Divali Stats,lol

Now thats the celebration of divali is over, lets gather some information which am sure, many of u would like to share….

Divali stats

How much sweets did u eat? approximately?

Do u still remember?

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  1. lOl BlateD HaPpI DiwaLiIIii
    WiSh yOu LotSa LovE .. SuCcEsS & HaPpInEsS
    hOpE U aD a BlaSt

    Hmm I ad sme Indian Sweets which i dunt even kno the name ov .. BuH dey were hhhmmmmmm YuMmY
    I StIlL gOt a bOx FuLl Ov ’em tO FiNisH
    Buh Obv U aD mOrE .. & ๐Ÿ˜ฎ DiDnT BovEr tO ShaRe doh .. :p ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. 87 gato batate
    15 gato piments
    9 ladoo
    1/2 gato ki ti imper vert, pa ine kav mange li entier. mo croire li ti gater sa…
    11 barfi
    17 samousa


  3. 2 barfi,5 gato patatate e c tout tu zafer in ogmenter d nos jours tel ke Dulait,du sucre e d l’huile… Alors zt cne bien pas tou dimune ki kav aford mai still il eT genereux (mais zot in coupe ration) lol..

    wai yashvin ski to in boire costic soda la??


  4. ~13 rasgulla
    ~ 5 gulab jamun
    ~15 burfee
    ~ 0 patate
    ~ 8 ladou
    ~22 kaja

    ek ene ta melanz, home made & received

    toilet ine souffert dan wkend selman


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