sms gratos on Cell+

ya ya, sms was gratos on cellplus for some 1 hr or perhaps some mins…


one friend even told me that calls were gratos too…
i didnt try it but the sms ya, it worked… i had send only 4 sms…

Amizer mais pas Abizer!

ala, consequence koz after some time, sms became paying as usual, haha!
Good lesson for my sis since she had rs15 n send all kind of msgs everywhere, and now when she checked her account she has only Rs0.09!

as for call, i dont want to waste my credit just to check if its still working (i.e now @ 10:20am)

Special thought to Yogesh since he is sending me all kind of wishes, happy divali, eid, xmas..etc lol. mo croire li pas encore koner ki sms p recommence payer !

Something similar to this happened for emtel users some weeks back…


A friend working in the field explained the situation to me.
just by modifying ur sms message centre, emtel users could send sms freely.
in fact, technicians were testing the network for mtml service.
they make use of a special sms message centre to do their testing and unfortunately for them, the number was leaked out.
some time after, the whole of Mauritius (well at least a large amount ) were sending sms freely. But this stopped after a few days since the centre was deactivated.Some years back, free sms message centers were also available for use.
for instance, I remember, I was using a message centre from south Africa and I could send sms freely and the sms was delivered immediately unlike the case for cellplus users, which took, hours to be delivered.

Perhaps u remember, it was just when sms was free in Mauritius.

Just remember this

Nobody works for free nowadays!

(ene p encore plaigner a coter mwa, tous sa credit ine fini n demain divali!)

2 thoughts on “sms gratos on Cell+

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  1. In a way.. li bon mem sms pas gratis.. sinon.. pou ki mo sms reach demain on divali.. mo ti pou bizin send li hier!!!(2 days back)


  2. Hi there…Did not know that you maintain a blog…
    I’ll update my link…It was linking to ur website…

    Moi mo pas ine profite sms gratuit…Mo kroire ti fini areter quand mo ine conner…enfin quand mo ine croire mo banne kamarade…



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