Jori No1, version 0.5

I’m back 😀
I can’t miss this post!

2 important events in this 5th broadcast

  • The fabulous dance item from the film bagban
  • The announcement that the twist round will not be considered when marking performance and in addition to this, as from the next broadcast, each participant will choose their own twist round item.

well, i invite you to watch that dance item below or on you tube
(sorry for the quality, but the first time am using my new mob as video camera at night n i forgot to enable audio recording)

41 thoughts on “Jori No1, version 0.5

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  1. remarker pencore abitier r mob la :devil:

    fer 2-3 weeks mo pane watch sa prog la

    Apres to sa commments la Yashvin p encore watch li :angel:


  2. to Reehas :
    a apartir next week, siposement candidates pu fini choose ene santer or dance item ki zotte pu presenter dan twist round

    :wassat: pu nepli twist round sa then :dizzy:

    to Crystal :
    :whistle: grace a moi wai :biggrin:
    someday mo pu met ene video of a friend ki cpv maye zabeille avec so CV, am sure, a lot will like it :silly:


  3. b ta, pu nepli apel sa twist round sa

    ti seryer koma li ti eter avan kan banla pa ti koner ki zot pu fer, lerla li ti pli interesan to watch

    ena nek ti p bouz bouzer, ena ti p zis humming 😦


  4. ey pa seryer. twist round ti bizin la. samem ki ti p fer gagne plis rier la… but anyway personne pa kpv perform pli bien ki that guy in bagban!!! lol…


  5. Alor moi ziska ler mo pa encore get sa emm, mais from wt i heard, li seryer coz li fr bein gen rier sa prog la!!!
    Yash one day u should perform there!!!
    ki to dir :biggrin:


  6. waste of time to watch this , mai si yashvin perform PORMISE i watch. so which song u singing or dancing?


  7. if i go, i will be singing the song;
    “Don, The Theme” :whistle:

    lol, mari top, u got only to say

    “Yes, Who is it? DON !” :blink:

    ya, thats all, hear it out if u dont believe me! :tongue:


  8. Jori No 1 nepli ene competition song and dance mais plitot ene

    “Divertissement Humour 100% moricien” :biggrin:

    pas cpv rater lol ! :whistle:


  9. Jori No 1 nepli nissa aster :cwy:

    pena charme!

    gaspillaze gueter, li nepli divertissant ditout as from no6, apart si ena 1 2 ki fane kakes lo plateau :whistle: or mbc fane dalle kant filmer :silly:

    so, mo al perdi time pu perform there, mo reste mo lakaaz trankil, ki zotte dire? 😎


  10. hmmm,c…zotou p dir twa to bizin perform in there!!bt plz no more bhagbaan yeah!! 2 toute fasson to pa ti pu kav manz r li sa man tro bon taey!!LOL…


  11. na gueter moi..ban boute boute ki gagner dan la semaine la mem necessair guet the whole prog(boufon) 😉 :biggrin:


  12. lol, bane boute boute ki gagner dan la semaine not always show the vraie vilain :silly:

    they are only trailers!
    dommage pena twist round aster 😦


  13. Twist Round? to pas koner? :silly:

    ena num 1 a 6.

    Participant bisin choisir ene num o hasard et par la suite, perform lo sa song or dance item ki ena la…

    li komik, koz song or dance la li totally unknown to participant, usually from old films etc.
    so, c ene vraie fiasko kant ena participants danser or chanter, enfin essaye faire li, to mort de rire :biggrin: 😆


  14. bein avishna, pas pu narien mo p couvert sa subjet la :whistle:

    tout comme nomad, pena personne cpv kone sa plis ki moi, even the director there!
    koz mo meme fine met o clair bane problems ki gagner n li pas ti meme o courant koz oken users pas dare to complain or zotte pas meme koner ki nomad ki en tort! 😎


  15. 2 dimounes faire complainte lo 100, pas boukoup sa…

    btw, ena ene tas dimounes ki mo koner, pas paye nomad since months n zotte p servi freely :silly:
    1 raison y zotte pas faire complainte n nomad pas cpv trace zotte

    another raison more, dimoune la pas meme koner ki nomad is the origin of the problem.:w00t:

    to Avishna : thnks for notifying me :blush:


  16. lol.. 😉
    ya i thnk ban boute boute la pa assez vilin..c vrai yashvin..but pu moi li mo pu gagne honter pu dir mo 1 morisien apres ki mo guet the whole program..haha..dats y mo prefer avoid it..
    btw nus, to mum ki ena ca patience relaxer..haha..just like others koi!!!haha


  17. Yashvin kan to pou re record 1 vid pour mwa? :tongue:
    from all ur comments im dying to c a full episode ov jori no1!! 😦
    So wen iz the grand finale ov dis show eh?


  18. program la nepli ena charme aster akoz nepli ena the original Twist Round.

    mais, next time, mo pu faire ene demarche record the program, at least a bit, kot ena vilain (wiz sound bien sure :blush: )



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