Jori No1

Currently watching 😦 this new Singing and Dancing Competitions, Jori No1

dont know about those who dared to watch today’s broadcast but for me, total deception, anyway, just like many of those mauritian competitions 😦

y? let me write some points about it as the competition is on my tv screen:

  • The Competition Intro part was almost cool, good work from the graphic and animation dept!
  • Total Disaster for the Dancing and Singing performance platforms!
    i ask myself how can the national broadcasting corporation still renew the contracts of those designers? :S
    Why dont they design more original ones, trying to put aside their previous ideas which date years ago?Did u ever notice that they use very similar designs?
    and the same paintings at the back, over and over again?
    those beurrrrkkkkkkkk ‘paintings chef-d’oeuvres’!For instance, something like Xpression or even “la teuf du samedi soir” are pretty good!
  • Wat about the new hostess? a bit nervous, thats normal….
    Did any of you notice her shoes or sandals???
    The size she used is not at all fit for the sandals she is wearing.
    about 1/4 of the length of the sandals is free at the back 😀
    Perhaps wrong size!!!
  • Please the next time, do think of making the atmosphere a bit more dynamic, with some background music, instead of nothing!
  • n now, the audience….more precisely their sitting environment?
    lol, si ti capave zotte ti cpv mette chaise marriaze seki en feraille la!!!
    the backstage is so dull !!!
    Even, no special cater for the juries or the ‘VIP’ guests
  • Apres ene zaffaire, mauriciens pane faire pu santer hahahaha!
    nu bisin admet sa lol ! mo pas koner kifer ene tas moriciens pas comprend sa! guet mwa, kant mo pas kone santer, mo ferme mo la bouche trankil !

I dont usually watch those “low budgets” competitions broadcasted on our local company but sometimes, it worth to see wat innovations they are working on!

So, what are your impressions on this “premiere” of a series of Singing and Dancing Competitions(if u watched if of course!)???

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47 thoughts on “Jori No1

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  1. am absoulutely revolted!! how and wer in the world ( i mean dan morice) these person come from? :sick:
    1st the hostess nek p rater, ek li mari villain franc tou!!!
    the performers are so cheap!! ena hritik roshan local version maigraire, ena yana gupta local version jungli, ena ban chanteur local version pds!! :devil:
    kifer zot eager pu alle fer bouffon on tele? :ninja:
    yes ena 1 ta talents cacher a morice…… vo mieu zot reste cacher kelke fois!
    pathetik mo dir ou! u said it yashvin same old decor ( si cav appel sa decore!)


  2. bof.. zotte pas ine plein ek competition sanT.. danC fouff..
    zotte ti capve fer ene genre quiz..

    MBC retarD.. fer ene jeux moricien.. si zotte pas gagne idee original.. pas gagne honT ask public…


  3. Ti Mambo was better 😀
    bizin get odile 1 coute pou reorganise sa travay la… :angel:

    its only the beginning – havent u heard vijay madhoo mention same program in diff languages soon :dizzy:

    apres sa kifer ti bizin servi ban vieux vieux santer???


  4. :silly: haha odile!
    wai, so emission mieux “zoli zardin” :whistle:

    different languages?
    lol. hope li pu kone translate seki li ti dire la or pu arrive kouma dan sa hum tum, kot ene chef mbc ti gagne humiliation r judge indien!! :pinch: :pinch:

    mari la honte sa do!


  5. yashvin amen camera uni…

    nu kav prepare ban zoli program camera cacher ou video gag ki pli zoli ki sa 😀

    nu groupe a c!!! :angel:

    jaya premier role lol


  6. mwa mo in watch it only for sm few minz.pan kpv watch..tro shocking sa! ! ! mo in peur telment li pa ki jolie! ! ! :whistle:
    2ja mo pa watch mbc meme..bez..mbc in discourage mwa 100% aster
    dan place li spnd money dan sa ban zafaire ti kpv buy 24 hr chrono, lost, prison break, malcolm, etc..
    ti pou pli enjoy pou gete mbc lerla! ! !

    anyway..banla ena encore lot of wrk 2 do 2 b gud.


