The inside of the rabbit nomad modem…

We already know the outside story, the various complaints, problems with the services, customer care issues, billing problems, technical problems with their coverage and loads of unsatisfied customers… If you want to read all those posts, this is where you should click!

Now, i got some pics in my mailbox which i was sent to me anonymously through

So, lets get back to those pics, which are indeed pics of the rabbit modem, once in spare parts…

I ask myself if that rabbit could be seen running at high reliable speed again on the web!

Enjoy these intimate moments, of the rabbit!





Oh yeah,before i close this post, a friend of mine sent me a message through msn:

Check out, Nomad’s ex-portal, its on sale!


I guessed someone forgot to pay their domain name! haha!

Some days before, i still remember, the portal was under construction, even Mr Google indexed that!


Have a nice week ahead !!!

11 thoughts on “The inside of the rabbit nomad modem…

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  1. here’s my recent experience with the nomad guys:

    When i subscribed to the rabbit,i chose the direct debit option, which means that they should debit my bank account each month for their charges .
    They never debited a cent….

    Three months later they phoned me to say that i had arrears and that they would cancel my subscription.I said ok since it was not a service i wanted to keep.
    I got the corresponding letter which stated that my connection + subs was cancelled.

    When I went to pay them after two months, i found out that they had been charging me for the two months after cancellation, not just interest but the whole amount + interest + some late fee interest 30% !!!!!!.
    I paid the whole amount at the beginning of august……and i was charged for the month of august.They claimed that it took 1 whole month to process the payment.
    I had to pay for 3 months i did not use.Plus,they were not professional at all when i went to see them.bad agents who shout at you on the phone.

    new and improved??? lol


  2. Hahaha dapres lorde ene kikaine ki ti mari amerder ek nomad kine kapav fer ene zafer kumsa… lol

    Mo kone sa dimoune kinne fer sa la, li ti alle acheter ene fusette kot Chong & Sons Arcade rose hill pou Rs 395, linne attache nomad so trip ek sa linne avoye li la haut… :(:(:(

    King of Unreal Tournament 3


  3. I am puzzled if Nomad claims they have improved.Last Saturday 4/10/08 I paid for Nomad 256Kb/s at Rs1000 deposit plus advancd rental of Rs863, and you know what! I am stunned, my download speed is 4 to 1Kb/s. The speed is just like the 64kb/s modem or even less. Nomad is a big bluff, they cheated me. They are not capable of delivering a good service.Up to now I.m still waiting and waiting for their Engineers to contact me to solve this problem again and again.


  4. @nizam: In your place, I would ask them for full refund if they cant make the nomad work at 256Kbps… Believe me, I wont be the only one to tell you this, take it as an advice from experienced and frustrated ex-nomad users.

    btw, why nomad? For the same price you get a myT connection/ADSL which is much more reliable!!!


  5. Bonjour

    Mo habit sainte -croix et mo abonnez kot nomad qui mo kave dir so service mari pabon pli souvent li en panne quand li bon li lent ces n vrai lamizer o diman moi quand nomad pu evolue nu ariv 2011 nu pas dan lanne 50


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