My final year project

As for any other student in uni, u got to present something at the end of the final year…
For this final year, i will work together with Sandra and as project supervisor mr Pavaday.
Project title : Implementing fingerprint based secure systems
Description : I will have to develop applications which make use of biometrics (fingerprints) for implementing security.
In brief, our main aim is to develop at least 3 complete applications;

  • Attendance
    This program is nearly completed…
    It is a software that the lecturer runs when he enters a class.
    He activates it and all students entering the lecture just have to press their finger on the reader and their entry time is recorded.
    At the end of the class, the lecturer mark the lecture as ended in the software and he can then generate reports of who was in the class and their time on arrival. All information are stored for later access and the software does not makes use of any password.
    Students and Lecturers are enrolled through their fingerprints in an initial process and then identified whenever needed.
  • Lab Access Control
    This software is a client-server application in which a reader is attached to the server and all other computers (clients) in the lab are locked by the server (main computer).
    When a student enters the lab, he has to authenticate himself/herself by pressing his/her fingerprint onto the reader.
    Then the Server Process will automatically identify the user and hence allocate a free pc to him/her, together with an access code.
    The server will then contact the free pc (client) and transfer the access code and user details to it.
    In order to be able to use the allocated pc, the user has to enter the access code.
    Before leaving the lab, the user has to log out of his pc and then, use the reader to log out of the lab.
    All details, entry time, exit time + pc used are recorded onto the system and can be accessed by authorized persons…
  • Computer Security
    This part of the project consists of developing an application that will control access to different functions in a computer.
    For instance, only authorized persons may be able to access the internet, print or enter control panel, etc…
    A fingerprint reader will again be used to authenticate users…
Equipment fingerprint readerfingerprint 1
Programming Platforms VB 6 and
The project itself is very very interesting since we know exactly what is expected from us and what we have to do to reach that expectation.
Programming and working with the reader is not that difficult once you know how to use it.
meanwhile, i dont have to use any passwords in my laptop anymore since i use the fingerprint reader to

  • Log into my mailbox
  • Use MSN
  • Log in & Out of my pc… lol

Its great for us to be given this opportunity to work on this project, with this equipement and with mr pavaday.
Just lets hope that we score good marks at the end of the year…
Aller Sandra, nu pu ressi faire li !!!

16 thoughts on “My final year project

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  1. Wai Yashvin paret mari seryer projet la. Mais nu pou resi fer li.. et pou bizin fer li!!!
    pour l’instant encore dans flou la, pencor conner cot mo pou comence ca parti mo p travail la :S
    Mo pu met ene
    Et hope o final tou pou passe bine;)


  2. Thats a cool project am sure you gonna have a lot of fun implementing the fingerprint scanning .. remember that biometric scanning is something that is really common in many offices nowadays the potentials to your project can be very vast as you can probably compare the different levels of authentication that finger print scanning can offer.

    Good luck for the project and cheers!


  3. ya javed, u r rite…

    its very vast and additional options like use of threshold values have been added so that it becomes more secure.
    in addition to this, i will try to add more things to make the proj a bit more hmm, lets say difficult…

    thnks for ur visit…


  4. last 2 la paraite interesant..

    mais dernier la imP flou.. ki bizin fer? control access to adminstrative tools in windows..??

    be windows pas deja ena sa.. to just create and account without administrative rights non ?


  5. na pas exactement sa…

    ofet bisin faire ene prog ki pu control access to a hardware for instance a printer or prevent user from accessing the net, etc etc…


  6. wow…, the project is mega interesting…and i guess loads of hardwork p wait for u la…, so gud luck, work hard on it and i’m sure u r all gonna to do it…


  7. Hi yash,

    I was reading your project of FP Stuff. Nice idea. Well i am currently working as an Software QA engineer (Lead) in austin, TX, USA. My company makes such software with many more features. if you want to try then just download the trail version from our website :- and then u can get more ideas that what further you can add for your project. Nice work dude. Keep woking on tech stuffs.



  8. Ya we do use C++ and .net platform and our software does all such things that you have in your mind. Excellent idea yash. At present i dont type any password in my laptop. Completly FP enabled. And these days, almost all laptops have built-in FP scanner. If you need any information then do let me know..


  9. Hello to every body,
    I am working on project “Biometric based leave management” using C sharp with .net framework….. can any body help me… what is the price of fingerprint reader…. i will be waiting for your replys…


  10. @Ibrahim Khan: Hi. My project supervisor provided me with the fingerprint reader during the project.
    I checked on ebay, and the price starts as from $50.

    Important note : While buying a reader, make sure that you get one which has a compatible SDK(Software Development Kit). For example the one in the picture above has a wonderful SDK (GFinger if am not mistaken) which allows you to interact seamlessly with the reader. Feel free to post here if you need any additional info.

    Take care,


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