Mauritian Law : No more than 2 dogs!

Hello everyone…

I was astonished by wat i read this morning in the Le Defi Plus newspaper…

Oh, no, not exactly by this title, but rather, one sentence from that particular article, as shown below…

According to an inspector of the MSPCA, an owner can have only 2 dogs, else, he is considered as a dog breeder, thus has to possess a permit issued by that organisation.

Well, now look in your neighborhood…

How many of you have more than 2 dogs? do you have a dog breeder permit? lol!

Take a minute to think about that more deeper, if an owner can have only 2 dogs, then, if there are 5 persons in that family, living under 1 roof, that makes 5×2=10dogs, it that right?

btw, this is Pam, our 2nd dog at home…Oh yes, then i think that u can have more than 2 dogs in your yard, you are safe from the law side 😀

Wait wait wait, another thing…

Is there any law for other animals? Birds? Cats?

Thats so stupid!

Its high time that those laws are revised, as well as all of the institutions, which are completely outdated with their laws and principles established centuries ago… just like those famous “100ml of rainfall” which caused the death of ppl among our population.

btw, yesterday i bought an ipod shuffle 1GB… nice thing and so SMALL!

40 thoughts on “Mauritian Law : No more than 2 dogs!

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  1. Eyyyy mo un dog breeder as mo ena doggies..
    sa law la bien banal selmem,avan mo ti ena 6 doggies parla b kumien permission nu ti bzn pran.i sink avan mo toutou give birth to new ones,mo bzn fer li sign un document ki li pu donne birth according to z law:p:p:p


  2. Btw ipod seyr net,to pass mw li,mo cpv met sa kuma earning;)

    Don Pam lor bazz pa pu cpv dir ki zot fer 2 liyieux nw,li aussi so pic lor net kuma piff..


  3. Dan mo chemin (d’ailleurs dans tout chemins Triolet li pareil! :P), zis moi ki pena chiens!

    Chinese One-Child policy should be applied here… One-Animal Policy! LOL 😀

    & all animals should be castrated! 😛

    Shuffle sucks… iPod Touch FTW!!! 😮


  4. to carrotmadman:
    lol, wai, askimet ti manze to comments lol!
    sorry for that…
    Ipod touch 😛 lol, price la si “touch” meme ^)

    to deepa:
    dan some time pu ouvert ‘refuge chiens’ kot toi…

    to morinn:
    lol, so peut etre pam n kushie fami 😛 (&)


  5. LMAO… ena 4 dogs..:p
    but strt aplik sa law la..ena mo croire 75% fami mauricien pou fall dan category breaking that rule


  6. No kidding, I got fined by the MSPCA for breeding without a permit…… i had 15986365742354893523 Cockroaches in my room only. Now, multiplied by five family members….. ;-):p


  7. bon.. since pe coz lichien mem.. personne pena ene ti doberman pou give away freely :$

    glaC mem.. to pas enkor donne moi bday gift 🙂 ene ipod pas ti pou mal :p


  8. guess what!! My neighbour suffered the same fate. NeighbourB complained abt neighbourA’s dogs to the police of environment. His dogs barked a lot at night n prevented him from sleeping. The police came next morning and said the same stuff as mentioned in yr blog. Coincidentally of the 3 dogs he bred, there was one female, and none were MSPCA registered. After having enquired at the MSPCA, neighbourA registered his dogs and bought a collar for each of them. An officer at the MSPCA told him de nepli pran tracas ec casse la tete ni ar voisin ni ar police environment.


  9. not more than 2 dogs per owner!! mo demand mw kombien dimoune pren kont sa law la… or even kombien dimune kone sa.

    btw,mw mo ena ipod nano 8GB!!!! yuyu!!! hehe


  10. Hello Yashvin,

    Nearly every country have “No of dogs restrictions” laws.. Usually the law allows 2 or 3 dogs max if you don’t have a breeder’s licence..

