Say NO to Made In China !

The trailer…

They are everywhere, in the form of food and daily life products… Running away from Chinese made products may be a bit difficult but not impossible since you can be certain that at least a few things around you must have the label “Made In China”.

The reason…

1 main reason which justifies the existence of these products on such a large scale:

Cheap labour + markets with low standards = low quality products.

The different cases registered…

After the chinese milk scandal, a whole range of products from china is being examined to verify if they contain toxic products that can be harmful to humans, wait wait wait!

March, 2007,Up to 85000 cats and dogs in the US died in early 2007 after eating pet food contaminated by melamine.
February, 2007, Lipsticks Containing Sudan Red
May, 2007, Poisonous Toothpaste and Cough Syrup in Panama.
May, 2007, Poisonous Textiles
August, 2007, Poisonous Toys
November, 2006, Poisonous Eggs Containing “Sudan”[source]

These are only a few of the cases registered in 2007, and for the past weeks, lots of items have been removed from the world wide markets, including the “White Rabbit” candy known as “Bonbon Lapin”!

Low Quality Products

Everything can be made in China from cakes to euh, space shuttles. For those who dont know, Nokia with “Made By Nokia” label are actually made in China by Nokia itself! [Source] They even clone everything up to iPhones!

It seems that China is even making doctors these days… and just to point out – Not all the universities in China are registered by the Medical Council (Mauritius)… Still there were some agencies sending Mauritian students over there!!!

The future?

I think that every country will now carry out a deep analysis for all products, especially if they are from China. Even YOU will now think twice before buying something with the Made In China label.

Say NO to Made In China!
Updated: To be more precise… Say NO to Low Quality Stuff Made In China! lol !
btw, I am at home today, took one day off 😀 but right now(1330pm), I am heading toward Port Louis for some personal works to complete…


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  1. Yashvin, I seriously think that you need to rework on your analysis.
    Remember China is a Republic of more than 1 billion inhabitants. China is the country which produces more millionaires in a year than any other country. China is a self sufficient country which produces from A – Z for the global market. Everything that China produces is done from the highest grade to the lowest one. The market demands so.

    Now if import/export companies / individuals are buying the lowest grades to sell them on our markets we are bound to be hit by these issues. I have personally been buying stuffs from China from the original stores. The prices are much higher and I never got to complain.

    You should rephrase this post to “SAY NO TO LOW QUALITY STUFF FROM CHINA”


  2. jolie titre yashvin.
    Faut ecrire “Poste propulsé par un composant “made in china” , sois s ton ordinateur , sois grace a un cable reseau”
    sais tu que les modem huawei , dslam qui gere les connexion adsl sont parmis les meilleur au monde au niveau qualite / prix?

    du china bashing a ce niveau c’est très utopique. Car c’est vraiment impossible.Au niveau politique / ethique / social / technologique impossible de se separer de la chine.

    Puis tres important aussi. il y a beaucoup d’ecoles de medcine a travers le monde qui sont pas homologues .. alors c’est un peu trop facile de s’attaquer a un pays vaste comme tout.

    il y a pas debat.
    bonne journee a pl.


  3. Even here in India the Chinese products have invaded the markets. From Shoes to Electrical appliances everything is of Chinese source. This thing stroke me because India and China the 2 competing giants known for their cheap products are conquering the global market. But Here in India itself the cheap Chinese products are easily available on the streets but I’ve been told that 1 year ago Indians were very happy to get goods at cheaper rates and there was a craze for the Chinese labels. But to there great dismay it seems that the saying ” Bon marché coute cher” was indeed true!!!

    Now even the common man spurns Chinese products. But the question remains is everything with the made in China label not worth it ???


  4. Happy to see that you mentioned all the other products from the past. Remember the dangerous paints on toys. It is not just the recent ones that caused all the alarm. This has been going on for a long time now. I find it incredible that it should be the recipient countries that do the tests. I can only conclude that previously no tests were done by authorities in China prior to exports. We have been inundated by cheap, poor quality products. Now they are actually hazardous to health due to deliberate contamination. How criminal is that ! I hope that companies that have their products manufactured in China choose other geographical locations who actually care about ethics. I wonder if anyone will bother to sue the PRC government. Globalisation is showing its ugly greedy face.


  5. Depend oci ki parti china sa aster ? 😀 mo truv to kalite china kan ecrir made oin chine…. shangai china,.,,, guankul china…. bla bla bla china….enfin final tou made in china mem b mo pa tro comprend kifer ena tou sa version made in china la…

    Bon mo zist espere un jour pa pu ena Mauritian Made in China WLOL 😀 parski tou zot clone mem ban la lol. 😉

    Avishs last blog post : Student Union Election Debate – Le Bilan!!


