Happy birthday to me! Version 2.3

Wow…hehe, am a bit older, 23 yrs now πŸ˜€


Nice surprises since yesterday, so i will start from there itself…

It all started by a lunch, prganised by my project team members


Then, i distributed sweety sweets to the whole DCDM 5th floor, got a nice card and pen as gifts…

I didnt expect that the 2nd part of the birthday celebration would be so …surprising!

We planned to meet in Shooters after work and at about 7pm, i joined Dhaneesha, Veronique, Richard, Rama and Nirvini…
After a drink, and of course “bane kouchou kouchou” between those present, who were organising something, which turned out to be nice πŸ˜€

Suddenly, some (nice & hot) waitresses of shooters came before me with a nice and large cake, with a Happy Birthday song being played in the background, in the whole shooters!

Everyone there gazed at us, with the birthday cake, and its candles…
LOL, it was so ….nice of course, and embarassing for me, with everyone looking at me, just imagine! i dont have words to describe that…

Thnks Dou, Vero, Richard, Rama & Nirvini!


After that small party, we ate at pizza hut, after making rounds and rounds in port louis, trying to find some food at about 10pm!

I reached home, nearly 0030hrs!

I woke up by the loads of happy birthday wishes being sent through sms at about 6am and immediately, i contacted the others to wake them up, koz i had organised something for my birthday since the last days…

A “Randonnee Dans Black River Gorges Natural Park!” Organised by the Underground Committee, under the code name “Underground In Nature Version 2.0”, the first one being, “Monte Le Pouce”


Participating members : Nisha, Vero, Vana, Steve, Chandra, Ravi, Michael, Sandra, Vissen, Fadil, Zainab and myself…

Everyone was worried, because of the loads of rain during the night and we didnt know if we would be able to climb down from Petrin to the Natural Park as planned…
A van picked all of us, as scheduled and despite the HEAVY RAIN, we started to our journey down to the Nature Park Parking, at the bottom.



Oh yes, before i forget, thnks Fadil and Zainab for the surprise birthday cake in the middle of the forest, with each and everyone in the group singing happy birthday! that was original!!!

Lots of us fell down, full of mud, drenched 100% and everyone was worried if u would succeed in reaching the bottom, on time and without hurt!

But, as Usual, WE DID IT!

4 painful hours later, we reached the bottom, near the river where Sandra, Vissen and Myself swimmed in the water for some mins, well, at least, tried to swim!
The van picked us back and at 6pm, i reached home, where the birthday celebrations continued!


My next door cousins, Deepa & Neha had a nice time, crashing eggs on my head πŸ˜€

Thats how i have been celebrating my birthday with my friends and family :DI would like to thank everyone who participated today, but also, the loads of friends who wished me happy birthday, either on mobile, sms, msn or facebook!

meme si dimoune gagne per pu zouer r mwa since 5 years back, mo ti sorti lo simer pu al batte dimoune ki ti zette holi lo mwa kant ti p sorti lesson! LOL!

C u next year, again for another party!

16 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me! Version 2.3

Add yours

  1. It was a very nice day out!!! πŸ™‚ Demain pr al malade la… lundi prend 1 sick!! :p

    Happy Birthday again!! πŸ™‚

    And YES… we made it all the way…


  2. Happy birthday Yashvin…

    To per rent dans l’age..

    Nish and VΓ©ro (and everyone else btw) seemed all wet… and muddy… ha ha… God bless your phone camera…Hope nobody had to carry them down to the nature park..



  3. Many many many happy returns of the day yash yash.. eh wi to p vin vieux;)..
    i need to meet ya 4 the lil surprise
    trouver cuma to in bien amuser anyway cheers
    cya soon
    Frm Madiihah & Ashliyaah:)


  4. happy belated birthday man, lol today me p chk my mails and stuff and in alle remark sa (ena prob net lol)

    anyway hope it was a nice time for you and wish you all the best ^^


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