Project Submission Over…

finally, today was the deadline for submitting our end of year project.

lol, i was compelled to put the picture below, to please my friend the photographer, Zainab 😛 She absolutely wanted to see that picture here and i had to edit the post just for her…thnks za for the pic 😛

The extension of 9 days for the submission made a lot of the students “pousser un ouf de soulagement”, reducing the stress accumulated during the last days.

More about my end of year project can be read here

2 copies of the project had to be submitted today….
and now the completion of the software associated with the project has to be finalized.
During an official project presentation scheduled in the month of june, we, final year students will have to present our software to the examiners…

however, the project life cycle was interesting and enriching for us, at least me and my project partner.

9 thoughts on “Project Submission Over…

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  1. hmmmm.1st person 2 mk a croire ki mo pe reste lor to blog meme! ! ! ! ! !
    anyway..bsn c to project…mwa..last project mo ti faire..hmmmmm. :whistle: :whistle: 3 or 4 years back! ! 🙂


  2. nice pic!! :tongue: mo b bzin dir gater vine check sa photo la! :biggrin:
    happy dissertation submission to all!! :biggrin:


  3. menmen toi!

    b bizin feter sa!

    a lokazion bizin fer 1 grillade sa!

    kot to em facile sa, mo ti p dir toi lor mo blog, dan to lendroit la, sak boute chemin nek trouve marsand grillade em! koumsa zot contant grillade laba??


  4. to laSh:
    sorry, was not subscribed to comments feed on ur blog 😛
    gonna check ur request right now..
    wawa, partout marchand grillade kant arrive asoir :whistle:

    to tushal:
    u r free to remain online here, just as u did for nomad forum ğŸ˜Ž
    my pleasure!


  5. wai wai..pena prob..hope ki zot pa plein tend mwa! ! !lol
    b comment dire internet pe vin small pou mwa! ! !
    20/24…6/7 on internet! ! !sa osi.exams next gagne vak mo pa koner ki mo pou faire! ! !anyway..1 ti c omment lor to blog en general
    nice work yash.your blog, website are really nice and cool.thanks to your download section, i could had some nice and wonderful games and some great music.i’m looking forward hoping that in the near future you will upload some great music mixed by you.good work.
    take care and have fun


  6. just completed mine last week…..did an intranet system for IT training unit of MITD, the presented went well and passed, satisfaction of a good work makes me feel relax, hehehe!


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