 2009?
      Good and bad, bad for the creativity of advertising companies since the phoenix adverts have always been so unique.

      @sjdvda : Rightly said, in 1min30!


  5. NIce pub…. Nefin c normo la biere phoenix unik pu nou pays..:D mais ene zafer concernant bane alcohol dan place public, c ene bon zafer mais ki zot penser lor marchand ambuland lor trottoir???? Sans pena action contre sa…

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  6. its really nice…the adverts are innovating now, not as those of the MBC.. NBC …i was just going to blog about this but as i logged in my msn i saw it as your status :@ … virtual anger 😀

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    1. @ Joyshan : megalol! haha

      @ Yumn : Thanks for sharing this banning info

      @ Vicks : Its just like smoking… cigarette adverts is banned, but this hasnt any effect on young smokers.


  7. Hi Yashvin,

    to my knowledge, the consumption of alcohol in public places will surely be banned as from the 1st March 2009. There is still some issue around the ban on alcohol ban for the 1st March 2009. It will depend on the govt….

    Anyway, as Tommy puts it, it is a video to promote Mauritius… and in a certain way, even if they remove the Phoenix in it(when and if the law is enforced), you will still relate the product to the ad…

    Marchand ambulant: sa forme parti nous culture sa!!!! C juste 1 facon pour accroche le produit a son public sa… c a dire Phoenix forme parti de la culture mauricienne…


  8. btw talking of ads..
    my all time favourite is “savon national” with “dhobi de class”.. tro top sanela 😛

    banning alchool ads.. bof pas croire pou fer bel effet lor consomation, phoenix deja mari populaire 🙂


  9. Since am in advertising, I have to admit that Circus has always been like that..GRANDIOSE…this I believe is the best of all it’s tv commercials till now.

    “sjdvda said:
    It’s like visiting our island in 1:30”

    Excact! Very nice indeed…BRAVO to the person who got the idea…

    And way to go for the law about no more smoking in public…pff!!!

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  10. This is bloody fantastic. I shall definitely buy some bottles of “nou la biere Phoenix” tonight! This ad is very pleasant.

    I do not recall much of ads on TV – was there another beer ad about two African dudes seeing snow fall for the first time ever? That was cool too.

    * I’m rating this entry with 3 stars 🙂 *


    “Trou aux Cerfs so trou!!!!* ROFLMAO! Does anyone know where I can buy “Gateaux Moutailles”? What does “dix sept” (17) mean?


  11. Hello all…

    I really enjoyed this ad…watched it first time at ABC cinema…imagine the ad on the big screen.. really enjoyed it..I think its very original and the dialogues are also cool…you can easily guess a mauritian promoting mauritius etc. The images are well chosen and its like visiting Mauritius in an aerial view in 1m30!!

    I enjoyed those:
    Trou aux cerfs so trou
    siloy 17 35..dans bois ki ena di bois
    Pudding 4hr di matin kot gool
    Boulette la rue royal haha
    prem arts so design- the slightest things are included in the ad..nice
    flic en flac so lagon
    ene special route mon choisy!! lol
    chawtharee gamat etc…

    Everything said is really very unique to MRU and everything is well exageration…everything really exist!! lol


  12. @ vicks: that’s EXACTLY what the ad meant to do: not talk about the beer spefically.
    The fact that the ad does not spend a lot of time talking about the Beer especially demonstrates that the Beer is BIG: it’s part and parcel of Mauritius. (that’s advertisment for you!) just like Trou aux cerfs so trou. siloy 17 35..dans bois ki ena di bois, Pudding 4hr di matin kot gool, Boulette la rue royal, prem arts so design, flic en flac so lagon, ene special route mon choisy, jug gokool, etc – the ad only ‘mentions’ these and does not ‘describe them’, and WE ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS …. it does not need to elaborate… it puts the beer ‘there’ with all these other …. same ‘importance’, part and parcel of Mauritius!!
    I’m not into adverts ….but this is a classic! Well done to whoever thought of this concept.


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