Camping 3.0 Underground & Dj Siesto!

i remained away from my laptop for some 2 days lol…

My Colleagues and myself were camping at trou aux biches, organised by myself and the other members of the Underground Committee lol…
On Friday night, we went to Grand Baie for enjoy the night life there and on Saturday, we made a BBQ Party on the beach and again, some of us went to GBaie again.

I will be late for work, so, i will just put 2 pics…

Something i really wanted to put in this pic, is the following poster, found on the wall of a resto where we had to wait for 1hr for a fried noodles!!! grrrrrrr!

Moricien fort dan faire imitation!!!!DJ SIESTO ! haha!!!!

Anyways, this weekend with colleagues will always be memorable for the number of things that happenned…

Leave all of u here, thnks for reading 🙂

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