Happy Divali

Diwali (also called Deepavali ) is a major hindu, jain and sikh festival/celebration. Known as the “Festival of Lights,” it symbolises the victory of good over evil, and lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and hope for mankind. The reason for celebrating Diwali or Deepawali (lines of earthen lamps) is the return of Lord Ram, after killing Ravan (Demon) during his exile for 14 years.
On the day of Diwali, many wear new clothes, share sweets and light firecrackers

Happy Divali to everyone !

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  2. Belle mere ki sipoZe change toi??? pas gf la so travay sa non 🙂

    Reste neck coumadire to arrete zouRe lerla maybe to pou gagne ene place dan paradis!! lol 😛

    Miss tuition to read this blog!! abein!!
    looks like yashvin got himself a dieheart fan!!


  3. na, to gagne tout mal la…
    ofet mwa mone change gf la n belle mere p essaye change mwa…enfin, ki ena pu changer r mwa? mo deja ene ange 😀

    zourer? ki eter sa?


  4. kan mo p guet sa gateau la,mo p pense sa jour divali,tne fer ouvre mo ban gateau saki mne gagne,tne choizier bien apr lerla tne met sa dan un plate. pa fini,pu tir foto,pli 3 4 foto tne tir,dernier leur tne gagne un bon fot e un bon gateau.


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