HD Failure & Power Of Kubuntu

really one of the worst things that can happen to me!

my hard disk has crashed!
reason? well, its due to lack of care, but not from mine!
no hard disk, no windows, then how am blogging???

thats the power of Kubuntu Live

kubuntu logo

despite the hard disk being out of my laptop, with the Kubuntu Live CD you can run the Operating system and do anything u want…
blogging for instance or chat, word processing, everything u want…
but it takes a little more time to load since everything is stored in ur RAM Memory…
better wait for some mins than having to go to bed without my internet!

well, below is a screenshot of kubuntu


try it someday, it may become useful when ur hard disk crashes.

One of the rare advantages of Nomad is that it works in Kubuntu without any need for configuration, lol, i dont know how to do any configuration in Kubuntu..well, only the basic ones.

well, leave u here…
anyone with a spare laptop hard disk is welcomed 😀
am gonna buy the new one on monday i think…


4 thoughts on “HD Failure & Power Of Kubuntu

Add yours

  1. Not only NOMAD
    also the LiveBox of MyT

    I’m currently on Kubuntu LIVE
    Its great to have a nice interface + linux + being online + chatting with ur msn contacts + most important checking ogame lol

    no additional drivers needed compared to wen u just finish installing windows

    How long have u been using the laptop till now?


  2. It is not easy to go to bed without first being on the internet-checking who is online and checking my e-mail.

    I also got to buy another hard disk-As I am typing this the icon of low disk space is popping up…lol..


  3. Kubuntu sucks! It’s the worse OS of the world..believe me. The KDE project doesn’t listen to users feedback and every time they fail to build a proper OS. Sincerely, Kubuntu is lots of bugs and clashes and its what it’s popular of. Try Ubuntu instead; and I’am happy with it..


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