    A quick search on Google(tm) will reveal that.. The following paragraphs are just a illustration why such laws USUALLY exists..

    “The goal of this law (USUALLY) is to cut down on the problems that dogs cause in urban areas.”
    Courts upholding such an ordinance usually put it this way, “too many dogs in too small a space may produce noise, odor and other conditions adverse to the best interests of the community as a whole”

    “Court challenges to such ordinances almost always fail, but there are exceptions”


    Although you and some (good) people take much care of their dogs, give them love, feed them, keep them in a suitably living space, there are many cases in mauritius where people have 2+ dogs that they don’t even care about and leave them to (1) bark out loud (bol) (2) wander around dangerously … (this may cause human life or animal life loss) These dogs are not given any love or attention…
    Thus “No of dogs per person” laws TRY to limit that from happening..

    However (again) a quick search on google will reveal that “no of dogs per person” are usually not very much enforced because if you keep your (2+) dogs from causing nuissance such as barking out loud (bol) all night long or causing pollution (smell etc..) around… your neighbours usually tolerate them…

    There are actually different variants of this law for other types of animal (cats, tortoise, etc…).. but in general… SPA (or MSPCA in mauritius) intervene only where animals cause nuissance to other humans..

    An article on wikipedia also says that some “no of dogs per person” laws try also to limit the (possible) spread of diseases (Rabies for example)

    I personally believe that we should be tolerant towards each other… we should prevent our pets from causing nuissance to our fellow humans. On the other hand we should leave our fellow neighbours live freely and happily with his/her (N) number of animals so long they are well treated, well taken care of and causes no trouble around..

    PS: Courts usually interprete “no of animals per person” as “no of animals per family)

    That was my 50 cents..
    Peace out ppl


  11. mw g 6 chien e cet lois….bein elle peut aller voir ailleurs!!! ke d coneris!! si sa kontinu, bientot on aura besoin de permit pour bouffer…!!!!:s (n)


  12. Hi!

    I find this law completely stupid!! I have 3 dogs, and they are just like my kids. They sleep inside, have their space inside, get proper food, care and love, do not wander in the streets, my yard is big enough for them to play around, and they are vaccined every year…so i don’t see how they are causing nuisance to the law or to people.!!! The MSPCA should see to it that noone is allowed to let their dogs wander in the streets; they should keep their dogs inside their compound, this would be a worthy action!!!

    Anyway, at MSPCA you don’t have animal lovers, just animal butchers!!! Maybe a few are considerate but the rest they have no feeling for animals…

    They go to hell with their law….I love my pets and they can’t know better than I do how to take care of them…


  13. ”g pas grand chse a dir mais C tres con cm loi… je cnpren pas son utiliT…. lol…
    just one thing to say….



  14. this is absolutely nonsense, if u have you own space y only two dogs…..

    they are so stupid they dnt even know tht in europe dogs has more importance than them hihihihi




  15. first of all bernado..

    wikipedia is a bad reference as any1 get access to modify info

    first of all mspca is corrupt organisation.. bcoz i had done a survey during college time and they had no answer for our questions..

    first of all, hw can a dog escape while the dog catcher hv them in their van, often small cute puppies get vanished so called ??

    i knew we had a licence if we sell puppies but why this stupid law if we hv more than one dog,
    normally mspca sterilize dogs, they complete registration while u sterilise a dog, but do they atleast update their info when the same owner come to register their dog.. why dnot they lay emphasis and inform that owner then.

    neither the administrators do their job nor these stupid dog catcher respect their own f…. law …

    if there are 10 family members that means they must hv only 1 dog then, its seem that mauritius is following asian law, as if the dogs population is increasing..

    the mauritian govt are just too good in creating stupid laws, they need to be more realistic


  16. dir moi 1 zfaire ban guys, mo voisin ena 1 toutou c ki bark par gap de 30min, aller dir moi kuma mo pu kapav concentrer et lot li tir so lichien dehor sans mem 1 la chaine, et lor sa lichien 1 mari sauvage. so can you guys please advise me or give me a solution..thnx.. ;((


    1. @amrish : I think that you can politely tell your neighbor about this issue. But as I suppose, he/she won’t be able to prevent the dog from barking.
      So, he should find some other solution. For this to happen, I think you should go to the police station to ask for advise, perhaps they can tell you to fill some form against him so that ‘some action can be taken’.

