lol, windows based ATM…

Early this morning, at about 8am(ya, mo rentre work early aster), i got down from bus at Plaine Verte, n went towards an atm to cash out some money…

Reaching that atm, lol, i saw ppl waiting before the atm, without actually using it.
i thought the atm was perhaps out of order for some mins, n when i peeped to see wat was on the screen, here is wat i saw:




lol, windows screen was showing up on the atm…
without losing a second, i took out my mob to shoot that screen, which cannot be seen everyday n by everyone, to the astonishment of the persons standing there 😛

hey bien, fodait pas rate occasion like this,n surtout pas, blogging those topics, moments or scenes that make ur posts original and sometimes funny!

So next time, be ready wiz ur camera!

Am not responsible for any potential risk of hacking, its the fault of the bank system if they show things that may compromise their security!

11 thoughts on “lol, windows based ATM…

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  1. Zats nice, but am used to this type of screen now. Since am doing my training at the Card Centre of the HSBC Bank, am used to seeing these screen when technicians does their upgrades. But that was indeed really original post Yashvin, keep it up!


  2. Serious issue out there. Seriously, how can banks use the most vulnerable operating system in their ATM?

    Now we need to ask ourselves: ‘Is there a software on Linux which can be used in ATM to support banking transactions?’


  3. Lol this happened to me too at my fave Barclays machine in port Louis last friday approx 10am it was running windows xp professional clearly with scripting which started an automated banking client (forgot the name). Procedurally wise they shouldnt be running this during the day nor should they keep the monitor of the atm on while the scripting is running. It should have been designed to put the monitor into standby mode while the reboot happens, but in Mauritius its clear some processes havent been fully established yet. The company i use to work for back home would do these routine reboots approximately 3am so they are done during a time where very few people get to see it happen and so people dont know what systems are running. I hope the banking firms are reading this and considering doing the same.


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