  7. ena 1 lot serie la super natural ekmedium c top :w00t:
    mai attention o ames sensible :unsure: (hier la mo ame mem in peur kan in guet jori no 1 :blink: )
    rendez vous next week on mbc2 at 21 hrs for crap and rubbish live and direct :devil:


  8. I don’t think the premiere was bad per se. Obviously, given that we watch high-budget shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and company, you can’t really include Jori No.1 in top categories.

    The hostess did make a couple of mistakes here and there but that’s her very first time in the spotlights and I’m sure that as the competition proceeds, she will be improve. Those people do not have the appropriate training and I personally believe that they should be proud of their doings.

    As for the singers, why of course they don’t sing like the pros but they love to sing and that’s their passion so why not? I think that it’s stupid not to enter the competition if you really want to and those people did have the guts! Unlike some people who think that we were not made to sing (no offense, but this is a very immature thing to say), those people dared to make a move and in the end, the experience acquired can only be good for them.

    We shouldn’t pour in negative criticism just because the show isn’t all fancy and excellent. It is an initiative and this should be recognised. If the MBC continues with those local productions, they are sure to get more sponsors in the future as they do are popular in many parts of the island. And as the sponsors flow in, the more money they will receive and the better will be the future shows.

    MBC has improved dramatically in the last few years and I’m giving credit where credit is due here. Do you remember some years back when MBC started broadcasting Stargate SG-1, one of its first high-class shows? It was disaster: they just changed its timeslot over and over again until everyone dropped the show. Now, they do keep the shows on pretty much the same timeslot (although they never seem to start at one fixed time) and they are bringing in some high-profile shows. And did anybody check their website by the way? The design is lame but the info is here. You get the week’s tv schedules for all three channels right there.

    Providing criticism is good but it is completely irrelevant if you are comparing the shows with the best ones around the world, because of the cost. And whatever you may say, MBC has improved (nowhere near the cable channels) and we can only hope that it goes along this same path.


  9. in fini gete sa ban series la 4 free! ! ! ! ti pe dire ki mbc ki kpv pay droit difusion sa ban series la..pou tou dimoune kpv watch..

    i dnt thnk in my own opinion ki mbc pe faire progress..
    i hv my reasons 4 mo pe sorti.quan mo faire un peu research n post mo ban opinions.. c ya later


  10. Nice comment Khalil!

    Well written and definitely the only one with an a fair opinion.

    Haven’t seen the show myself but at least the MBC are trying to their best to produce local shows. When they don’t , they get criticised as well. You can never please some people I guess.

    To those people who think that the performers were so cringeworthy, why don’t you go there yourself and out-do them… or if you ain’t got the balls, just change the channel.


  11. @khalil

    ok i agree with some point with you about the singers having the guts and come sing..

    the fact that mbc has improved is still ok..

    coming to Stargate, the episodes were never aired in the correct order and some were never air at all..

    The problem is that mbc is somehow coinC.. Should every competition be a singing or dancing one?? humbhi.. humtum.. aster jori no1.. bof.. capve fer something quiz like..

    there was once arc en ciel.. was quite nice..

    don’t tell me that they don’t get sponsors.. they give lots of gift on radios..

    there should be more local broadcast..i agree..
    some that i liked

    “in the car” with hassen is nice
    “zenfant morice”
    “ki ti cuit”
    “arc en ciel”

    but still i think we need more… some local gameshows.. or talk programs like hardtalk


  12. Well well…Some of you might have received a mail from my mailbox :sleeping: SUposement, moisi mo pou al chanter Jori No1 :p

    Anyway, yashvin, I don’t know if you have ever been to the recording of such mbc programs…I did got an ‘invitation card’ for a ghazal competition there. Same setting, same studio too i guess and it was pretty amateur-like, this was 2 years ago…and nothing has changed till now. And not to tell you being on the spot, you will find the setting much more horrible than what you see on your screen at home :p


  13. @ Vicks

    – The problem is that mbc is somehow coinC.. Should every competition be a singing or dancing one?? humbhi.. humtum.. aster jori no1.. bof.. capve fer something quiz like.. –

    I have to agree with you on this particular point but there are more local productions now. Avant Premiere, Bollywood Masti, Bonto Clip, regART come to mind. And I’m sure there are more of them. Maybe they should market them better though. I mean, apart from AP and BM, the others do not have as much of a fan base! Obviously, it is all too normal that a production on art won’t get as many viewers and one dealing with mainstream cinema but still…

    So, they should back their productions a bit more, I think.

