Meeting wiz Nomad Executive Director

Another positive post about nomad πŸ™‚

As some of you already know, the Executive Director of Nomad, Mr Shankar Peerthy wanted to meet me to discuss certain things about nomad.
So today, i went to meet him at 0930 in the Cyber Tower, Ebene.

We talked for about lol, one and a half hr in the coffee shop, discussing a lot of things, mainly about the company profile, the achievements, milestones, future projects, the barriers and problems faced by the company.

Am usually null in describing people but Mr Shankar Peerthym is someone young, dynamic with a clear vision and high potential.
He is also very friendly n thnks for the coffee πŸ˜›

Together with his partner, he had set up Network Plus some years ago and after the completion of the Cyber Tower, they moved in here, offering more services and employing more persons (to handle my problems, hihi!) 

To my surprise, he has gone through my blog months ago but its now that
he decided to meet me. He is willing to bring nomad on the social
ground by offering various free services… He assured me that i have
the right to write wat i think in my blog, nothing can prevent me from
expressing my views but through this meeting, he wanted to present
those factors and problems that caused enormous frustrations on the
behalf of nomad users, mostly in the north.

One thing to be noted from this meeting, the problems faced previously by nomad users(me!) are not due to their system but rather by the transmission of data which was handed by MCML.

Since about more than one month, nomad itself is handling all their transmissions with their own equipment and thats why, there are less problems and am happy πŸ˜€
A lot, dont know if i can say the amount here, but a lot of transmitters will soon be placed, mostly in the north to ensure 100% coverage, with no black spots.

Most of the problems faced by nomad was due to unfair competition from the main ISP and the authorities, failing to play the role of the Watch Dog.
I think i must send Pif to “prendre la releve!”

The future Of Nomad?

He talked a lot about the future plans of nomad but i cant reveal it here for some reasons but nomad is thinking very huge..

Also, according to him, i may be lucky to participate in some projects.
One of which, may concern the participation of the Mauritian Bloggers or even University students…

But i think that the mauritian bloggers can get the support of nomad to enlarge our community in the near future.

well, lets see wat comes next, but as i repeated a lot of times today,
“mo pas la pu coule nomad”
and since i have been among the first customers of nomad, i have seen how much effort the team is investing to grow bigger and to be able to compete with Mauritius Telecom.
Please note that MT has about 12000 customers and nomad 8000…
thats gr8 for a ‘small’ company…

perhaps for the time being, i will focus on the national tv

Today, my views about nomad have changed a bit when i learnt the rude practices and problems faced due to unfair competition and some illegal practices, ya they exist and nomad has already won some cases in court and more to come in the following month…

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  1. menmen!

    kouma dir to pou vine nouvo maskott Nomad la πŸ˜›

    sa… dapres role tone gagne connection 512 mo ti p dir la sa!

    pena zess! πŸ˜€


  2. lol.. pena sipoZement ene instance ki regularise sa bannE zafer la??

    ICTA? sa or something else.. enfin mo connE ena kitsoz ki sipoZe independent..

    li imP matte quand nou coZe telecom+, lote isp servi so reseau + li fer concurence “deloyal”. si mo pas tromP DCL had a simlar problem..

    and thats Y MTML came along with its own network i think.

    lets see what nomad provides and still waiting for MTML ADSL.. eski problem with mtml sa.. or is it that ICTA pe fer preference pou telecom+ et hinder lancement MTML en kit facon.. sipoZe 1 week apres lancement so dialup mtml pou lance ADSL.. still waiting :silly: :silly:

    BTW pas ziste nomad ki pe try new stuff.. recently mo ti participe par ene survey pou Telecom+

    some service ki zotte pe pense pou fer..
    1) alarm system ( access ur camera place at ur home from anywhere via internet)

    2) network like pc.. ( bein to pou ena a low and limiT pc at home.. to pou ena ene storage space et banens application pou run lor telecom so server.. to pou gagen office tools, pou ena games.. et tou zafer pou run lor server..

    lol.. mo demane moi couma zotte pou implement sa.. dakor lots people ena adsl aster.. mais ene 128k pou aC ha???


  3. hmmm ki executive director la in fer r toi? kine metter dan to cafer?? to in chance opinion like that :ninja:
    he has offered u a job rite? aaahhh so u havta show committment aster la mem :devil: just kidding ofcourse!


