Big Brother is spying on us!

while doing a search on google, something new attracted my attraction 😛

So, like any other curious surfer, i clicked on it, asking me to log in

it was amazing wat google has implemented…
it was going to “spy on our virtual life” with our permission, on the top of all, online, independent of ur location and time.

nevermind, i signed in just to have a look at wat it could have gathered on my trends n history.

then, lol, all the tracks i listened to were listed there!!!
played with that simple winamp, ver 2.76 full edition

astonishing indeed…
u are being tracked and u can even monitor ur history using the calendar!

Are you tracked?

5 thoughts on “Big Brother is spying on us!

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  1. lol i would love to put it to test 🙂 😆 😆 would like to see what they can manage to learn about me, even with all my protection measures activated 🙂

    hey, with everything they are doing and the importance they are taking in surfers* lives, i just hope google inc. doesnt turn :devil: bad

    :biggrin: :biggrin:


  2. This is not something new. it has always been the case. Google cav retrace to lavi lor net. So cookie expirer en 2038 (si mo pa tromper) ek zamer google delete ban information li amasser. alors 1 zour CIA cav vin retrace to internet usage. and this is a fact stated in the google’s ‘terms & conditions’. Enfin check this site out for more info:


  3. yashvin in dir ecrire 1 comment :whistle:
    watever the post is about am sure it is a nice one :happy: which is conveying info.


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