2007 & its memories fading away, Welcoming 2008…

Being the last post of 2007, i will be blogging abt this year’s event, followed by my expectations & resolutions for the coming year…

For me, 2007 has been a year filled with lots of events



  • Uni’s 3rd & Final year period being hard but as well much enjoyable as the other years
  • End of my tertiary studies at uom and graduation ceremony
  • Submission of final year project, successfully and proudly completed
  • My first job (5months already) at dcdm consulting, after lots of favorable interviews in many other companies.
  • Lots of new colleagues who are as good as my unforgettable friends at the university
  • The different camping and outings organised among friends (uni & colleagues)
  • The huge amount of close friends i made this year

2007 has also been a year, which made me realise lots of things at uni, and in my personal life…

The importance of having friends on whom u can rely upon, The selfishness and unfaithfullness of a person, lots of memories, fortunately some among which, are already fading away… The hard work being accomplished, experience and satisfaction gained, without forgetting the time at which am leaving office these days, the record being 23:15hrs…


For the whole year, the only thing that turned comparing the resolutions i made in 2006 for 2007 to the reality of 2007,

  • Stop growing more taller (ok)
  • Stop being the problem-solver of everyone! (ok)
  • Stop Drinking Beer, drink more powerful !(ok)
  • Start to tell lies (not ok)
  • Change my Dj Name (according to Neha) it would now be DJ PasseLeTemps! (not ok)
  • Seriously become serious about serious studies (ok)
  • Finish my end of year project and exceed the expectations (ok)
  • Get at least +6% in my End Of Year CPA (not ok :- )
  • Get myself a new domain (ok)
  • Start Using a higher resolution, y not 1280Γƒβ€”800? (ok)
  • Last But Not The Least PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok)

One very big change in 2007 was in my life, and this had a ripple effect everywhere, up to the name of my blog….
but fortunately, another angel also made its appearance, bringing a huge smile πŸ˜€

So, now lets talk about 2008 and its resolutions….

2008 will be a year full of challenges, starting right now!
Lots of work scheduled for the coming year, the first one being the submission of a project on the 4/5 Jan 2008, the one which i am currently working on till very late these days.

Here comes the resolutions, the same which i will be assessing the success & failures in exactly 1 year..

  • The end of my probation period (6months) at Dcdmc
  • Priority in life would be strictly professional.
  • Further studies (masters or msc) will be probably scheduled in 2009.
  • Bringing some changes at home, renovations etc… lol, mum pu happy πŸ˜›
  • Finalizing some other changes in personal life…
  • Killing off the remains of some undesirable memories & some1 really disgusting & unfaithful.
  • Purchase of a new desktop or a laptop
  • Some physical exercise, ventre p sorti r tout fast food p manzer la when doing overtime hrs(just like 2day!)
  • Start Saving Money, lol !
  • Save money but new mobile, again πŸ™‚
  • Continue to enjoy life with those friends & colleagues who bring a smile everytime (arrete gonfler vous otres!)
  • Continue being funny hih, just as others like it πŸ˜‰

To end i would like to thank all those who were with me during the whole year, i will try to quote the names, but plz, dont mind if some names are missing, perhaps i just forgot, or u didnt mean anything lol.
I insist on putting the names koz am sure, it will bring a smile to those who see their names here πŸ™‚

  • Family members ( mum, dad, Varsha, Deepa, Neha, Diya & all of the others … )
  • Uni friends ( close ones being : mantasha, jaya, sandra, yasmina, zainab, vissen, nitin, splash, vicky, azagen, fadil, dhotah, oudaye, geshwin, Kunal, Sheem, Shamini, Karishma, … )
  • Real life friends & Fan Club lol ( Amishi, Govind, Kooshi, Feerdosh, Avishna, Laksh, Charishma, Archu, Madillah, Ally, Armand, Bossy Boss, Neha.G, Javin, Kevin, Annes, Corinne, Hash, Tushal, …)
  • Colleagues ( close ones being : Dhaneesha, Nisha, Vero, Wendy, Valerie, Priya, Warrda, Hamita, Bhavna, Sunyukta, Pamela, Vana, Rama, Michael, Bernard, Ashvin, Krishna, Abhi, Bhavish, Yogesh, Steve, Chandra, Richard, Vikash, Jessica, Kiran, Jeff, Vishal, Heeresh, …)
  • Bloggers fellows (check blogroll lol)

