Difé lo morice © sok appadu!


After the happenings of today with 3 ppl dead, 2 ppl lost, loads of houses flooded, we may ask ourself,

Is Mauritius ready to face a crisis with

See below the forecast of Meteo France:



Source Meteo France

2 pics from tushal shot in Curepipe…


Perhaps some of you may have forgotten the following:

  • Nearly 3/4 of the island was in a complete blackout due to a fault in ONE of the electric infrastructure in early 2005!
  • ICTA blocking facebook access!
  • An unhappy suspended technician hacking the mauritius telecom system and the whole country deprived of internet!
  • Something more frequent, a minor accident on the motorway early in the morning and paralyzing the whole traffic for hours!

Do you remember more examples of this type???
Feel free to quote

12 thoughts on “Difé lo morice © sok appadu!

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  1. mo prefer garde mo ban comments pou taler.mwa and a group of frds pe prepare 1 article lor ceki in ariver zordi.

    nek wana add smthg..
    ena ban inconpetent ban maurice.un peu tro beaucoup meme


  2. METEO morice KK..
    dakor difficile forecast letemps mais banne zoive!!! quand zotte trouve sa kaliT lapluie la.. zotte pas cpave fer ene maniere emette ene genre warning cot cancel tou bannes class ki ena!!

    mo pas comprend kifer zotte hesite pou cancel class coumsa? bannes zenfant pou perdi lol? apran plis longue la riviere, combien moulin ena dan morice tousa capave fer lakaz mem sa..


  3. Mari kk govt sa,tou ban manzeur kk selma.kuma dir zot pa koner ti ena la pluie non stop depi hierla,pffff….

    banla ti deja kk mem mai astr zot in depass limit,un student in noier e in mor!!!:s:s:s:s:s

    la demai kan pu ena gro soleil astr ki banla fesse ki p donne conger i mean zot p dir ki pena lekol.zot ti bzn dir donne sa conger la azrdi..


  4. Must write a comment here. Dernier fois, zot mete class 3 kan okene feuille pa bouzer, pena la pluie, ek soleil dehors.

    Lerla 1000 zot tire class, ek zot tou bisin sorti pu ale travail, ale uni, etc.

    Sane fois la, Gros la pluie terrib, zot pa met okene warnning, zis dire students pren precautions. Zot dire la pluie pu continier ziska vendredi. La pluie arret tomber 2hr…lerla zot emmete warning, kan dimoune fini mort, ek zot tou bisin sorti ene sel kou….partou bloker.

    Zordi le temps korek….banela ti dire ziska 2main la pluie pu continier. KI KALITE METEO SA??? KI KALITER GOVERNEMENT SA??

    Et ene ti kitchose pu ajouter…bane zenesse pren konte changement climatique….zot tou zis dire sa…mais okene pas pren compte, essaye faire kichose pu sauve nu planete….nu tou pu mort sinon.


  5. bof another point to consider for the next election…( to add to the long list)

    PS: Bassin canard nepli ena canard, innondation ine pren tou canard ine aller..:p


  6. meteo maurice… fouf. mo demand mw ki ena pli pire ki sa. li pa reliable ditou. mw mone bizin ale lekol hier akz test. just imagine,sorti trou o biches pou ale rose hill dan sa lapli la!!! la cour lekol koma dir ine inonder,shoes n sock tou tremper. bizin fer klass kumsa em.
    kan return lakaz,chemin XTRAAAAAAAA bloker just avan round about reduit. arsenal,ena dimoune ti tasser dan lakaz akz water surrounded partou. mem sa, MINISTRE LEDUCATION PA DNE CONGER AKOZ METEO DIR PA LAPLI TORRENTIEL SA!!! midi parla banla declarer ki ena lapli torentiel. kan zotou fini ale work n school.

    wats the work of meteo??!!! li suposer predict weather quite accurately. pou ena lapli torentiel,sa li pa kpv predict selman. ki serti ena saa cuyonade meteo la.

    im really pissed off par zot n im sure bizin ena 1ta koma mw!!!

    2 morts n 2 disparu. pa govt. so fot pou kan mem,its all bcoz meteo pane kpv predict sa lapli la.si li ti pou fini predict,at least ban dimoune ti pou kpv fini pren tou precaution.

    meteo maurice sucks!!1


  7. Meteo & Ministére l’éducation directement entor concernant la mort sa etudiante la.

    Moi si mone ecrire lorla, check my blog.

    Sa fer deuxieme fois ki meteo maurice p fer erreur grave (n)


  8. A small weather disturbance is enough to crumble any unprepared large archipelago country like mine. How much more a few island country like yours. Thus, prompt weather forcast and disaster preventive measures must be upgraded. Good luck in your quest against weather. Enjoy Blogging!


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