XXL Shop in Mauritius?


Finding big sized clothes in Mauritius is really a headache… despite the (growing?) number of potential customers including tourists…

We are not only talking about over-weight people, but also those who are tall and well-built.

People often confuse the word “big” and “fat”, which don’t really mean the same thing.

I may be big, but not fat or even the vice-versa or both…lol

Do you realise that there are companies who produce ONLY large sized toilets?

Montagne Signaux


A small off-topic paragraph before continuing with this post…

Today, together with Vero, Bernard and Om, we went jogging to Montagne Signaux, Port Louis.

For a first time, it was fun, cool and sweating… lol

The team is supposed to grow to about 8 persons for the next session, scheduled for this Wednesday!

T-shirts & Shirts

Finding large sized shirts (chemises) is not really a problem, but for t shirts, its really a nightmare to find one.

Some famous brands (Liquid, IV Play, Billabong, Peace, Le Voyageur, East Sider, Habit and others) in Mauritius do make them, but only in limited numbers, and I noticed that it is a bit more probable to find a t-shirt for me in Quatres Bornes instead in Port Louis, even in the same brand shop.

Unlike in other unbranded or unpopular shops, the staff of these brands are much more understanding and helpful..

btw, is anyone or some brands willing to sponsor some t-shirts like the one above?

Its not a joke, am serious…

Please, contact me for this deal in exchange of free advertisement here.



This reminds me of the last time I went shopping in Port Louis to find a new pair of shoes. btw, I usually wear 45-46 sized ones.

In one of the shops I entered, the owner gave me the largest sized shoes to try, but unfortunately, they did not fit into my small feet. And you know what the old man told me?

“Pas gagner souliers ou grandeur!”, in a high tone…

Fortunately, I kept my calm, but I nearly told him :

“Si pas ti gagne souliers mo grandeur, azordi mo ti pu marche pied-nus!”

Some months ago, I discovered 2 shops which import big sized shoes in Port Louis 🙂

Trousers and Jeans


I think many people actually wear tailor-made trousers, just like me… unlike jeans.

The problem is even more serious that finding t-shirts.

Yashvin, pages of my life

Share your opinion


I don’t think that I am the only one facing this difficulty, a subject which we may define as some sort of ‘tabou”.

I believe this is a problem not only for Mauritians, but also tourists, especially Europeans and Americans who are known to be really BIG.

Do you or someone you know face the same problem?

Don’t hesitate to share your experience

Its not something to be laughed at, so think twice before writing any nonsense in the comment box.

Once again, sponsors are the most welcomed for making some t-shirts.

btw, feel free to join my facebook fan page and my group

44 thoughts on “XXL Shop in Mauritius?

Add yours

  1. Luckily for me Yash, I don’t experience such difficulties. I may agree that buying jeans is quite difficult for tall guys. But as soon as you find one shop selling those jeans, you’re happy happy.:p.
    Concerning the tshirts{ since I don’t wear neither trousers nor shirts}, I buy most of them at either East Sider or D&G..I stopped buying at Peace since I get short tshirt..xD…


  2. Sure dude, I do face the same problem… 🙂

    T-shirts – that’s not a prob. XXL is not that hard to find.

    Trousers – I usually don’t wear. I prefer jeans. Too bad I can’t make my own custom jeans. 😉

    Hey I wear US size 14 – which is 49.5. ROFL 😀
    Plz share the two shops you discovered. I may already know then though… 😉

    Sure, I always thought someone (initially me) should open XXL shops coz the demand is really increasing. 😛


  3. fer longtemps pas ine comment.. et mo form parti dan target audience sa post la couma dire 🙂 lol..

    most banens trucs sorti la chine.. si to geutte average size bannes dimoune ki dan la chine.. americ et europe li different..

    ene large ki sorti americ li plis grand ki ene large ki sorti la chine.. 😛

    same goes for most things mo penC..

    apres normalment banes manufacteurs zotte cater pou most people.. bannes extremiTy zotte pas vraiment prend conte.. (enfin pas aC)

    mais these days number of obese and “big” guys in augmenT .. so redo your market research…

    aussi dan lezot pays to gagne banens magasin specialiZe pou bannes gros dimoune 😛 pas ti pou mal si ena dan morice.. mo sire ti pou gagne ene tas clients..


