Around my life, in cartoons…

Being out of ideas to blog, i finally ended with a long post illustrating some parts of my life (and around me), through cartoons…

For some people, working during a blackout does not really matter…


Also, Faire palab (Gossiping) does not really depend if they have work or not….


btw, thats exactly the picture that illustrates my message to the person concerned…

And this picture is too funny (for those who know what am talking about) 😛


Sometimes, and very often, the following situation is a start for a post:


Blogging my life…


Becoming Famous…


This one, there is a small story behind.
Someday, someone in a bank, recognized me & said:

“Hey Awootar twa! Mo kone twa!”

and then helped me with my work there).
Thanks to S. or on that day, i had to return back to work without completing my task there…

How to tie a tie…


Some weeks before, i was going mad while trying to make a tie….
Even internet including YouTube didnt help… Fortunately, i had one already ready!

Getting new friends on facebook, coming from euh, nowhere!


Looking forward for a great weekend coming ahead, keep tuned for pics and the events planned 😛

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