Nomad Technician Behavior

Small Recap;

  • This Nomad Technician was sent to my house after making request some 2 weeks before
  • Since i changed my modem one week before, i stopped having problems
  • The technician found there was no problems n seemed angry since he had to come to my place uselessly.
  • He told me this in a rude way “B pena probleme dan connection”
  • I replied to him that it was not my fault since i complained 2 weeks before and its now that his company sent him.
  • When i told him earlier that a technician A…(a friend of mine) came and solved some of my problems before, he called him as “La monnaie Zetter sa”
  • and before going away, he told me sarcastically : “faire compliments to camarade”
  • I reported him to my friend who further reported him to the ones above him

Now this technician is creating a issue out of my blog because i cited his behavior

I have no right? WTF???
its my blog and i have the right to write what i think, especially when it concerns me!

“Rode la gratelle r zotte tous, mais pas r mwa!”

Btw, since i guess lot of nomad staff would be reading this,

Nomad Owes me Rs1264 since December 2006 due to a billing error, am
still waiting for the cheque and my file is still in billing depart
since February…please, do the necessary.
a big hi to all those who know me and u would be happy to know that i dont have much problems anymore since some time 😀
I really admire their work sometimes

i dont like it when other people seeking personal revenge include me in their drama, just because i wrote the truth about them.

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  1. :w00t: Since nomad staff will be reading this post…I think we will be glad to hear from them about the future strategies of the company…From what i’ve observed many nomad users have gone else where…(Maybe that’s why the service has been improved, due to fewer users?)


  2. The fact is that truth hurts! The problem in Mauritius is that when u call a technician and in the mean time, your problem is solved, they got angry because he has lost his time to come to your place. We had a problem yesterday with one of pc’s network cable. A wire came out of the jack. So we called an ex-worker who founded his own company. He sent his brother to solve our problem two days later. In the meantime, we somehow managed to do some technical work and the pc gained connection to our server. When the technician came, we said to ourselves that perhaps he might have a look at the cable and solve the problem once for all. To our dismay, when he changed the jack, the pc no longer get network. He used another jack and charged us two jacks. The computer is not getting response and we endlessly told him that unless the problem is not solved we won’t be signing the invoice. He replied that his job is not to solve the network problem but just to change the jack. Unbelievable!! I believed that technicians are here just to “beze casse”. They will amplify the problem and tell you (as an idiot) that such and such things are wrong and need to be changed, whereas those things are working just fine.



    technicien so la paye sorti dan nou poche.. bein mo penC at least li bizin ena ene facon coZe.. sa comportment la completement intolerable..

    nomad deja ena problem avek so service.. aster si so staff ousi fer insignifiant..

    fer complain avek directeur la.. et si li pas fer narnien..

    nou alle gette consumer protection ou nou alle public avek sa.. be it avek journal ou mem radio..

    to every action there is a reaction.. lets see ki action directeur la pou prend..

    si ena pou fer tapaz… manifestaion ou mette ferail sooo.. fer connE :angry: :angry: :angry:



    Ban nomad in bill moi pou 1 moi ki mo ti bisin gagne gratuit. Dan mo contrat ti bien ecrire ki moi Juin de lannee derniere mo sipozer pa payer banla in pran mo moi davance zot in fer li passe pou moi Juin ek zot ja soit disant mo doit zot 2 mois aster !!! Pou resli regler 1 problem due a zot incompetence, li pa sufisant lire mo contrat but bisin ossi 1 recu 1 an vieux !!! ki kuyonad ha ??? :angry: a coz ha zot pa ouler mo cancellation !!! Mone fini sanz pou 1 lot ISP entre temp n mo cav claim “Nomad has been the worst internet experience i ever had” !!!


  5. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:



    to LasH:
    i removed the nomad’s director message, asking me if i can phone him to fix a time for a meeting wiz him 😛


    :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:


  6. keep mwa osi informed ki pe ariver..
    1 more thg..
    mo kone sa othr technician frd la.
    n mo kpv dire ki li faire so wrk comment bisin.
    mo pa cmprnd kifer z othr technician bsn call him by such pa servi nomad..frm wat i heard 2puis my frds..2puis cyclone zot pena connection! ! ! ! ! ! mo meme kone dimoune ki in return zot nomad..

