Can we have a ‘MBC without politics’?


Many among you may have already said to yourselves :

“Yashvin, say something new!”.

This fact was confirmed once again in the TV program knows as “Dossiers” which was broadcast yesterday night (Wednesday 4th February 2009) on MBC1.

Like any other responsible person(lol), I switched off my desktop, livebox and disconnected all the cables, lol!

You may never know, the Cyclone warning Class 2 in Mauritius and the frequent lightning/thunder can be very dangerous for the health of your computer.

After the news bulletin of 1930, the above said TV program was broadcast with a topic like “the future of MBC” or whatever.

I think that the main objective was to talk on the challenges, accomplishment of the MCB over the 44 years(?) of service.


The President and the Director General of the company were the 2 guests.

At several occasions, they did not missed the opportunity to

  • say that they are here since 2005
  • thank the prime minister and the other ministers.
  • boast about the work accomplished rapidly, compared to other MBC management teams.

This clearly demonstrate that these 2 guys owe a lot to the present Government, without which they would have been in some forgotten corner in the national broadcasting coorporation!

Anyway, some things will never change in Mauritius, including politics and “magouille ki associer r sa”…

26 thoughts on “Can we have a ‘MBC without politics’?

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  1. These two guys have inspired me… to make my own TV channel. 🙂

    Seriously that was blatant propaganda & bragging blown out of proportion – I did this, we did that… WTF?

    What happened to the fricking EPL matches & Euro??? :@


  2. At several occasions, they did not missed the opportunity to

    *say that they are here since 2005
    *thank the prime minister and the other ministers.
    *boast about the work accomplished rapidly, compared to other MBC management teams.

    This is something that i really hate. They praise they past-doings as if they were going to apply for a job LIVE on tv. The dude launched 6 Channels in 3 weeks, and ther previous guys suposedly launched 3 channels in 20 years. Yea so… Its totally unfair to compare these two. Fact. and WRONG calculation. too them one day to launche one channel.(the old old guys). then after some years, laucnched another.. then AFTER AFTER some years launched another… well… the current DUDES are doing the same. I guess u got my point.

    Point to be noted.
    They(mbc studio) have the latest imaging technologies. (The cuztomizable background during shows). Of all the wonders they could have accomplished witht that!!! they put an ugly background and give the impression that the studio is floating in the air!! f*ck!! and most of the times they put that ugly plain blue background…
    that really really pisses me off!!

    sry for being a bit long. 🙂

    A closely related topic


    1. lol, ya THAT background!

      I dont know if it was the latest effect discovered by MBC, but could you see the cars which were moving along their legs? TVR!

      For those who did not see that, dont worry, MBC will surely do that in another program.
      There was a background movie which was played in behind them, and at times you could see that the movie overlapped the designed space, and they started moving on the legs and feet of the persons there LOL!


  3. Lever mo lepep..Prnd consience prnd consience realiT..

    @Carrot—> Football matches? MBC don’t even know what is EPL. So, don’t bother them. They are people from L’age de caverne.

    Hail MBC.The best Tv channel in the world.. They are so good that I don’t even watch MBC. I’m afraid to kill myself in case I watch their programs.
    {Note the sarcasm}

    Carrot, lets have our own channel.
    Anyone interested?


  4. As an ex telecoms man I appreciate the technology advancement that the MBC have made by going digital. There is no doubt that going digital is opening the way for new services such as interactive TV or subscription channels. Having said my praise, that is where I end it. I do not appreciate the continuous political propaganda and boot-licking that emanates from the MBC. If a public survey was done I guess we would see that the younger viewing public is fed-up with this nauseating aspect. You get the feeling that the national sport is politics! I believe the local audio-visual scene would benefit from a commercial/private station which would inject some new ideas and competitivity. After all, how long can you keep pumping sponsored singing competitions over the air?


  5. C’mon you guys, pliz stop harassing the MBC hard workers…they give so much pain to make our lives worse! IT’s hard work you know…

    ESPECIALLY when am watching MBC 6…Am in adverstising but I swear I want to throw something at the TV screen each time they put the ORANGE commercial, in the middle of something am enjoying…and since it’s not an MBC program, I miss the best parts….

    Oh I so much hate the whole MBC thing…

    LIBERALISE SA ENE FOIS DO!!! Just like radios, at least we won’t see the stupid,ugly, face of the leader…hmmm you know whom am talking about..(Note ugly is for both inside and outside)…

    Let;s have our own TV Station…..please! please! please!

    P.S By d way the MBC’s director looks like he was has lost most part of his brain and eyesight simply watching MBC…pfff!!!


  6. rightly said..
    anyway, i watched it for some minutes and I heard the director say that their satellite was hmmm “lost”..what the hell? lost?it got blown away by the cyclone?
    1 bande tikomik..pft


  7. i have a friend in Australia. He has an internet radio station. I think he can help us to make our TV. We will have to find a way to make the myT livebox to connect to our server.


  8. “i have a friend in Australia. He has an internet radio station. I think he can help us to make our TV. We will have to find a way to make the myT livebox to connect to our server.”

    We can use Miro. Cost: Zero (minus assets such as paying MT for internet connectivity.)


  9. I’ve stopped watching MBC but from the feedback i got its still the same, governed by politics n politicians.
    Also heard that when there are movies on thursdays u watch 5min film and 15+min commercials, and that last thursday film started @10.30pm due to a full broadcast of our prime minister’s press conference


  10. yashvin…mbc will never b without politics. 4 the simple fact that li semi-supported by governement. veux dir government finance li partly… e ban politician use this media and sa ban kaliter shows la pou fer zot ‘politic’ plis bcoz at that tim u can say zotou p ekut zot… m propose 1 lot solution : CANAL SAT OR PARABOL. a vous le choix XD


    1. @Amishi :
      Justement, the DG or the President said that “nou pas prend narien r gouvernement” or something like that.
      They also said that they generated their own revenue from adverts and monthly fee paid by Mauritians.
      Perhaps someone else can confirm this, if you watched the program of course.

      btw, good luck pu taler 😉


  11. merci m p deja stresser la… phew… uhhh m prof gp told me mbc is semi-parasipakoi. en bref means that government support li PARTLY. now dunno si ine change. cm1 can confirm i guess. or plito,m ask m dad. lol


  12. Hey ban mams, check ban la zot cravates. Hihi, rouge papi. Robert ti p poze questions kouma dir p tiktiké. Mne remark konstriksyon 1 nouvo loko MBC dan programme la – Zot dir zot en avance. Anyway, I do hope that the MBC will improve in the future because it is a Mauritian organization. Yeah I’m patriotic at times. Good post Yashvin.


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