Did i missed anyone here or was your name listed????
Please let me know…


Again, Merry xmas and Happy New Year 2008…
Best wishes and long live our friendship and my blog !!!

Leave u here, its 7pm, am still in work, going out for lunch at kfc & leaving office at around 10pm…

babye 2007…..

17 thoughts on “2007 & its memories fading away, Welcoming 2008…

Add yours

  1. WAOW..youpi ma name btw its Madiihah mais still mo like it si to call me madillah
    sa m’a donne chaud o coeur n i feel proud to be among one of yur frnds even si jamais nu in meet nu kamouade
    but still 1 grand merci pour tout saki to in fr pou moi (surtout last yr fr my access project(SC)yu have helped me loads)
    g serai tujurs reconaissante envers toi

    Bonne e heureuse annee
    btw mo pas in blier the treat:P
    cya soon


  2. ah last yr si to ti met sa resolutiuon stop growing la, hahahahaha, ton rsi ??? πŸ˜›
    Lol anyway all the best 4 the coming year πŸ™‚
    Wish you all the happiness u truly deserve

    Take care


  3. Best of luck yashvin! hope new year brings along loads of happiness and success..I miss uni friends…love u all loads..Cheerz for new year everyone


  4. wawa mo truver mo nom 1st!! bien kontan! lol. hope to reussi dan to ban resolutions la! btw,i feel really proud n lucky to have u as one of my BEST frnds!


  5. Hav a great year ahead yash..wish u loads of sweet things;)
    i miss u all a lot..n z uni memories wiz u all r z best ones ever;)


  6. waow c un honneur d’avoir mon prénom dans la liste LOOOL. contente d’ΓƒΒͺtre là quand tu as besoin πŸ˜‰

    take care et bonne annéeeeeeeee 2008


  7. Ki mirak tne ecrire mo nom lor to blog..
    fer un manier ki le 31 nu fer sa plan la,mo p xtr manz sa griad.un bon facon pu welcome 2008..


    I SAY MY NAME!!!
    u forgot to say the famous titli.com created only for u!
    great resolutions moi jai only 1 – its to find a JOB in PL
    thank u for everythg (u no wat)
    bizu to u n remember am always here wen u need me πŸ˜›


  9. wa wa happy new year yashvin and may it come with a lot of warmth joy and success for you πŸ™‚

    mange r li ;),pa laisse li mange toi ek comme dab,amuzer but pa abuzer πŸ™‚

    enjoy πŸ˜‰


  10. Ton bien dire kan tn ryte ke havin our name there will bring a smile 2 us. Merchiiii bocu. sa ma toucheR. Mo sure to pu manz ek to bans resolutions la coz to 1 garson bien seryer;))
    En tou K c bien de voir ce u R leting go n not clinging to the past.Et mo truv sa bien courageux mwa et une de perdue, 10 de retrouvee;)) te souhaite tou le bonheur du monde dans tou ce ke tu entrepren coz u rily deserve it. Have a great year!!!



  11. wawa happy new year a toi et to famille et tou bane dimounes ki p lire sa ti message la..:p waa moi osi mo nom ine afficher la o seryer net hehe.. waa yashvin ine arrive l heure pou to aret grandi coze pa blier LA THEORIE “L” still holds.. WAHAHAHA..lol waa la vie uni ti bizin kav retourne ladan de temps en temps.. 😦 Mais bon life goes on.. continuer boire ena l avenir la dan.. lol


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