Mauritians, get ready to pay for STC’s error…


I won’t be long, just a little note how things get going in our paradise island…

The story is as such:

At STC, you have guys at the top management level who decide about strategies and prices of petroleum products…

They make the decisions for which they GET PAID….

But those decisions are not always right… just like the hedging which the STC made…

and at the bottom, YOU….

You PAY FOR their errors.

So, I guess that perhaps for the next review of price for petroleum products, we will see a rise while the price is decreasing worldwide.

Same story for Air Mauritius, but at least there, some of the Top Management Team are resigning from their jobs because of their errors…

As the Minister Gowreesoo said:

“Mauritians will have to pay for this error”

19 thoughts on “Mauritians, get ready to pay for STC’s error…

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  1. Now the public is discovering what the hedging strategy means. A new terminology and methodology for many. However, it would seem that this financial strategy has backfired on the organisations using this. Probably because they were using a long-term policy and in the present world financial and commodities market it would have been safer to have short-term contracts to be able to review fluctuating prices. Conclusion, the consumer will pay for this financial error.


  2. *cough* casino-like policies/decisions*cough*
    *cough*we are always fucked*cough*
    brb – need cough sirup to get over the fact that we’ve been fucked again. wtf?!


  3. Lol Yashvin…this is certainly not the first time we are paying for the mistakes of the high placed ‘idiots’ the government selects…

    pff! I remember when the actual PM spent 30 million for the 12th March festivities some years back…a huge statue made of some special glass (still waiting in some warehouse to be converted into fishing boats for fishermen as!) was made of his so much acclaimed dad!

    C’mon you all out there, we have always been conned by those same idiots! It leaves the poor poorer and the rich usual…

    Soon we will be like Brazil…Argentina etc…Remember the soap opera “Marimar” or “Rosa”…some people living in palace like houses while others in what we can barely call huts…

    Ayo! let me stop here if not “mo la veine dan licou pou casser telma mo gagne laraz ar sa bane imbecile ki dirige partou la!” fouf!


  4. I am not for a specific political party… but that’s what happen when the people of a country elect a FER TAMASA group at the head of the country and the group places its most idiot “TI ZAMI” at the head of so many organisations.


  5. STC should go down like DWC. Liberaliz sa bann zafer la. Indian Oil wants to sell cheaper but they are being held by STC. Views !!!


  6. Welcome to Mauritius. The political placed men are always idiots and stupid. The government needs to stop placing their men at those high posts. They are too incompetent to do their job properly.


  7. @yashvin…. lolllllll… well said!!

    wwhen the rpice increased… took just one meeting and the figure went fizette up!

    and when time has arrived to decrease them.. taking 100 meetings… and i dnt think its gna go back to the previous prices… its just going to decrease.. but by very little… (as it always happens)

    They increase by 10% and decrease by 2%.. re increase by 10% and decrease by 1%… and Mauritians are lyk, WHOW!!!!! prices went down!!! yay!!!


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