  4. lol…first girl to comment on this article…not for me but I agree it’s really difficult to find tshirts for yashvin, roaming around port – louis. even les Halles 😛 …oops nthg :S fortunately last time he got 1 shirt at east sider, which pa ti ena meme dan stock and cki mo ti chose la pan gagner dan so taille. it’s true. these shops need to expand their stock!!! as mo lipied fermal rode yash so shirt lol he is not fat but well built (apart so vente 😛 )
    Really yash, to ti ena raison post lor sa topic la. I do hope zat z well known brands take actions to minimize the risk of losing their customers…


  5. [re=29402]carrotmadman6[/re]: Shoe Point (along Desforges street, PL) and in the shoe shops near Casernes.

    [re=29403]vicks[/re]: Bienvenue dans le groupe!

    [re=29404]Dhaneesha[/re]: Mo koner c pas ene plaisir du ‘shopping’ kant to vine r mwa… Thnks (K)

    [re=29406]s4ndeep[/re]: You are lucky! lol


  6. In Mauritius:
    Shoes – (lengthy and large) – Chez Alain, Vacoas
    T-shirts and shirts (XXL) – Bogard, Arcade Salaffa, Curepipe
    Trousers and Jeans: Vegas, Curepipe (same blg as MT)
    Women’s clothing & underwear (for the hot and well built): Jet Set, Curepipe

    “People often confuse the word “big” and “fat”, which don’t really mean the same thing.”

    Well, said.

    We must admit that we are lucky for clothes and shoes are rather cheap here – not rather, more like very.


  7. Hi…

    J’y suis totalement d’accord.

    Shops selling garments or even shoes,should know the difference between big and FAT.
    Comme on le dit si bien,de grand cabarie.

    li pas pareille.

    Combien fois ine arriver,ki tone fini gater r ene T-shirt or shoe and then you are told,pena sa size la..
    All heart broken.

    & yes it becomes difficult to do shpopping…ene casse-tete.Pou bons pas bons…

    I think all shops should really expand their stock and to start tapping new customers,
    as you said,the tourists.

    Cheers XXX


  8. In botswana, one of my girl friend, was having trouble to find clothes her size. She was slim and fit. Only XX sizes could be found.

    Mauritian Shops may be doing the same thing: targetting the average Mauritian size: Short or/and small.



  9. for shoes…i go to Adidas store or allsports ..i think they have till 48
    i agree that finding shoes are a pity my size is 46 and only these shops can accommodate my me 😀

    for clothes there is zboutik at celicourt [near winners port louis ]


    1. Hey i just bought a size 48 online. too big for me. very good shoe from UK. u interested? please contact me on 52541749 thanks


  10. I find that with my European stature I have difficulties in getting what I consider normal size. In Europe I have no problems and am considered a generaly standard size. However, here I find that things are small. I can get ready to wear jackets for my size but they still need adjusting and same for trousers. In Europe I can just get ready to wear. In England I can get ready to wear trousers with my waist and leg length but impossible here I always have to get tailor adjustments for both waist and length. Most shops just have medium and small sizes which I guess is standard for most of the population.


  11. Pour moi clothes are not a problem now….my size of tops and jeans are easily available everywhere…unlike long ago!! only problem am having is shoes shopping..sports shoes and ‘balrine’ shoes of my foot size are easy to find….but pfffff….high size of high heel shoes and ‘savate a la mode’ are such a nuisance to find!!!!!!!! :S :S :S Even in happy world they dont sell these…. :S:S


  12. fer lexercise ta gro beta!

    okie seriously, mo ena 1 cousin ki 2 fois pli large et pli gro ki toi, jamais li gagne problem… parseki li pa astE linz kot peace, iv play ou liquid, li astE seulement lafoire, ou li al fer coud so linz kot tailleur!!!

    pas bliE, sa pov tailleur dans coin lari la… li ena 1 metier kinn transmette de generation en generation, he can do magic :p rentre korek ar li!