    By the way, it’s always nice to see new blood. In sports for instance, Gokhool is really getting a huge ego and all. He talks to the others and he really does seem to inform them that they did a good job – like he’s supervising them, you know. I mean WTF???


  14. hey yash..

    to fer complain nomad.. to gagne meeting with directeur..

    bizin coummence fer something with MBC.. ki to dire.. to pou croire labas ousi.. capve gagnE rentre?? :whistle: :whistle:

    @ khalil

    what do you thing about check sa? et choisir ou travay?


  15. hmm, can try….

    to Ryan:
    i did mentioned that if u find u cant sing well, so, y try to??

    mbc has improved, but not to the expectation of everyone…
    putting TNT doesnt mean to transfer all their knowledge to new technology n letting the traditional channels with no budget to be able to do something good enough, especially those decorations!!! :sick:

    dont know how they can approve to put such “paintings”, u could have experienced that disgusting feeling if u watched it of course :ermm:

    To Khalil:
    we r not comparing our “Jori No 1” to “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa” at no instant. we cant reach their level, not for the coming years!
    did u ever watched those cultural performance shows, i mean, traditional bhajans etc, broadcasted from the mbc studios???
    they use a few sarees, and place the persons on different levels, thats all ! n the same going on for years!!!

    as for the hostess, i agree, i havent said anything wrong abt her performance, she was a bit nervous, thats all n its normal for a first appeareance…

    what about her shoes? did someone else have a look at them? do u find it correct for someone of size 30 to use a size 36?

    to Roushdat:
    lol, am sure the studio for bater ravanne (some yrs back) r better !

    n 2 finish;
    did u compared the mbc productions wiz those like Vicks quoted? (zoli zardin, In the Car, etc )
    they are much more pleasing, both for the eyes n the ears!


  16. no comments 2puis mo side..yashvin in fini dire tou..btw yash, to pe rode case mo record met comments???lol..comsa small! ! lol.
    mwa mo ti fek gete jori no1 for 3 small osi mo in ale gete sa quan ti ena 1 guy en noir ti pe dance 1 old lady singin song! ! ! ! ! ! jamais mo in trouve sa in anthr program! ! ! !


  17. lol, ti ene experience additional, imper bouffon mais good idea from mbc (at least!):biggrin:

    bien faire dimoune rier that part where judges la ask bane candidates la choose something at random n perform on that 😛



  18. 2puis ler mo pe encor
    sinon mwa mo pa gete mbc meme..sauf quan mo pe mega..super.hyper mat..lerla..comment ..mardi mercredi..jeudi..vendredi..samedi n dimanche mo pa gete mbc! ! ! ! only osi..envoye special..c tou.. :biggrin:


  19. @ryan

    i agree mbc has progress.. but the time it took to take only a small step..
    Its high time mBC start making big innovations and fast

    anyway bien bizin ene 2eme chaine tele.. ki free.. lerla pou nice..


  20. the fact remains, watver u said above,
    jori no1 SUCKS its rubbish :sick: :sick: :sick: ABSOULUTELY sa ban juries la ban nimporte (in real life also) encore 1 opportunity to laugh wen u really really got nafing to do on sundays, like ur video gag in sundays… :devil: wat u say guys?
    mbc cav improve mai zot pa envie voila SIMPLE conclusion


  21. :w00t: wat a conclusion :tongue:

    but 100% agree with u.
    they may got the potential but they dont want to invest or move forward, except for the TNT where they are proposing films that were either played years ago or simply as a rediffusion channel, making mauritians idiots ! :blink:


  22. TNT ala 1 lot encuyonade encore sa!!! :sick: :sick: :sick:
    mbc pa link ek improvement sorry ein mai its the TRUTH :devil:


  23. Nice post!
    All I can say from my experience watching MBC is that MBC is the ‘best laxiative’ when you have constipation/stomach problem! Hope that concludes it!


  24. bon yashvin..twa ki in gete jori no1 encore pe attand to commentaire la! ! lol.
    mwa mo in gete only 5 minz max..mari dan in return infrnt of my pc! !program la ti supoZ en hindi! ! !gagne 1 pe cose creole li! ! !


