When will prices decrease?


As illustrated above, there has been a decrease of Rs16.05/L in the price of petrol from October 2008 to Jan 2009.

With the 20% increase announced in October 2008, lots of people started to protest especially bus owners associations and school van drivers.


After some days, there was a big rise in the price of bus fares, bread, electricity and much more… This affected most products sold on the market.

Even dal-pourri and gato piments are now sold more expensive, and even smaller lol!

And now, since the decrease announced 2 weeks ago, it seems that these same persons have forgotten that they due something to the nation…

Perhaps they may have to attend some 100 meetings to take a decision for a decrease, while only one meeting will be enough for them to shout for an increase…

Wonder when the Consumers Protection Unit will do another manifestation on our roads.

The last time, they protested against the increase in the price of petrol accompanied by hundreds of lorries which caused a huge traffic jam, preventing people from reaching their office and delayed students who took part in their HSC exams.

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You may also react to this article related to the State Trading Corporation (STC) Hedging issue in the Price of Petrol.

16 thoughts on “When will prices decrease?

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  1. The best answer would be never…

    Sure the gov can shows its muscles & say that let’s fix dholl puri at Rs 7, that’ll ultimately results in a boycott by vendors,

    Once it goes up, prices rarely go down. That’s why it’s called inflation. πŸ˜›


  2. What is on the horizon for the consumer is not looking good! Just wait until the end of January and then for sure we will see price rises. I guess even public transport will have to raise the cost of fares. The authorities will of course say, well we told you that 2009 would be a difficult year. If you were attentive to several new year speeches such as from the President you will have detected that they were preparing the public for the coming increases. Add to that the hedging fiasco and you have the ingredients for more taxes on petrol etc.
    Tighten the belts folks !!


  3. The price of petrol should have been around rs 25 but the price will be constant right now till the hedging is over. But they are not to be blamed that much as they had quoted a lower price and they could not imagine that the price of petrol would fall that much, however this is not a valid excuse for air Mauritius as the could minimize their losses. A company who knows that the next financial year will be tougher, they should have not paid these big performance bonuses and increase their expenses in order to show off!! like for these calenders or the dairies which are of finest quality, i don`t think that they got it a a cheap price. Big sharks like the CEO, chairman and the finance director, they are qualified in only one field that is incompetency, when the company was flourishing, they were enjoying and when the company started to sank, they resign? there should be a clause in their contract that prevent them to resign in these critical period πŸ˜€ .


  4. Petrol prices goes down again next month. Hedging contract on Petrol @ STC is due while on Diesel we got to wait another few months.

    Well as for me. I’ve stopped eating dholl puri since its 10 pair. Month 1 pair par Rs 1 kan 1liv la farin ti mont par 1.20 approx. (If i am wrong). How i wish that all of us stop eating dholl puri for 1 week. This should see the prices go down. Anyway its not good for health :p


  5. The prices will take time to go down – it is called a business opportunity. If your raw materials cost less and you are making a profit by keeping the price as it is, would you reduce the latter? No.

    Is there an obligation towards reducing the price? Sure, there is….in time.

    My point is – there is nothing we can do to cause an immediate change in price for we are a country of consumers. Not everybody is like Bhooks and would adapt. E.g A professional drinking a red bull in the morning will not stop drinking it. He can still spend much of his money on things which he can afford. Those who lead businesses know of this and ‘exploit’ this ‘weakness.’

    Sorry folks but you do not control the market. You are zombies.


    As far as oil is concerned, Kailash Balnac, a fellow blogger, has an interesting and informative blog entry about fuel hedging. Do check it out.


  6. Don’t expect any decrease Yash. Even the 5th decrease in internet was announcement and I bet my arse that it won’t happen so soon.
    FT needs to cut down its loses it had in other countries.
    FT means france telecom.

    STC needs to cover for its stupid hedging contracts and cover the arse of those idiots who took such a decision.


  7. interesting post, i always discuss about this exact point to a few friends… i suppose ethically these people should decrease the price, but they won’t do that in practice…because people will still buy it if it costs this much.

    The only factor that will force down the price is either customers producing their own stuffs or lots of lots of rival businesses cropping up that offer better deal at prices/quality


  8. What amazes me is that for example if flour rises in price, the VERY NEXT DAY, dholl puri, gato piment, pastries, bread, everything rises..the very next day en plus!!!

    Shame on those people!!!

    By d way tere should be a lwas which would weight all the bread and gatos on the streets and make sure the size and weight is ok for the price..

    Gato piment kuma caneete aster!!!

    ppffff!!!! gagne crise are sa pays la! ek sa imbecile premier ministra la kot eter?? Pa truvli lor tv dernierement!!! pa ki mo p miss li, mais…pff!!!


  9. and then society despise people who goes psyco all of a sudden and starts to kill out of such kind of frustration… those people are a major help to society and are a force that brings down prices when due.


  10. Yeah you’re right to point out the little things like Dholl puri/gato pima,cause its the things we mostly consume.Ler mo penser 1 dholl puri ki ti 3rupi lepok mo ti lecol in vine 10rupi!!Incroyable!
    Ki recession zot pe cozer?!Morice in deja fini rentre dan recession?!
    N aster la to bizin paye pou sac plastik la tou!lol
    Vetement pa coze!1 simple tshirt pe bat lor 350rupi.
    Lot encore lot fois mo al sa nouveau complex ki dan phoenix la sa,mo rentre 1 coute mo guette sa ban linge ki li pe vender la sa,1 canson acaro(mo demande moi ki sanla pou met sa!)laho mille rupi.Societe poupet,renz magazin zist fer zoli.
    Moi mo dire trape tou sa manchant ambulant la met dan sa grand boite la to guetter!lol

    (mo ti contribution sa,nou ti zoine Uom dan cafe samedi)
    Serye sa man,ban larticles la paye la caisse.Manz r li!


  11. @Chris : Hey, ti p rode to meme!
    Sorry, ine blier ask to name samedi!
    Mo ti p pense mentionne nu rencontre dans cafeteria la, pu ki kant to lire sa to prend contacte with me.

    It was nice to hear that you reada my blog, and specially, the way we met lol!

    btw, u got to leave ur email add plz, just mail me, koz ur email u left here is invalid.

    Again, thnks for reading…

    btw, this is applicable to everyone here, THANKS! πŸ™‚



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