  13. mo pan read all mo dan somei la:) 2m!mais i would like to add smg..for shoes allsport fer amenr..to bzin pass commande..ena bku dim fer sa..akoz very few mauritians are big! fat ena bku par contre
    aller a+


  14. hello,

    i agree with yash, there is a bit of a problem in mru….i don’t get that problem as such now…mai some years ago, whenever i used to look for jeans, and got only eenie meenie sizes which were supposed to be ‘Medium’…i mean i was not fat….but the shop owners would say ‘ cot nu pena linz pu gro dimoune’…..and that ti mari enervant ….

    i think all the popular brands should cater for all people….they’re gonna profit from it when they do it anyway…..


  15. No offence.
    Despite being fit, I don’t get ready made clothes that would just suit me, I always have to get adjustments done… For my tops/kurtis etc, I take medium but it’s large on my, and small just doesn’t fit :S
    As for jeans and trousers, if I need to take it according to the waist, then it’s short, if it needs to be chosen according to length, it’s large, or if it fits me, it’s long *confused* again adjustments!
    Concerning, shoes, i don’t really have problems 🙂


  16. [re=29433]Bhooks[/re]:

    This is the opposite of what we can see in UK. In UK we can see more of these.

    OK We will put some of these for Mauritius on our Ebay Shop which will be opening for Mauritius this February 09.

    Price will be very competitive and may be we will do buy one get one free.

    Do you have any paricular brand of T-Shirt you looking for eg Nike, Puma, ….


  17. Hi all..just to say that Z-Boutik is the best for XXXXL wiz any model of ur choice. Try to go there..it is near winners’ of Port Louis..in the Celicourt Antelme building.


  18. hey guys
    zot capave dir mwa magazin pridemark cot trouver??? plz…
    pres cot shoprite?? trianon la cot ena shoprite,kfc par la??


    1. @Hanna : Pridemark truv zis kot Mr Bricolage, nouveau complex kine arranzer Trianon. Li lo l’autoroute, imper a coter palladium.
      Et to gagne pridemark a Riche Terre aussi, dans jumbo.


  19. hi. am a girl and shopping, be it for chlothes or shoes, is a nightmare!! here, shops don’t have anything for large people. only those who are small have the best things!! ive been to uk and there, whether ur small, eptite or large, you get evrything you need!! and u get nice clothes and shoes too, unlike in mauritius where the clothes for large people arent attractive at all!!
    there definitely needs to be more shops that sell plus size clothes and shoes and at a reasonable price too.


  20. Hi. Moi aussi mo gagne buku problem pou gagne clothing of my size. Fortunately my dad is a tailor. But as for ready made, as i have many relatives and friend, who keeps coming in Maurituis often, i order some online, which is sent to my friends and when they come on visit, i get them. Even my bras i buy them online. Yes, not to argue, it is very expensive. But, i have to do with this, because shops here DO NOT REALLY CARE FOR large persons. I have had many persons and shopkeeprs and salesperson offend me several times here in my own country….
    so finally when i went in UK for a long visit, i saw how many people are bigger than me and they wear so beautiful clothes unlike me. Then i made a decision, no more offending words from shop owners or salesperson.
    If only those people importing cheaps things from China give a thorough thinking about the average size of Mauritians!! For them, its only sell and make profit. The rest does not concern them. No customer care and good service.
    So dear friends, this is my little story.
    I will advise you too, to do same if you have the chance, order them online from abroad. I know its expensive, at least you will be able to wear proper clothes which suit you…


  21. well said Nas. get the same prob. pple in mauritius dont care abt large pple. we get all the ugly clothes. wer u buy ur clothes online? any site??


  22. Hi,
    Please note that we normally keep some big sizes at LEMON YELLOW, depending on how big the person is.But note that we can also do talor-made for some styles, please visit us to have a better idea of our services.
    We would be delighted to help, do send us your requirements.
    Thanks and regards,
    The Lemon Yellow Team


  23. Hi! Are there any of those famous brands that MAKE & sell big-size jeans? I currently have only a few jeans of the so-called “marques imitation” of size 52-54. But, we don’t get those stylish jeans,like those from IV Pl@y, in big size. And I’m quite reluctant to go and ask about big size in those shops. So, any idea of shops where I can get those high-quality jeans in big size? Else, I’ll have to turn myself to my cuz in the UK…but,it’s quite costly. 😦


  24. I’m a girl… well i understand wat u guys may be going through kan al fer shopping in mauritius… tou zafer tipti ici!!!!am not fat but simply am not the average type girl…bizin dire well built.. am 1m78!!!! lol

    i can manage as far as clothes is concerned but for shoes its a nitemare!!! plz help!!!
    getting married soon and i dont know where to get my wedding shoes!!! kuma dire amene soulier zis pu poupet dan sa pays la!!!!!