  25. omggg ive herd sooo much about this ‘jori no1’ and lol i 4t it was some next couple kind ov quiz competition….so basically s’jus the mauritian version ov sa re ga ma pa i would assume after reading all ur comments….Ive bin away for 3yrs soooo many fings changed back home buh yeh mbc stayed the crap it was….unbelievable!! So yesterday was the grand finale?? How was it?? Who won??


  26. to shweety :
    welcome back here after 3 yrs, n thnks for ur first comment in my blog :biggrin:

    comparing Sa re ga ma pa and Jori No 1 is the like comparing a diamond and a “macadam” hahaha :tongue:
    n ya, it is still the crap!

    the final? u mean for sa ra ga ma pa or jori no 1?
    as for jori no 1, it is still a baby, just learnt to cry at its 2nd broadcast.
    for sa re ga ma pa, dont know since i done follow it but wat i learnt from my sis n mom is that yesterday, a lot of things happed :getlost:

    To tushal :
    wawa, i watched the 2nd Jori No 1…

    my first impression?
    – those ‘paintings’ :sick:
    – still same sandals(my sis noticed that),
    – not extraordinary performance by member of jury(according to me,btw, i switched tv off on heariing him)

    thats the additional extras that can be added for this week’s broadcast.

    n did any one of u remember something anything strange i did not noticed? :ermm:


  27. :shocked: u didnt notice the one playing at the keyboard was waering rings stolen from his wife? he even had one on his little finger :sick: . moreover the fisrt dancing participant had er chain flying 360 degree…. i though er saree was going to come off at a certain point 😉
    in addition the little guy who danced on the number golmaal , at the beginning did ” a saut en lair ” and ended on his bum :blink:
    apart sa les chanteurs la well pane tend zot …… :devil:
    n yes yashvin i noticed that she wore the same sandal!!


  28. To Yashvin:

    hehe ma pleasure….ur blog’s relly kool…bless
    😆 ur funnyyy diamond 2 macadam!! mdrrr
    nah i 4t it was jodi no1 final round yesterday….ive seen sa re ga ma pa…..The 2007 challenge will start laer on this month….i fink…..u guis r watchin the 2006 challenge….lol there’s more 2 come, (ek main aur ek tum and lil champs)…..long way 2 go!! :tongue:
    i wanna ccccccccccccccc an epi ov jodi no1 from all ur comments it sounds more lyk a comedy show 😆
    lemme know if there’s a video link to this show!!
    tc nuff luv


  29. to avishna:
    ya for the falling on the bum thing, i noticed it but forgot to mentioned it!
    for the rings truc, thats a “tradition”…
    anyone playing keyboard, fills each of their fingers with rings :wassat:
    i do play keyboard too, but wonder y i dont put any :whistle:
    anyway, i think thats bkoz i play only at home 😆

    to Shweety:
    ya, for the sa re ga ma pa thing, we r well behind, just like all the other tv serials or films broadcasted here…
    :unsure: they get it at a lower price when the film is outdated :ermm:

    sure, jodi no 1 is a comedy like competition, specially the twist round :happy:

    video link? dont know if mbc will be willing to put their :whistle: creation on the net, for the whole world to discover the talents of their team ! :devil:


  30. To Yashvin:

    😆 yeh u r well behind wen it comes 2 tv serials….e.g. kyunki saas, ur almost like 2yrs behind….and the damn serial is still playin in india and i dunt fink the brainless creatives ov dis rona-dona tulsi serial plan 2 end it anytime soon!! 😆

    Their talents is nothing new to us izit?? 😆


  31. hi i am king. one day u all fucking guys try to cme infront of the mbc camera and perform then wil see how much guts u have really got. u people are realy useless. bcoz of u our citizen are discouraged to sing or perform. contigne fer boufon zot. mari serye. gud luck.


  32. to king :

    ena ene principle simple derriere sa bouffonnerie la;

    – mbc so selection ti mari kk
    – si ou pas kone santer, pas santer…

    in everything ena standards, so, si to truver to pas o nivo or to fami trouver to pas bon dan santer or danser, rende ene service, pas faire li, o cas contraire appelle sa faire bouffon.

    tout dabord, entier blame vine lo mbc, akoz zotte failles dimounes ki p faire sa zis pu gagne casse n meanwhile dimoune p croire zotte trop bon, ofet p passe boufon!


