100th Post : Nomad Voucher On Stand

many of the existing and ex-nomad users received a sms some days before:

(cool, the first time am using a screenshot program from my mob directly,see pics below)

well, many among us wanted to know wat it was about and some of us(YOU) already had an idea 😛 n we were right lol

so, i took a bus, went to stand of nomad @ happy world and asked about that offer, and voucher.

the guy there explained the concept to me about getting rs200 for each nomad customer u bring.
then i asked him about the voucher i was supposed to get ^o)
he told me he hadnt any left but i asked it wat it looked like…
i told him even a used one will do (infact, i wanted to take a pic for all of u)

he looked into the files and managed to get one blank….
he gave it to me, but i only layed it down on the stand table to take a picture and i handled it back to him saying

“mo pas pu bisin, garde li”

so here is wat it is about:

wat is costed me: Bus Transport FREE ( a luck or else would have been 2Xrs20=rs40) + a khebab – 😦 blier tire foto + a drink (gazeuse) +my time, rather precious

anyway, am the official blogger covering nomad events 🙂

22 thoughts on “100th Post : Nomad Voucher On Stand

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  1. to mank plan toi..

    sorti triolet pou alle gette sa..

    ouff to pas sipoZe ena exams la non 😛 :ermm: :ermm:


  2. bein, pour le moment mo encore sous contract n mo paye only 50% the fee for the whole 1 yr contract, that is rs512 per month for a 128 with all its problems as a package..
    sinon, kouma mo cours fini, mo ena intention tire li for divers raisons, dont les plus evidents…


  3. Guet mwa, mo ti bouille mo modem avant mo aller n nu ti filmer sa..

    si to (ou kikaine) trouve Azagen, beze li ene coup pied pou moi, dire li ene ferfoute sa DVD “Bouille Nomad” la panne vin par la poste!
    Mo p attane sa dvd la rentrer!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :ninja:

    anyway, i will soon send u exclusive pictures of nomad by mail n u put it on ur blog 🙂



  4. ene camarad are moi ine servi nomad voucher li to croire 200 roupies pou tirer lors so fees li pé paye par mois bane la dire dans Nomad nous donne ou ene Nomad cado si ou gane 100 clients pou nous létan li check are administration bane la dire li ki sa kikaine ine dir ou sa li dir garcon ki dans SIK Yen Curepipe banne la dire li bé se li abitié badiné tout lé temps! Et Lors la zot laisse li dir bane malpropeté coumsa. ETA NOMAD SORTI DIVANT DIMOUNE DO TA ! TALER MO DONNE TOI ENE COUP PIED NOMAD


  5. TO Ganeshan:

    i will try to let the persons concerned read about this n see if its a true story or something invented somewhere…
    keep posted here…


  6. yashvin>>to marque plan selment..pou ale faire tou sa la.lol
    time is precious..dnt lose ur time like zat :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:
    haha..wai..bon zefant la pe give twa advice la. :biggrin: :biggrin:
    anyway..good job..


  7. i went to PME this afternoon and one guy said ‘He don’t like nomad because of the TV show broadcast Nomad no limit challenge’ and one of the agents told him that he should not watch the show in the first place.


  8. Do you know Nomad is renting a space at Happy World House at Rs 27’000 , I overheard one of the supervisor talking to its salesperson who is no tidy at his work. (wires lying around no leaflets and the work enviroment is dirty.)


  9. I have been an agent of nomad since very long,i can say nomad is Good if only u have a good coverage,,if u have got full coverage zer wont b any problem using it,,sometimes zer r some manufacturing defects in the modems itself but u cant blame nomad as these modems r not made in mauritius but in china, n nomad technology WIMAX is one of z latest buzz in the technological field,,,nomad is a n american product not mauritian,,,Z product is being marketed with a brand name of nomad in mauritius…check http://www.navini.com n u would see the features n capabilities of ur nomad but only if the network is well maintained by the nomad engineers


  10. ok amar, thnks for ur comment…
    so, u got some important points urself :blink: :

    – if only u have a good coverage,
    – if u have got full coverage
    – sometimes zer r some manufacturing defects in the modems itself
    – in china
    – only if the network is well maintained by the nomad engineers

    i think that the answers to our problems are right here, written by someone from nomad itself…

    no need to add more :whistle:


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