Who to blame? Nomad or MSN Messenger?

This is a post concerning Nomad Users (or even ex-nomad users…) who use MSN Messenger

Am getting problems since several days/weeks when signing in with msn messenger and am sure am not the only one, but always the one to complain (as usual!)

  • I want to know who among the nomad users or nomad MyT users get frequent sign in problems with nomad?
  • Who (perhaps you non-nomad users) have frequent “Message could not be sent” when chatting with Nomad Users?

getting errors like

  • Error on Default Gateway and Key Ports
  • status cannot be changed

Am pretty sure, there must be some problem related to Nomad (as usual)!

  • y dont others get this problem?
  • y doesnt the prob get solved even when u format the system?
  • y do others(non nomad users) get “Message could not be sent” when chatting wiz nomad users?

So, i want to know,

Who must we blame???? Nomad? or MSN ?

Am fed up with trying to repair the connection repeatedly just to be able to chat properly!

58 thoughts on “Who to blame? Nomad or MSN Messenger?

Add yours

  1. dans nomad zot croire ki couma dire kan gagne problem are li nek zis pété lers la problem la aller TOI KI BIZIN ALLER NOMAD! pète toi out Mauritius


  2. TO Ganeshan, Priya & Kevin :

    thnks for ur testimonials…
    [despite that i know that the 3 posts are from the :blink: same person, ur ip address has betrayed u :)]


  3. mo croire first time mo pou dire.
    NO comments 2 ma part.lol
    :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: mo prefer pa coser..sinon mo pou ale dire too many things…lor connection n customer care..so i prefer :face: :getlost: :biggrin: :devil: :angel:

    p:s yashvin un peu busy la.sa meme mo rare..exams lundi..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :cwy: :angry: :blink:


  4. Hi Yashvin,

    its very much normal when three friends? Ganeshan, priya ek mo mem (kevin) who had a lot of bad experience meet at one place and start giving their feedback, no tou lé 3 pe ecrir comments dépi mem l’ordinateur a coz sa , L UNION FAIT LA FORCE SA MEM SOLIDARITE MAN!

    kevin pou priya ek Ganeshan oussi


  5. ALL BLAME GOES TO NOMAD.one thing I want to say nomad really sucks.and its not secure atall i have done some sniffing last week and i found people confidentiality even nomad staff themselves are not secure.So me i just want to say just swap to MT its more secure.Beacause nomad pé gate reputation wimax dans maurice et ene dernier chose maurice zot pa p fouti fourni ene bon service aster la zot pe rode alle implante zot a madagascar.


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