      Another solution : Prend ene roche avoye lo lichien la si li pas comprend meme 😛 *cough* *cough*

      But be re-assured, this problem is faced by loads of people (Fortunately not me)


  17. thanks for your advice but i’ve olready talked to my neighbours, not 1 but 3 times..i think i will have to look for an alternate the police..


  18. Can someone links me to all mauritius law i think i need to known it or is there an e-book in pdf would be great.Thx . P.S if someone accuse twa ene ki choose ki to panne faire . Ki banne procedire bezin pou attrack li.


    1. @slayer: hey, that was more than 2 years ago. I guess that the price has changed a lot and above all, the model has evolved too, and a few days ago, the latest model has been announced.
      I think that I paid something like Rs2k for this model, 2 yrs ago.


  19. hello yashvin,
    i don’t believe in such stupis laws…it is said that dogs are more faithfull than human beings.and its TRUE.i have 7 dogs and all were abondoned dogs 2 whom i gave shelter.2d there positions in our life(my parent and i) are greater than God.we worship our dogs.recently i got a new puppy and it was the 8th in our was just 4 month and passed away yesterday..we did our best 2 cure it but in died because there was no vet available in the morning only at 1 30 pm that the vet would have been available.before that my baby passed away…

    instead of creating such hell like laws why don’t the govt provide health facilities for animals…instead wasting over catching stray dogs 2 b killed latter y don’t they just invest it in creating health facilities for animals.????

    i would like you all 2 give your personal opinion.


  20. @Ishtee: Hi! Thanks for voicing out your opinion.

    I do not totally agree with you, else there won’t be any difference being humans and dogs. Let me explain. Resources (including money) are limited.

    Do you think that the authorities can take care of all the stray dogs (even if they are innocent)?
    Isn’t it wiser to use the same money to educate people about dog caring?

    At the end of the day, the key actor here is the “Human”.


  21. Hi, in one year, I have found four stray dogs and took them home, gave them a nice shelter, food, love, caring. at this time, they would have already been killed by the MSPCA. I have saved their lives. I rent where I live. And my dogs take care of the security of the house The problem is, my neighbourhood. They hate dogs and they have called the police. My dogs have a big space in the garden, they bark only when people they don’t know come to our place. The policeman said to me, that I need to find a solution. I don’t know what to do, where to take my babies. Please help me.


    1. You might have done a good deed by collecting them but your neighbours are not wrong either. They have the right to have a peaceful environment too.
      You will either need to look for someone to adopt them,
      secure your yard so that they don’t get access to the entrance. Hence they won’t really see people coming and won’t bark. 
      I dont see any other alternatives, unfortunately.


    2. If your yard is well secure, tell the neighbours to F*ck off. And if the police comes to tell you again to find a solution, Show them that your yard is well secure. They will go away!
      I had this issue several times at my place. But when the police came, they saw that my yard is well secured. So, they won’t to tell my neighbour that they can’t do anything. 😀


  22. hi

    i guess many of u don’t understand how it feels to have 3 dogs(rottweilers) barking next to your window all night long. On top of that you have a newborn baby who can’t sleep cause the dogs bark all the time! When you ask the neighbor to get them to stay quiet, they tell you to respect them!!! What next!
    You may be used to the noise but your neighbors may not and i think that when you take on a dog, it’s not to throw the dog in a cage and let it bark all day and night.


  23. well im a dog lover my dream is to have five different types of dogs all my fav breed its not business but love for dogs!! doesnt make me a breeder cz at any cost im nt gona sell my puppies!!! i thk its time to have a look at this legislation!


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