    >> kpv gv twa un peu ban examples kot ban X users nomad in aler..
    1st eg mo in prnd myT.
    quan ki faire petition pou nomad.yashvin kone sa.ena un peu ki ti sign petition in fini met myT kot zot..ena 2 pe attand zot myT n zot in fini return nomad.

    >>yashvin..pou to problem billing error la.phn ICTA..ICP.


  7. Lerla zot pu koner kuma dimoune travail dure pou gagne cash ek faut der pas couyonne clients pou coquin zotte cash!
    Ene bon technician li honnete ek malheureusement ena bien tigit dans moris!!

    Bonne chance pou lundi..


  8. hey mo croire to soy ek nomad toi..
    mo pas p gagne prob ditout ek nomad..
    foder pas mo koz trop vite..pas konner apres ki ena..
    si to pas p fr ene poisson davril..
    mo esperer to souleve tou ban problem nomad ek Rizwan Rahim..


  9. c pas exactement avec li mais plitor r executive director, shankar peerthy.

    mo si mo pena oken prob since some weeks la mais fodait pas blier bane lepok kot pas ti p cpv connecter la for days :dizzy: and nu ti p paye full !!! :angry:


  10. lol sundeep koumadire avant to si to pa ti p gagne prob ek sa NOMAD la 😀

    lol mwa mo 1 ex-ser ki bien content ek so My.T mwa 😉

    ek dire technien la,2 coup de pied kot mo p pensé r li ,li pa lé?

    fuuuf,lorla li ena toupé…to chance yashvin ki sa frustration avant la pa ti la,sina mo ti pou vine donne twa coup de main mwa…

    bez ha…mwa mo dire bzn aret servi sa NOMAD la mwa….montre zot fran fran ki zot problem lor zot face…lerla hopefully zot kpv decide pou bougé


  11. 4 me too connection ti ok since some weeks mai depuis avnt hier in re vine couma avnt net couper n then korek then re couper …… c amerdant ….. :angry:


  12. hello guy…! 1 camarade ine montre moi so blog…. li pas cool ditout.

    moi mo servi nomad sans problem…..exception kan just sot emeteur down.

    Mauritien toujour ena problem are tou zaffaire…!


  13. 😉 hi alisa!
    thnks for new first comment here….

    ya, tone bien dire, “ZIS KANT ZOTTE EMETEUR DOWN”
    mais probleme seki :dizzy:

    Zotte emeteur down imper plis ki bisin ! :cwy:

    keep tuning in to this blog :whistle:


  14. wai..coz mo meme quan mo ti ena nomad..hmmmm..2 weeks wizout internet..bon..biento mo pou write mo experience wiz nomad..lerla zot pou cmprnd li pli bien..
    thnx god..adsl pa comme sa.! ! !only 1 seul fois mo in gagne prob..apres sa..nopz..gagne connection at any time..


  15. i think li ossi depand lor locations:alien: , pu ban ki pa p gagne problems r nomad aprer un service wireless li normal li pa pu ena un rezo fix kuma telephone lakaz, :silly: mo penC rezo laa ossi affecter par weather aper si zot si zot res dan un lakaz refermer r muraii sipa kuma zot bizin met zot petit lapin lao kot ena un vide sipa ki.

    pa get mwa zot mo servi myT mwa :blush:
    goodluck :ninja:


  16. to rajneesh:
    :biggrin: haha, good solution :
    si zot res dan un lakaz refermer r muraii sipa kuma zot bizin met zot petit lapin lao kot ena un vide sipa ki.


    to Tushal : am waiting for ur article on nomad experience :pouty:


  17. Hi All

    Came across this blog…and thought to give my 2 cents worth…Also had problems with Nomad and cancelled my subscription. But recently met the CEO…They indeed had a problem with their network since end of last year…the problem is now solved and they are very willing to make efforts to communicate better with their customers…

