Programming in French(WebDev) & Work Work!!!

Amateur and Professional in programming, this might interest you.

i wanted to post this since a few days back, but i am so overloaded with work i dont get time even to check my facebook at work!

ya, these days, i am following a training for “WebDev”.

Its a software package for building web sites or web applications, a 5th generation language, with instructions written in French!!!


For those who didnt heard of it before(just like me), it is a product from People Soft, allowing rapid development of web sites since everything is graphical. Anyone can create complicated web sites in hours(depends)

Lets talk about the interesting things:

  • LANGUAGE INSTUCTIONS IN FRENCH (see previews below!)variable.jpg

for example to declare a variable string;

Mon_Nom est une chaine = “Yashvin”

for loops(if then else)

info(“x est 10”)
info(“x n’est pas 10”)

haha funny na???

    In order to use the software package, you must have its USB Key, without which, the software will simply not run!!!
    and something very funny with this key is that,warning.jpgif u try to tamper with it, it will automatically launch an auto destruct!!!
    ya lol !!!! see the warning above!!!


The training will go on till next wednesday, even this saturday, i have a whole day training!

Well, that was the fun part of this post but thesedays am really really tired and overloaded with work!

Today i left office at 10hrs, hungry hungry hungry, since I had simply no food for dinner and all of us(4) in office were too busy to think to go and buy or order some food!
P gagne sommeil comme tout koz its (only) the 3rd day, i am working after office hours to complete a project.

Yesterday(wednesday) left office at21rs and on tuesday, at 2030hrs…
Life starts here lol….

lol, Ashvin took a picture of me,
and told me to blog that picture lol,
so here it is, taken at about 2145 tonight!


Followed by a picture of bernard
(supposingly absorbed by his work on webdev)
and ho wanted to see him in my blog….

Thats all, i really wanted to blog today, its 2330, and time to go to bed!

In addition to these, i heard something that made me laught today.
Certain people are jealous about me and trying to find any stupid excuse to make me feel bad, sometimes they find that i have too many friends on facebook, sometimes they find that i chat too much(lol, letemps pena, apres zotte koze kk) while they also find it hard that i blog my life and everything related to me.

its my blog and my life, if u r jealous, just keep away from my life…
Those people will auto-recognize themselves and news travel very rapidly these days lol, koz they keep peeping at me, my life, what i am doing and then start gossips here and there….

hard days coming, staying after working hrs tomorrow too and training on saturday.

18 thoughts on “Programming in French(WebDev) & Work Work!!!

Add yours

  1. salu yash hehe to in fr to ti camarad proud qan to in koz french (afetrall to bsn cner ki mo future graduer in french)hehe

    wa mo pe remarker depui 3 jur ki to pe work depui tard ki pu fr man c la vie!mange r li
    1 dicton pour toi “il fo travailler pur avoir sn pain ”

    sinon m esperer ki tne passe mo msg a neha??uhh esperons parski telma to busy

    keep blogging
    et bn courage
    keep up the good work


  2. Whaoh… travail ziska tard comme sa… ??? To bisin mate reste tard comme sa pou faire webDev ou WinDev ??? ki sa ban client encore servi ban language comme sa alors ki ena ene tas framework openSource beaucoup + rapide et puissant pou faire ban application web ?? et au fait to fine gagne to N95???


  3. to chege:
    ofet, working after office hrs is cool, koz to cpv faire combien tapaaz to envie, i put my music on et personne pas pu dire twa narien, to cpv crier to camarade ki truv lot boute l’etage la sans prob πŸ˜›
    mais sel zaffaire c ki to fatiguer akoz to fini tard.

    to oblizer servi bane platformes ki to client dire twa r ki li envie so site developper, sirtout si c another company kine outsource project la r twa.

    N95 na, mone abandonne idea la for the moment, am xtra happy wiz mo N73 meme πŸ˜› pane vendre li

    to carrotmadman:
    lol, i dont intend to try to crack it πŸ˜›

    to sundeep:
    na, mo pas trop updated about the different companies n zotte transaction, deja ki recemment mone koner flicker has been bought by, ayooo! mone blier ki company tout :S

    to Fee:
    lol, pas cpv dire ki sane la p jaloux mwa, kant mo chat r twa i let u know.

    to madillah:
    thnks for ur encouragements, wi mo pu add twa…


  4. hmmmm, windev, mne deza tender ca… ca mem ca program ki servi pou fer ERP la ca non? si mo rappel bien so license extraordinairement cher…
    something like above 300k…


  5. hmm csyke, mo pas trop koner about the price mais li bisin bien cher, akoz nu fine ena a small bond pu signer akoz the training tout sa.
    apres, etant donner sa gros boite dan ki each of the license come la :S lol
    cpv deduce li assez cher πŸ˜›

    thnks pu to comments!


  6. Mo ti pe dire moi ena ene truc bizzarre… WinDev/WebDev faire par Pc soft et non pas PeopleSoft ki bisin mari beaucoup + gros encore … Mais mo croire meme la france zot nepli li tane parle Windev πŸ™‚


  7. lolllll!!!! hhaha!!1 hey monne servi Windev! inne prend moi 15 jours pou rode ene emulateur pou emulate sa dongle la!!! pou moi la ti servi dongl par parallel port li…

    Mari puissant li puissant sa software la, system metro Toronto servi windev… lol

    ki rol sinon? Moi mo p fer sorbet raper ek tout sa la neige kinen tombe lor mo balcon la…


  8. ahhhhhh, omoins mo gagne courage!
    mo pas ti ena oken idea ki sane la or kote servi sa kouyonade la, thnks kunal.

    haha, mone guet to video sorbet raper la, trop bon toi ta, lol!


  9. i hope dev is cute for all the effort u are making to learn the language πŸ™‚
    am sure to pu fini conne handle dev bien vite
    n i have a msg to pple ki annoy u, may i? (depi longtemps pane show my true self :P)

    SO JACK OFF ALL U PPLE WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OTHER PPLE’S THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND RANTINGS. n leave my frd alone if u are unhappy, he wont miss u.

    voila πŸ™‚ i feel much better, i think i had enough of being in hols, i cant wait to be back in action , that is finding a job πŸ™‚


  10. to avishna:
    merci fifi for ur support, am sure si to gagne work pres r mine, to pu cpv deal r sa bane dimounes la lol, r twa si zotte pas comprend, zotte pas pu comprend zamais πŸ˜›

    to bbZush:
    justement, le mot ‘zalou’!!!
    manke travay ossi li vraie, akoz p veille moi grrr!


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