  6. Rocko lor to blog?? li reste india tou?? lol wahahaa

    well well it’s just that the product from china to mauritius is of low standard but in europe, most of the products are from china. The “bon bon lapin” thing will give china a bad reputation around the globe. NO to bonbon lapin 😦


  7. @Yasir: haha, Rocko Made in Mauritius sane la, ki en passant ine al apprane india, 😛
    Aster la question est :
    Eski line al apprane ou line al faire dimoune apprane, ?

    @Avish: No comments…

    @Mike: You have raised a very strong argument here, Isnt China responsible for the quality/safety/health-free problems before they export the products, even if its of Low Quality?
    Does this mean that by buying low quality products, it implies that we are buying products that may be hazardous to health?

    @Muzzammil: Not sure 😛 haha.
    Should study implications case by case…

    @Rocko: Bhooks mentioned about this point, and even suggested to add “Low Quality” to the title…

    @kayssaven: Merci pour ton vue sur ce poste.
    Effectivement, comme je l’ai ecrit “Running away from Chinese made products may be a bit difficult but not impossible”.
    D’ailleurs j’ai mentioné le fait que mon dongle wifi est “Made in China”.

    Aussi d’accord sur le fait que c’est difficile de se séparer de la chine, car comme quelqu’un a commenté dessus, est-ce-que nous pourrions acheter tous nos produits ‘Non-fabriqué en Chine”?

    Pour le point sur les écoles de médecine, je n’attaque personne mais j’informe les étudiants car c’est un fait que beaucoup partent pour étudier dans des universités qui ne sont meme pas reconnus ici, qu’est-ce-qu’ils deviennent? sais pas encore…

    @Bhooks: Okie, lol, You are right.

    btw, u got to show me what you bought like that 😛


  8. Shouldn’t the title be Maked in China??? LOL 😛

    The fact is that most low-cost Chinese products (which represents around 75% of Chinese products in Mauritius) are the ones that have been made with no safety regulations & are hazardous in many ways. :S

    & since many original good-quality products are made in China… sometimes it’s impossible to distinguish some the fake from the real! 😦
    & don’t forget the atrocious conditions in which many workers work in China (& India)….

    carrotmadman6s last blog post : ADSL prices at –20%???


  9. On the day of the closing Ceremony of the Olympics, the Mayor of London declared that the 2012 Games would be far from the standards set by the Chinese. 😛


  10. TOYOTA vehicles
    Nike shoes
    Lenovo – ex IBM laptops
    and many many more High Rated Brands are MADE IN CHINA and sold all over the world.

    Do these companies sell low quality products? HELL NO !!! Because these products are all made under strict licenses and standards. They are regularly audited by mother companies to ensure their PRESTIGIOUS brands are not tarnished.

    This brings me to the main point: Should the importing country be responsible of checking the products they buy? OF COURSE YES!!!! That’s how proper business work !!! You have to see certificates, quality assurances.
    The government services has to do their job. They have to justify our taxes. Why do we have customs and quality controls if they are not put to use? Don’t get me wrong.. i’m not saying that the government has to do the test themselves..I think the Gov should make sure Importers/Suppliers TEST the products they bring … like it is done in many countries

    Many “laboutik” and “Tabagies” had to hand over their “made in china” stock and .. did not get any indemnity in doing so. Is that fair? Shouldn’t the filter/control have been made by (a) the importer (b) the authorities FIRST? Don’t these guys have a Health and Safety checklist? IF NOT, i’m VERY WORRIED for our future

    Today the culprit is China, tomorrow it may be Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan or India or other cheap product providers.

    Nevertheless i have to agree that many F***ed up products alarmingly comes out of china nowadays.. but I also concur with Mr. Bhooks that it’s not fair to GENERALIZE.. Let RATHER choose wiser and say NO to LOW QUALITY and not to a country in particular..

    You should definitely “re-phrase” your post title


  11. Ici si doub line jaune= no parking em. 1 thing i’ve been amazed ici: pieton ena bocou prioriter lor vehicles: si to al lor 1 robot to pez bouton pou traverse chemin, xtra vit to trouve loto gagne rouge, to gagne green! Unlike bane bouton foss foss lor robot moris la!