  25. For me guys, whenever I need XXL sizes I just jump over to Mr Price in Les Halles and go to the “Priced to go” section. Many people don’t like to wander around that section because they think that becuase of the prices, the t-shirts over there are defect(even tho it isn’t true).
    The clothes that are in the priced to go section are all the XXL, XXXL clothes that dont sell at Mr Price. I once bought a t-shirt for Rs60 with the XL tag, I moved to another section to simply find the same t-shirt model at Rs360! The only difference being that the more expensive one was a size L! Like this there are dozens of models that change every week and they are all priced anywhere between Rs60 – Rs340.
    There are large jeans as well but I didn’t really like the designs so I did not check out the exact size.

    Btw, I also bought an XXL superman t-shirt, with a similar design to the one’s from Maxim Clothing(with the superman logo with a melting or leaking effect), the only difference being that the one that I bought was a dark purple color while the one a maxim is black and I only paid Rs100 for it!


  26. Ek ena pé cause equal opportunities…

    Yashvin, mo gagne mem problem depi laz 13-14 ans. Alorss, sak fois mo alle magazin soulié mem dialog: mo pena lipié mo ena la-pelle. Mais saki plis vilain, quand ou alle dans enn kik magazin sport, ou demann enn paire souliers “basket”, zott dire ena, mais quand ou demann size +44, zott dire ou “pas faire sa size-la”. Mo pose zot la question: “Abé si souliers-la inn faire pou basketteur, ki kalité basketteur ki mett size moinss ki 44???” Inevitablement, venderr/ez la cwar ki mo pe rode la-guerre…
    Ena bann lozik purement mercantile ki faire ki bann commerçants moris p rode plis facilité possible pou ecoule zott produits ek interet consommateurs zero. Sa quantité malédiction mo donne zot-la zot pou bizin mort dans mari souffrance-ça…

    “the t-shirts over there are defect(even tho it isn’t true)”
    Bien sagrin pou ou mo bourzwa, mais en effet, c’est bann rejects. Mais zott detectable que par bann specialist / clothing technologists. Nou pouvoir d’achat ici dans Dodoland pas permett nou asté original ki vendé dans pays Occidental ou bien mem dans bann retail stores dans AfSud ou l’Inde ki vann bann originals couma Pépé, Wrangler, etc. En passant, si ou envie mem soz ki ena Mr Price mais à enkor meyerr prix, check Mr Price so departement New Grove / Rose Belle. Same things but priced to go away quick…


  27. Haha..Nice article this one. Mo ine rate ca kan ine publish.
    Moi ene lepok ti bzin aster linge kte IV Play. Meme li vilain sel magasin ki ti ena mo taille..

    Ene lot problemee (de taille :p) C alle auto-ecole kan ou longue 😀


  28. plito dan sud afrik dan tou so ban shopping mall ena bucu magasin kot to ggne ban linge tou size ena mone truv diska xxxxxl. ena pu dimande kuma mo kone tusala b mo ti fek ale sudafrik, ine ggne 25 jours desela mone ale dan tou so ban shopping mall ek shopping mall kumadir chateau sitan gran kapv perdi tou loll mai enfin ban linge seki ggne la tou ban top quality ek so ban prix bien interessant surtout kot EDGARS mo magasin prefere pa chagrin kan to rentre dan magasin la tou lezur ena promotion laba ek ena 1 parti dan sa magasin la ki apele SIZE UP to ggne tou ban gran size kumanser r 2xl ek fini diska 5xl


  29. Worse is when you are of a small built AND fat!!!  My case…like all jeans i buy (xl) i have to cut the end coz am only 1m52… worse i cannot even find dresses to fit me, for the XL sizes are way too long for me 😦

    We really lack some good shops which really cater for people who are not size zero!!!


  30. Ene ti question frero, Maurice (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) servi US Standard, china standard ou European standard


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