  4. pas exactement a job ni a 512 connection :whistle:

    mais perhaps if some projects come concrete, a lot of people can benefit ; bloggers, uni students or even friends. 😎

    mais sa pas veut dire si nomad re commence gagne probleme, mo pu reste trankil :devil:

    mo tshirt encore la meme :angel:


  5. haha..bon..glad 2 hear zat n glad 2 knw ki ena ban positive thgs ki nomad pe rode faire..
    institution ki regulate communication c ICTA.
    1 more thg.jt 4 z sake pou dire zot sa.concerning ki sa prob la pa ti 2puis nomad mais 2puis smwhr pa concern ban nomad users.coz ban users la ena 1 contract avec nomad pa avec a 3th acoz sa 3rd party la ki ti ena tou sa ban prob la.b nomad kpv sue zat 3rd party.bon aster mo pa koner ki contract ena btwn nomad n zat 3rd party.
    anyway..hope zot in comprnd ki mo in rode dire.

    soleil pe change direction! ! bien rare gagne yashvin prnd nomad so part! ! !lol :devil:


  6. uhhh Yashvin, zot pane dir toi si zot ena lintention met nomad dans le sude…(plus precisement lescalier) Cause according to their initial schedule…ti suposer fini cover whole country mo croir bien….In the meantime, attention MTML eclipser zot avec so rezo, it’s already available dans mo ti vilaz tou :p

    As for the 8000 customers that Nomad claims…We all know how it got that many, right? Through the aggressive campaign of very low cost ’24’ hour connection…and which made most of the 8000 customers see red :p


  7. To me, it sounds like Mr Peerthy is using an influential blogger (you) for some free PR. In your place, I would be wary about reporting what he says, as this is only serving his purposes.

    Friends of mine, who are Nomad subscribers, enjoyed a good service before, but are now unable to use the Internet at all because the frequent disconnections cause too much frustration. Cancelling the contract is not an option, as they would have to pay the cancellation penalty feeds; so while waiting for the contract to expire and move on to another ISP, they are compelled to pay for a service that they are not using.

    Could Mr Peerthy not have outlined his strategies to restore trust into the Nomad service?


  8. to eddy πŸ˜›
    lol, am so influential ? :whistle:
    dont worry mate, but thnks for ur advice!

    as for the cancellation thing, He told me something today!
    u got to fight to get this but if nomad is really causing lot of troubles to the users, NOMAD refunds all ur months u paid for the service.
    they are very strict on this n this may be granted to very exceptional cases where there was really no connectivity and u were paying the fees…

    his strategies?
    with the legal issues which will soon be settled and nomad, surely getting a winner out of this, the company will be able to offer the real service they are supposed to give without illegal competition and with strict regulation from ICTA, something which is not really the case : political matters

    imagine, sarrat lalah at head of mauritius telecom, ICTA (despite suposingly the watchdog, but still government dept) + Unfair competition because of safe cable…

    :dizzy: was i really brainwashed or am i really finding out that there was really a lot of problems, not with nomad, but because of other factors? :getlost: :getlost: :getlost:


  9. Hey yashvin…. :D, gras are sa technician so creating issue to reussi meet the executive director, Mr. Shankar peerthy….!

    Ki ine dire lor so ban technicians la…! Raconte impeu…


  10. To Vicks: “some service ki zotte pe pense pou fer..
    1) alarm system ( access ur camera place at ur home from anywhere via internet)”
    Emtel deza ena sa isn’t it?

    So i can expect to have flawless connection from nomad in the near future….or not?

    Finalement nu connection nonad la li passe par telecom mem sa na?


  11. I definitely agree with Eddy after reading your post – which definitely qualifies as Nomad propaganda to me.

    Did the Nomad guy actually give proofs to back the statements he made?


  12. aadil, still alive ? πŸ™‚
    havent heard from u since so long :sleeping:
    nice to hear u back !

    no proofs up to now :face:
    but the reasons he gave r valid :
    i experience ‘better’ internet access since they are using their own transmission systems 😎


  13. Definitely alive. But I’m sad to see the local blogosphere deteriorating since I left it. Well, it wasn’t that interesting when I left anyway. πŸ™‚

    So no proofs. Hmm.
    But the Nomad PR stunt worked wonderfully though.