  12. Une fois encore, “oeil de lynx” Yashvin frappe fort. C’est vrai que dans bien des cas, nous voyons que les produits chinois sont des commodités de deuxième grade. Sans vouloir offenser les pro-Chine, je pense qu’une amélioration de la qualité des produits s’avère nécessaire. Il faut promouvoir le commerce sain. Il est très difficile de dire ce qu’est un commerce sain car plusieurs perspectives sont applicables. Cependant, pour nous qui sommes des consommateurs, nous voulons tout ce qu’il y a de mieux quand nous achetons un produit. Ainsi, pour nous, un commerce sain est un échange générateur de satisfaction. Prenons l’éxemple du “WIFI Dongle” comme distribué par l’opérateur Orange à l’île Maurice. Ledit produit n’est pas génératrice de satisfaction totale dans la mesure où le pilote (Driver) qui l’accompagne n’est pas tout à fait taillé pour ce modèle. Il est difficile d’installer cet objet afin de l’utiliser. En plus, j’ai pu constater qu’il est très compliqué de trouver le logiciel approprié pour faire marcher ce matériel. Tout ça pour dire que ce produit n’est pas complémenté avec un support adéquat. Bien sûr, j’ai pu l’installer après quelques essais infructueux. J’ai pu constater que le signal dont le gadget peut produire n’est pas si satisfaisant que ça. Il faut bien savoir comment le manipuler afin d’extraire le plus de performance possible. Cependant, je pense qu’une personne ayant un ordinateur portable accompagné d’un système WIFI sera plus satisfait en utilisant ce dernier pour ses besoins sans-fil. En résumé, je pense qu’il y a de la place pour dire que beaucoup de produits d’origine chinoise ne font pas des heureux. En ce qu’il s’agit des problèmes ayant trait aux produits comestibles, je prône pour plus de responsabilité et de rigidité de la part des autorités chinoise compétentes dans ce domaine.


  13. I simply don’t know where to start. I think that instead of shouting from roof tops about MADE IN CHINA dangerous products, the government should instead solve the matter instead of making publicity with it.

    However there was a time when AJINOMOTO was boycotted by Americans. Was that real or simply a grudge against Chinese? If that was true then why do we still have AJINOMOTO in our local shops???

    Yeah Mauritian Govenment instead of trying to help us identify other threats, they are jumping on the same thing over and over again to gain popularity.

    If you read L’express today (editiorial) you will learn that years back the Government was informed about the whole dangerous food being sold like the colour in Pistache Salé.

    Et alors? Eski zot ti sourde sa lepok la???

    Bref…am happy if the government really removes all those products off the shelves, but they should also look for locals who don’t give a s#&t about food act in Mauritius (kebab, dholl puri, roti, etc…)

    Especially kebab ki exposer dans coin lari! I ask myself in what ways these people are allowed to sell there!!! Who gives them the permit and if they don’t have why are they not stopped????



  14. I personally have no problem buying low quality stuff provided that they are not dangerous for the health and make me save some $$.

    I also concerned by “branded” products that costs tons. Chinese “lower quality” products are good alternatives.

    Not knowing the exact contents of what we consume and the risks involved is a big issue. Maybe authorities should invest more in capability to assess such risks and I guess corruption might be an issue. I have no idea how many products gets access to the Mauritian territory without such assessments.


  15. We are in Mauritius..You can do what you want..

    Corruption meme Mauritius in perdi place dan index contre corruption..

    live long mauritius and its &*%^%$$%#%$#%#%^%$ governments


  16. i am a mauritian coming from an ordinary family.we pinpointing china for every little thing.we shud not 4get zat if the “”cheap low quality stuff”” made in china didnt come here we wud still b living nearly without technologies. wel fink of it there is no stuff wich is not branded made in china 4me.we shud agree that made in china did rise our standard of living and did save us precious money if we were to buy from UK USA with the tax transport costs EU standards n patati patata…..

    we shudnt ban the products but at least increase the standards required for international products to enter our market.

    i blame our authorities more than china me.china is only making profits but we heavy users of made in china shud check our stuff n not pren tou seki vini kuma gagnE..
    come touzur: APRe LAMOR LA TISANE.


  17. Frankly hell there is more chance of freezing over than eliminating Chinese made goods from your shopping list.
    I work for The Tea and Coffee Emporium a British retailer.
    I have noticed that a lot of goods marketed as UK branded are manufactured in what was the British territory of Hong Kong, of course now China.
    So you are highly unlikely to be successful as you never know where it was manufactured.
    Equalyy I have to say that not all Chinese goods are inferior and not just in the field that I work.
    I love high end hi fi equipment and have seen a large number of this quality product emerging from China.


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