  33. Jodi no.1 is the best mo ban yaar. Surtout ena ban bon talents ek c un plaisir guet zot perform.Mai au niveau du jury, sa femme jury la so la vie pa bon du tou . li pa meriter ici. Sinon apart ca nu mauricien en general p enjoy program la


  34. hi all.
    I ve been following ur comments on jori no 1 for long. But was quiet not really willing to comment.

    But now after the finals.. im still waiting for coments frm u guys.. so far none.

    Ti mari facile pou zot critiker… mais kot ena credit persone pane fer ene move pou saluer zefort bane participant comme pou bane hosts…

    I thought u guys were criticizing constructively… but no (its a shame)


  35. tarrrrrrr…

    dimoune encore gueter meme sa?

    sans badinage, from the 5th episode, mone arrete gueter net mwa, akoz sa mone arrete post lo sa topic la, bien que li faire mo hits augmenter considerablement.

    btw, meme si mo pane suivre final, mo envie faire resortir ki dan ene zoli decor ki zotte ti gagner r sa gold award ceremony la, zotte fine oser prend sa espece chef d’oeuvre la peinture la et zotte fine met sa lo plato la!

    disgusting !
    gate ene zoli decor r sa kouyonade la, sa meme tout mo ena pu dire lo final la, koz for the 10mins mone gueter, mone remarke zis sa meme.

    also, its the final, so evidently, we have got only the best ones(pas koner kombien) from the loads of sipa 800 dimounes ti faire audition.
    therefore, pas pu ena otant, or nul critik lo zotte performance. sa bisin admet li.

    so, Gunajee, criticize constructively nu ekoute twa…

    thnks for ur comments


  36. hey…Joris No 1 was cool.All the participant & the final was just great.Congrats to SONU & AKSHAY…they was ”woow”… fantastic.I really encourage them to keep it up.ARTEE and NATRAJ also was terrific.I was hoping they finish secound..but…..anyway ARTEE you dance extraordinary and NATRAJ have a beatiful Voice.Again i was hoping ROSHAN & Bhavna finish third…coz they were marvelous.ROSHAN voice is fantastic..even if he was a bit unwell.ALL the participant were remarkable extent.GOOD LUCK TOO ALL..and LOVE YOU 🙂

    P.s…For the first time i have really appreciate the MBC for this grand Show…Hope in the futur the MBC will propose Jori No 2 or some program similliar to this. 🙂


  37. mbc is a waste of time to npay rs 100 it is unfair nothing important on television apart from dancing andsinging nothing interesting to find when \jori is finished now you have hungama very dull as programme and the represents are brrrq


  38. [re=8462]Yashvin[/re]: hi ther thank you for all these thorns anyway we as artists we have got our chance to prove ourself and ya 4 u people zot bon zis pou critik dimoune pou arive dans final avec tous repetitions was very hard.but who will understand artist anyway thank you yashvin


  39. @khusboo: Hi, first of all, thnks for coming here and above all, for the strength u gathered to leave ur comment.

    I wish to say 2 things :
    – Most of the time, we (myself and readers) blame MBC for the lack of professionalism in the making and organisation of the tv programme.
    – It happens that an ‘artist’ as u say, is so bad that it not only becomes a ‘le clown television’ but without being aware, he/she is getting a very bad reputation since MBC did not properly select the right candidates for a national broadcast.
    A simple example, perhaps you might agree with me:
    The guy who danced on a song of baghban, you remember? “Chali Chali”?
    If no, then watch this video.
    The MBC has turned this guy into a public fool by broadcasting such a performance.
    Would you like someone to do this with you?

    Thnks for ur reply….


  40. hi there i would like to knw if u have the final of jori coz i wanted to watch it but now that am so far i cant even get the cd if you or smeone that u knw have it please let me know thanks take care see ya


  41. I do not watch TV shows. Recently, my mom called me to watch a locally produced one. Think it was ‘Rock the dance floor’. I was impressed by its difference from the usually boring tv shows- this one has potential. Costumes, light, anchors, music, dance was also very nice.


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