  14. well, hope that now u r back, u will put be able to bring those changes and y dont u start with reconfiguring ur blog n putting it online? :biggrin:

    as for the nomad truc,
    well we will see in the future if they really work :unsure:


  15. :ninja: shhh mai directeur la in cuyone toi n u falling for it, its his strategy to stp bad mouth of his company. image of a company can make its sucess or failure. r myt mo ti p gagne prob mai zot solve my prob even gave me a new modem even appologised to me as compared to nomad which sends u a rude technician. u can expect a change after 1 year or so, coz to put into practice a strategy is time consuming…. blieve me i no smthg (me the future HR manager :whistle: ). sinon mo fek ena 1 cam kine super emerder r nomad coz connection nek couper …. mo cam reste vacoas pa loin. 3 cheers to nomad then :sick:
    p.s if the director of nomad is reading my comment , plz consider me for a post as HR manager in ur ‘prestigious’ institution. i can brg a change since i wont recruit rude technician and am nice :kissing:


  16. :unsure: peut etre wi, line couyone mwa…

    mais sa pas veut dire ki mone perdi πŸ˜›
    mo ena encore preske 6 mois contract r nomad…

    6 mois, imaginer kombien posts mo cpv ekrire lo nomad, creating even a greater impact, reporting each problem n every time.
    just like yesterday where i had no connection from 1630 to 2000hrs :dizzy:

    waiting for his return from abroad in a few days to know exactly what will happen :silly:

    Keep Posted ! :sideways:


  17. To Alisa:
    sorry to reply to u a bit late but ur comment was held in moderation :ermm:
    ki li fine dire lo so technicians? :getlost:

    didnt talk anything about the team, he just wanted me to know where most of the problems originated from, especially in the north…. due to the MCML…
    thats y they now moved to their own transmission system, but nevertheless, yesterday i had no connection from 1630hrs to 2000hrs…
    perhaps, a new post if that continues 😎

    proposition? ya, can tell it like this but i want something concrete to be proposed before deciding on anything…

    To Avishna:
    lol, mo croire sans prob, tone fini gagne to place HR Manager :silly:

    to Muzzammil:
    thnks for ur comment mate…
    hmm, ya in a sense, it is controlled n ‘regulated’ by telecom because of the monopole…

    before that nomad can increase its bandwidth, MT must first of all agree and this takes a lot of time :cwy: especially when there is supposed to be a “watchdog”


  18. ban prob pe re vini yashvin??lol
    mo croire ki twa ki pa bsn use nomad la! ! ! :biggrin:
    servi dial up aster,.,.ki kpv dire twa! ! lol.kidding pa tro kone many ki pe use nomad as zot in fini faire nomad babye! ! lol
    mais bsn rode ban othr people who uses nomad n knw si zot pe gagne meme prob! kpv ale un peu off topic
    jt once..
    bon..ban ceki servi emtel..did any1 among u got a msg frm mmm?? in bien in gagne 1 msg 2puis mmm.bon..dapres ceki in write lor la.
    msg la is:
    “info@mmmonline.orf(1er mai, rose hill)chers camarades allons celebrer le fete du travail avec le mmm le 1er mai rue edward VII rose hill. D.K-Le Militant”

    mo pe envie koner hw many in gagne ena 3 frds ki in gagne sa.2main pe bsn phn emtel n ask emtel num la..private sa..kot banla in ggane sa??meme yashvin pena sa num la! !lol :devil:


  19. nomad pena sa num la..nomad ena celplus num..aprt nomad krk krk la???
    beser sa..MT dire mwa mo kpv upload mo website..mais html! ! !ici myT pe ran gaz! ! !2 days 2puis downloads going on..acoz mo speed dwnload pa le fini.. :dizzy: :getlost:


  20. nomad :whistle:
    for kind information, nomad pas ti p work on tuesday from 1630 to 2000hrs and on wednesday from 1915 up to 2100.

    waiting for another such problem to post about the reliability of nomad :angry:

    pli zoli, when nomad stops working, aster NetAccess si pas work ! mone call zotte pu dire zotte donne mwa netaccess mo servi, mais “nu serveur international down” :blink:


  21. :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: si server international ti go down mty si pa ti pu gagner, coz zot tou passe par SAFE , ki li nomad or myt.
    zot in cuyone toi once more :tongue:
    like i said to misier directeur la in promis reliable connection mai :whistle: as u can see no results till yet.
    p.s si directeur nomad p lire mo comment, am still waiting for my post as hr manager in ur ‘prestigious institution’ …. :ninja:


  22. :w00t: beser yash! ! ! use telco ki pou dire twa ! ! ! :devil:
    b si lin dire twa
    “nu server…………”
    b normal.myT pou krk :biggrin:
    mais mo ti gagne 1 peti prob connection at late nite..bon late nite..means mo ti gagne prob connection btwn 04.00 to pan telephn cc pou prnd explication. :alien: sinon rite speed 60KB/s! !mari pa kone beaucoup dimoune ki servi nomad aster! !aprt 1 2 sa kone yash, avec encore 2 frds mo croire ! ! !bez..othr frds use myT or dial up :whistle: sinon pou strt 2 write abt mo experience r nomad biento.kpv mo pou prnd 1 week pou write! ! ! gagne le temps! ! 😦 exams pe vini! ! 😦 faire koner ki pe arive to nomad! ! ! :biggrin: tk care.n gud luck 4 xams :angel: mo pe lire 1 article lor 1 piece of legislation n mo pe laugh un


  23. Such a shame… yashvin got bribed… lontan ban la ti p bribe garde, aster zot bribe ban bloggers si… yashvin to in tom bas mon ami… now yashvin can you still say that ur opinion is unbiased and fair? i guess ur blog cannot be considered as a reliable source of information anymore… mais bon, c comprehensible… tou dimoune rode so lavantaz… si ban la p donne toi connection kado pou to fer mp reclame pou zot… libre a toi…


  24. to csyke;

    dont know si to read bien avant to post ene comment, mais si to ti pu lire to ti pu truver that i wrote (some 3 comments before) about two days without connection

    next time do check before talking about bribes etc :angry:
    apres toute fason, u got nothing to do with it koz each time u here, u just find things to criticize, like the post on engineering tower! be fair, try to think what u lack in your thinking….


  25. I really don’t understand all this criticism that Yashvin is receiving. From what I have read, he is the messenger giving the Nomad point of view, so why shoot him? His posts in the past have been highly critical of Nomad, so he has been extremely fair in hearing out what Nomad have to say on the matter. Now it maybe that he is willing to give the company the benefit of the doubt for now, but I don’t see him forcing anyone to think similarly. If he has been bribed, he is doing a very bad job at promoting Nomad.

    As for the complaints by Nomad, well the same reasons were given to me off-the-record by staff at DCL when they abandoned their ADSL service. It could be a convenient excuse for poor service, or it could be the truth, but I am not in a position to confirm this either way.

    If I recall correctly, the company behind Nomad is ADB Networks (Saudi-Based). From what I remember reading about this company, the WiMax venture in Mauritius is just the starting point for bigger things. Ultimately their plan is sell WiMax in Africa where given the lack of existing infrastructure, it is perhaps a more suitable technology for deployment. Nomad has nothing to gain by providing a service that does not meet customer expectations and is pillared on blogs such as this.

    I’m a big fan of what can be acheived with WiMax, but given infrastructure we already have and clustered populations in villages, town and cities, I am not convinced Mauritius is the best place to showcase its true potential. I would like to see greater liberalisation, as right now my only viable option is MT and that is not healthy for me as a customer.

    Those of you complaining about speeds to speed testing sites abroad may want to check your contract with your ISP. It would not be a surprise to me if they have a clause such that they do not have to consider this. Perhaps something along the lines of not having to guarantee the specified speed to site abroad, something like this.


  26. thnks Stephen Naicken!

    i dont know how to convince that i got no bribe! :unsure:

    as u said, i gave the opportunity to let nomad explain itself for those problems n still, as i mentioned before, i got connection problems 2 consecutive days.

    as for bribe issue, lol, there were other opportunities that were presented to me, and perhaps if they put those projects into execution, i may be included and please, am not doing it for my sake but, if those same projects are set up, a lot among u are going to benefit from them! πŸ™‚

    :ninja: but for the moment, nothing is sure yet…

    rather let the things come by themselves and u can count on me to report any problems wiz nomad, as i face them :devil:


  27. well, don’t know who started talking about bribe! !and i’m sure that yashvin knows it well that i have not criticized yashvin but others, i really don’t know why they are doing like that.anyway, stephen said everything and everything is now clear.

    stephen>>i have not read the nomad’s contract.but i intend to read it someday and even have it read by my notary just for the sake to understand it well and to have something to discuss with him.perhaps after my exams i will sit and read it carefully.(well, i’m no longer a user of nomad)
    but just for the sake of a discussion over here..
    “Those of you complaining about speeds to speed testing sites abroad may want to check your contract with your ISP. It would not be a surprise to me if they have a clause such that they do not have to consider this. Perhaps something along the lines of not having to guarantee the specified speed to site abroad, something like this.”

    i don’t know if this or something like that has been written on the contract but just for discussion.what will some one do with a connection which has only a good local surfing speed?as for me, i don’t surf in local sites not even servihoo.i go only on website of myT.that’s all.i surf only on web sites which are hosting abroad.

    from what i heard and seen, there are quite a few person who have decided to return their nomad or who have recently returned their nomad.i even know a few person who wanted to take nomad but at the last moment, they opted for MT as during that time nomad’s connection was experiencing some problems.
    if i would have got a good connection with nomad, i would have never returned mine.but now it’s too late.
    i think that i have written too better for me to stop.else yashvin will be really angry! ! !


