Mauritius, the paradise island…and wat?

Branded with the trade mark of “The Paradise Island”, Mauritius is the “destination de reves” of millions of people, source of inspiration of numerous poets, wonderful and un-exploited landscapes of hundreds of films, mostly bollywood movies

“You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

Mark Twain, “Following the equator” 1897.

What Mark Twain didnt predict at that time was that, That Mauritius of the 1890’s would be completely different from the Mauritius of the 21st century.

Things have changed up from then and if Mark Twain was still alive, perhaps he would have changed That famous citation to:

“You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then hell; and that hell was copied after Mauritius.”

Mark Twain, “Following the equator” 2007

Nowadays, People are living struggling to live in Mauritius mainly because of the rotten politics and corruption of the country, and did i say corruption?

  • Mauritius as a Democratic Country
    Thousands of essays of this type are being written every year by thousands of students, discussing the advantages of such practices in a country but, do we really live in a democratic country?
  • Safety In Mauritius
    Are we really safe and sound in Mauritius?
    Well, thats not what is written in newspapers of heard of in the private radios…
    Stealing and Raping are the 2 main activites in the darker side of Mauritius…On Tuesday, i read that a security officer drove off with his own official vehicle, with over 2 millions in it, while he was supposed to keep an eye over the money…
    I think, authorities should give diploma courses to such type of potential criminals lol…Today, i read that a 17yr man raped an old woman of over 65years, because his strong desire to do the thing…
    LOL, xtra desire sa πŸ˜› sa si wiz an old woman….
  • Authorities in Mauritius
    A topic which is making the “headlines” of many newspapers and lots of blogs over the country is the Banning of facebook during some hrs recently…
    As a cyber island, its a shame for such actions…
    Now, even the head of the ICTA admits that there was perhaps some error somewhere in that decision…Police Brutality & Abuse Of Power of Government officials
    In a previous post, i discussed a lot of this, and these practices are no where to have an ending in the near futur…

These above, are only some of the issues right here from the paradise island without forgetting those which are not mentioned for political and national security(lol) reasons, for example;

  • Explosion In Grand Baie
  • Affaire Bassin Blanc
  • only these 2 come into my mind at this moment πŸ˜› but there is a whole list…


Well, i think that i have written quite enought things, but i would also like to share one positive point, applicable for year 2008…
We will be having 15 public holidays including 14 of them falling on WEEKDAYS!

WOW! thats great, no work for 14 weekdays πŸ™‚ lol…

till next post, have a nice time in Our Paradise Island!

14 thoughts on “Mauritius, the paradise island…and wat?

Add yours

  1. wud have loved to say things on my mind right now.. but dont want mauritian authorities to have your nice blog blocked.. so no comments!! =(
    Welcome to mauritius!!


  2. lol

    bien dir sa.

    morice la in gagne bezer sa.. fran tou.

    tou zafer politik dir leve paket aler..

    in ler pou moricien em leve paker aler.. rod 1 lot lavie parla.


  3. LOL!

    As last people who think like me!

    Dholl-puri is now Rs.8 and will raise to Rs.10 by d end of d year…coz oil price is raising…

    ‘Fini bane ti morisien ki kontan apprecier ene ti plaisir bate ene dal puri dan coin lari..’

    Of course we have to ‘serre ceintir’whereas some are leading the life of maharajas!!!

    Oh yeah for those who don’t like going to the beach, you better catch a last glimpse of it…hotels are taking over all the better beaches…go to volmar and walk down the beach towards Tamarin…i almost cried looking at how much beach the hotels stole from us Mauritians…

    Ok tourist are here for the economy etc…but we as Mauritians are becoming undesired and looked down in our own country…


    Le paradis des cons!

    BUT! I still have hope that one day it’s gonna be day…’ene zour dans ene pays…’


  4. You wil notice that MOST countries in the world have problems you just mentioned and that the word ‘paradise’ here is used in the context of tourism promotion πŸ™‚ Mauritius is indeed a paradise for tourists πŸ™‚
    I do agree though that for our size, we have too many problems and they have to be dealt with otherwise everything will just spiral out of control.
    As for the holidays, I don’t understand why WHY WHY we have so many of them!!!!!!!!! Holidays have become a political weapon thesedays. I’m afraid politics is taking over everything in Mauritius…
    But we can still make things better, there is hope…


  5. to Yashi:
    thnks for ur comments
    as for politics, thats another topic “Mauritius & Politics” (c)


    ‘making things better’ is not in our hand but again in the hand of politics i think…

    To Reena:
    ya, there are a lot of ppl like u, dont worry.
    just keep posted here for more topics that am sure u will like πŸ™‚


  6. hey,perspective la tro dark man!e tu nimport kpav tor politik lor net..if u wnt change,bring out a new philosophy,pa vin koz dal puri.. mauricien c 1 ras vantar.. kifer samem dimun ki pena kas pu manz dal puri lor koin sime la, al dan kfc pu souille 1 zinger?avan fer bne gran discour lor democrasi dan moris,anu komens par sa bezer mentalite bne mauriciens la.


  7. only by sitting at home and criticizing won’t bring any good. think about some ideas, maybe some simple ways u can improve your surroundings. Do some donation to the really needy people.
    if u think something is fishy, u can always contact the police, the press, or the departments concerned.
    there’s no such impossible thing.
    Oh if u cant anything, start by BELIEVING that your country can b a better place
    Belief is a serious thing


  8. Mauritius is a very good Island there so many thing to discovered in mauritius. But if you sit at home you will never discover anything. You must be curious and know about something you want.

    Mauritius is an island where there is peace everybody coparate to do one thing,there is no drought or flood in our island. Look in another country live pakistan there people fight. People are dieing of hunger and of diseases. There are too many flood that often destroyed their houses.

    But in MAURITUS there are not that kind of thing and is also known as MAURITIUS AS A PARADISE ISLAND

    If you want to pass your holliday in some country,come and pass in MAURITIUS.

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. uunmmmmm………
    i wna say lot of things…………..but……….
    since i hav bein insulted by my lecturer once comcernin zese topics…….
    soooooo no comment……….but whoever blog is zis……..i wanted to contact him 4 sme question i wna asks tat person to lighten myself……cozzz its abt mauritius………
    waitin a reply frm u


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