Nomadlife : Win rs200 per Nomad Referral

lol, thats nice but i wonder who will be willing to go into that adventure!

u read it right…

In nomadlife, 3rd edition, a new concept!

A few lines about that concept.

all u have to do is to make nomad get more customers and u will earn
rs200 for each referral made!
wow, that makes a lot of money for u!

I am quite famous regarding nomad issues and sometimes ppl wonder y i like nomad so much.

To start wiz,

  • the connection i enjoy 10% of the time (0000 to 0700hrs)
  • the 4 months lateness in refunding me since december 2006
    (perhaps am on waiting list)
  • my cute msn still not working, file transfer practically impossible (except during time stated above)
  • ares not working or limewire its worst!
  • frequent disconnections
  • frequent server problems, not able to access international sites
  • false promises made by technicians, am still waiting for that call from a technician, supposed to be made 1 week back.
  • “maintainance” carried out at 10:00 am on a wednesday, weird maintainance time, without any prior notice given to the customers.

well,hope that these answers satisfy you(probably a large majority)

Who wants nomad???i can be your referrer!!!

[and give u 50% of my commission ]

21 thoughts on “Nomadlife : Win rs200 per Nomad Referral

Add yours

  1. Pou done R200 comission, sa wadir zot ine desesperer sa…deja zot p al bankrupt…now zot p done zot ti cass zot gagner la si…


  2. today i went to shoprite for some peaceful shopping……. n guess who comes and starts talking his mouth off, a nomad representative!
    pena stop r li , aller mem mo pane cav mem cose 2 mots!
    finalement in dir li mo deja abonner n LEAVE me alone.
    zot marketing agressive, very agressive :ninja: si mo ti cav donne li 200rs pu fer so la bouche !! in that sense wep nomad can start to make money!
    p.s koi ke 2 coute pieds ti pu plis fer effect 😎 :devil:


  3. its not a joke and today on radio plus, i heard something like “Nomad Quiz” :getlost:

    well, the winner of the quiz gets, guess wat? :w00t:

    sure, a nomad subscription, but more interesting that that :pouty:


    haha! :whistle:
    at least pu garde so reputation, ti bisin donne ene 512!
    pauvre gagnant, li pu passe so letemps telephone customer care, surtout avec ene 64!
    li pu regretter line participe dan sa quiz la :biggrin:

    instead of investing in ads, they should ensure that their service works correctly all over the island and offering all the pleasures of the net, msn, P2P etc…


  4. To ine finalment agree avek moi.. ki 200 per referal sa..

    pas par moi lol

    anyway.. risky 200 roupies sa.. coz si to fer to banens friends prend nomad pares zotte gagen problems.. to pou gagne baT
    :ninja: :ninja:


  5. mari probleme sa, 1 because it is nomad to pa kave create email add on servihoo, sa cest apres avoir etre abonner a nomad ki ine dire moi. mais zot ine rode rasure moi dans 1 facon ki, toute mem ou kave get access a servihoo. but let me tel u , its not true, since morning that is 09hr , now it is 14.20 i still trying to get connected to servihoo. n it is not the 1st time that it is so. publiciter bel bel , but wat the use, nanier pas bon. 2. 3/4 du temps pa kave open messenger. ooof si ena pou dire sa ena trop beaucoup…..

    wat i would like to say is before making a lot of publicity, please try to clear out these problems 1st then wecan encourage people for NOMAD.


  6. vicks>>wai..bien dire sa..kpv gagne tou qualiter baT.. :angel: :biggrin:

    faire sm 6 months 2puis mo ena myT..jamais in gagne prob quan sign in r bsn rode mo log book quan ti ena nomad..lerla kpv post ki error mo ti pe gagner quan ti pe rode sign in r msn.. :devil:


  7. ALor tjrs r nomad!!!! in ler pou change sa
    u know dasn clas networks mo lecturer ti p cozser ek li p dir ki nomad 30 yrs en arioer ek myT 10 ans!!
    bez sa, MRu vraiment en retard dasn so system conection :alien:


  8. ouf..nomad fek txt mwa..
    “dear customer you have been selected to participate in our referral program.plz come at our stand for more details(voucher!!! waiting for you rgds, Nomad.”

    ki kakes sa???
    mo meme pa 1 customer nomad mwa..apres mo bsn phn banla..since i;m not a customer of that company..b la..zot bsn delete mo ban personal details..
    zot gagne touP txt mwa..ouf..zot pa koner i hate nomad..


  9. haha!
    to pas tousel tushal!

    i got the message too…

    perhaps to cpv al lo stand la zis pu check ki to pu gagner as gift….
    mo pli sire zotte pu giv twa 1 month free internet wiz nomad, to interesser? :whistle:


  10. mo pa bsn nomad so connection mwa..
    mo pou phn banla..pou faire 1 manier mo pa re gagne ban msgs comsa.
    n normal.twa to servi 1 client nomad..
    NOT ME..
    mo croire itz z 1st time ki 1 ISP pe faire sa..Rs200 pou each mo faire mo ban frds prnd nomad n nomad pa wrk..banla pou kill mwa sa..
    :ninja: :cwy: mo prefer pa faire sa travail pan envie ale gagne beser r ban frds. :biggrin:
    bon.apres longtemps mon in post zordi la.
    acoz mo pa ti pe kpv surf ditou.ti ena 1 ti prob technik lor lin bsn faire system restore.
    ouf.exams nearing :dizzy: :ermm: :cwy:
    eh wish twa best of luck 4 ur exams..


  11. “FROM: +2302549999
    Dear Customer,You have been selected to participate in our referral program. Plz come at our stand for more details(Voucher!!! Waiting for you). Rgds, Nomad”

    haha received that twice yesterday and funny part c ki me no longer a Nomad customer koz me pa le vine mad aster,surtou now ki me ena My.T and it rocks,m si me in exceed distance allowed by 1Km!!!

    mo pa koire me pou alle lor stand la though ;) envie ridiculise mwa ek perdi ban pauvre (ames perdues) dimoune lor stand la zot time ^_^


  12. u the not the only one nilesh….
    other happy ex-nomad users had received it too…

    but i want to check out that voucher!
    i think that i will go to one of those stands n then post it out here :biggrin:


  13. kan to alle fer conne 🙂

    guet 1 coute si kpv vine r twa

    mo guess c ki c ki in gagne sa msg la pou gagne ban voucher pou zot kit ek dimoune and si 1 dimoune prnd sa voucher la,li add Rs.200 roupie dan to account mai kouma me in dire c 1 guess sa 🙂

    bon mo alle continue revise xml mwa

    btw bonne chance ek this applis a zot tou ki ena exam 😉


  14. good guess :unsure:

    li pas drole arrive sa meme, surtout r nomad :shocked:

    will let u know, peut etre friday mo pu aller



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