  28. mais bon.. maybe ur right… maybe i don’t think…

    and for your kind information, i did not reply to comments made on ur post, hell i did not even read half of them…
    i reaplied to your actual post… if you dont like it… thats ur right…

    en attendant.. take care… god bless! and cheers! prochain fois nu ale boire, mo paie n labiere pou toi, kitfois to pou cav blog n zaffer positive lor mwa! lol


  29. hmm, u urself stated that its my blog :whistle:

    its up to u to decide wat u find the best….
    get ur comments moderated, ya they r ur views but my blog above all…
    anyway, i have much more friends to support me n see wat is the reality! :silly:


  30. Lol….. mon lire to ban comment…. Yash….. to ne plus sa agressive asterre…. si to pas gagne connection…. pendant a peu pres …..3 hrs..1915 up to 2100.. to trouve sa normal…. bien sure…. parce ki to gagne net access pour servi….. lol.

    tou client pena sa benefit la….. to gagne backing are nomad astere….. lol…!

    ha hah ha ha aha aha 😎 :cheerful: :angry: :angel:


  31. “128 Kbps for Rs 690+Vat during 3 months. The next 9 months, the normal rate of Rs 890+Vat will be applied.”

    have you told them about pricing policy its more expensive than MYT


  32. :shocked: mai nou les consomatrices de myt , we have not prob in the pirce infact we are wating for the price to bcome lower still :wub: . aster la si myt augment prix la , li pu fer 1 follie so its will only have to lower the price or keep it same. aaaah nomad nomad , no mad pple mem ki ena laba. 😎


  33. ICTA has approved the new tariff why whey cant reduce theirs

    Its not MT to blame
    ADSL 128 kbps/64 kbps Rs 700

    thats cheaper them MT but don’t know their quality of service and the contract is renewed every 3 months

    Too bad DCL has dropped ADSL

    But the tariff is still to expensive and should be brought down.

    I say the reason is nomad is paying buildings owners to install their BTS (seen on A1 at Vacoas) and a Watchman to guard their equipment.


  34. n doesnt anyone guess why other companies like DCL or mauritius post’s ADSL are not popular???
    n DCL dropped his adsl???

    seems strange na?
    or its truly very competitive n par hasard, Nomad is still striving only because it is using its own set of transmission thus not depending anymore on MT except for SAFE cable.

    didnt that trigger u? y is there only 1 company providing adsl , n its MT??? :unsure:


  35. lot of person blame MT for the price of adsl when its in fac nomad who countered MT’s proposal; to bring down the prices! claimaing “unfair” competition! btw how many users does nomad have now? MT has around 19000. more than 10000 are myt users! Nomad cannot offer the same quality of service as MT..


  36. Hi, mo habite Port Louis, depuis 2 mois mo ena problems pour download lor Rapidshare, megaupload, zsahre etc… Mo connection coupe et mo besoon re commencer. Mo fine faire beaucoup complain a nomad. La bas ena en ene groupe mafia jeune qui dirige sa company la. Zot faire sa qui zot oule. Chaque fois zot dire mo cas avec engineer mais perna solution. C’est vraiment ene groupe mafia jeunesse qui dirige sa company la. Mo bien desus. Jamais pas gagne zote chef pour contacter. ena 2 person pe harcel moi , mo conne zot nom mais pas capave dire sur internet. Mo envi joindre celui qui en charge la bas pour raconte mo problem.


  37. hi

    just wanted to know if nomad has been able to maintain its customer base of 8000 despite the numerous problems encoutered by its customers.

    i feel that it has much less than this…:-


  38. pheewww.. looks like u been amazed by the personality and charisma of the guy.. πŸ˜‰ that’s why the change of position ..
    also, guess ur glad that a CEO of a billion rupees company met u ! lolz.. haha.. πŸ™‚
    Indians have that fing called charisma sometimes.. neways guess the CEO did some marketing courses to be able to eat his victims.. that’s why he is CEO..because he can influence on ur mind… ! lolzz. :))
    cheerzz… ya pas de mal a sa πŸ˜‰


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