ICTA’s public consultation to ammend laws around social media

The Information & Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) has published a document for public consultations regarding, I quote, “Consultation Paper on proposed amendments to the ICT Act for regulating the use and addressing the abuse and misuse of Social Media in Mauritius“.

According to the same document, I quote,

Given the generic nature of this function, the idea is to bring more clarity under this mandate by

  • completely separating the need to first properly identify whether the online content is an illegal and harmful content; and
  • putting in place technical enforcement measures to curtail the identified illegal and harmful content.

Some important points to note about, again, I quote sections :

  • Incoming and outgoing Internet traffic in Mauritius will first need to be segregated, that is, only social media traffic will need to be routed to the technical toolset (proxy server). All social media traffic will be decrypted so that when a complaint regarding social media is received, the following actions can be effected […]
  • […] with the technical toolset, it will be possible to determine the originating IP address of the person who posted the offensive comment; […]
  • […] This is a one-off operation to be done by each user from Mauritius trying to access social media websites for the first time via the proxy server. The envisaged operational scenario is that the social media end user from Mauritius should be prompted for the automatic installation of this self-signed certificate on his workstation/device when he will try to access the social media website for the first time via the proxy server. He will also be informed in the prompt that it is only after having successfully installed the selfsigned certificate of the proxy server on his workstation/smart phone, that he will be able to access his chosen social media platform. […]

The document is available here from their web site or from the link below.

Just saying, ICTA should also perhaps request public consultation regarding the usage of javascript scrolling news tickers with blinking GIF, for a better Mauritian websphere.

Anyways, l’invitation est lancée if you want to contribute for a better Mauritius (for whom?) *cough* *cough*.

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