    They have recently been working to improve their network and service…and as u can guess, MT being monopoly and govt backed, doesn’t make their life easy especially that NOMAD has to use MT’s services (SAFE)…

    I don’t believe you’ll hear much from the CEO…he travels a hell lot and is working on new stuff overseas to provide better & new services here. But the Executive Director should be reachable…I was also very crossed with NOMAD before meeting them, but now understand they have lots of constraints…

    Unfortunately some in their customer service (even the Customer Care Manager who never bothered replying to my mails!) don’t have the same commitment…May be you could also voice out ur concerns/issues to the Directors by emailing or calling…


  18. lol, this post is active again, thnks myriam!

    well, i too understood their constraints when i met the E.Director but now, since all their communications are handled by nomad itself, i cant see y they are still getting problems and keep false promises.
    well, welcome on board myriam, keep posted here for any news of nomad.
    u r sure that there is no other blog or site covering nomad issues better than here :whistle:


  19. What kind of false promises/problems? If anyone is having any problems, you really should voice our to Nomad…Trust me, I’ve tried ADSL and Emtel as well…and u can say they’re not that great either.


  20. i wanted to try emtel me too but because of the high price of modem, i prefered not to.
    however the download limit imposed by emtel or even myT doesnt bother me, koz i dont really download a lot.
    just a few mp3 here n there, when got nothing to do.

    voice out problems? i think many have been doing this but not all voices were heard, fortunately, seems that my voice was a bit higher n had grabbed the attention of the one concerned.


  21. “Alisa

    Comment on April 3rd, 2007.

    hello guy…! 1 camarade ine montre moi so blog…. li pas cool ditout.

    moi mo servi nomad sans problem…..exception kan just sot emeteur down.

    Mauritien toujour ena problem are tou zaffaire…!”

    lol… hmm me pu keep mo ban comment pou mwa koz si seulmnt to ti conne ki problem me in gagnie dan sa 1 year ki me gagne Nomad la to ti pou really kan pa conne,pa vine dire..eski twa tone attane 10 mins pou customer care rep twa ek mem ena coupe tel lor to figure?? mopa koire…si to gagne bon connection,considaire twa heureuse ek mange r li trankil dan to coin…pfff pa facile sa..ek bof to prove to point bien “Mauritien toujour ena problem are tou zaffaire…!”

    personally when i had nomad,all i can say is that it was crap..i did get good connection in the first month (this was when sundeep was in the opposite 😀 ) and then as they say,shit happens and it happened a LOT during that one year… they dnt seem professional @ all and even when my subscription was over,they sent me a msg as dear customer lol

    for now im on MyT and to get a constant minimum of 200 kpbs and downloading @ 28KB/s,why should i complain…
    a hint for those who dnt know is that i was technically not elligible for MyT as i exceeded the limit in KM but i still get nice connection…on the downside i dnt get TNT and on demand video,bt who cares? i pay same for 128kbps and get some nice download rates so im happy with what i have and yes their customer service are way much better and free also compared to our “dear” nomad one :biggrin:


  22. Hey guys we need to unite ourselves and create a force. Like ‘Stop Tulsi’ on facebook, there must be ‘Close down Nomad internet service in Mauritius’.
    I really had bad experiences with Nomad. Dozens of times I phoned them to complain that either I was not getting internet signal or connection speed was really slow’ but they never solved out my problems. Finally in the month of July last year when I returned my Rabbit Modem, they verbally said they would send my deposit money in a cheque by post, but until now I have not get any. Bloody thief!!

    On top of that 2 months later I got a letter from a claims company ‘Sogerec’, that I have arrears for two months before I return the Modem, i.e around Rs 900, which in fact was not true. Fortunately, I took the precaution to send them a registered letter and kept my post receipt as proof that two months before I return my modem I had informed them that I would stop my Direct Debit and in that so I had already informed the bank. I emailed all my receipts to that company and they didn’t harassed me again.
    But until now I have not get my Rs500 refund!!


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