Happy Blogging,1000 Comments n nearly 150 Days!

lol, its great!

i didnt notice it but when reading Roushdat’s post, i said, “y not check mine?”


well, in  few Days, it will be my 150th blogging day and with ur support, over 1000 comments since the first post  (1st October 2006)

i started to blog to make friends and also to voice out my views which many do not dare to do, specially to criticize big things…

so, here are the stats;

Approximate number of visits daily : 125-150

3 top Post with largest no of comments:

so the winner remains nomad 😛 (for once!)

my nicest posts are

Through my blog, i made lots n lots of friends, but also some hostile friendship
anyway, lets get back to friendship

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I would like to thanks all those who visit this blog regularly n do not hesitate to leave their words here…

Least last but not the least,
special thnks to the one who inspired me to make this blog….

muahhhh !

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