After Covaxine shot, unexplained high fever for several days…

We all know that the Covid vaccines (and in general, other vaccines too) are expected to cause slight side effects, like some fever for next one to two days. People who had an Astrazeneca shot complained quite a lot unlike Covaxine ones. Unfortunately, things were different for Dhaneesha. We have gone through quite a lot for the past days. Because I’m not a doctor, I can’t make any assumptions or take any conclusions but I believe that it is important to document what happened so that any similar cases can be identified around the world.

So, I will publish this post as a statement of facts, as they happened :

  1. My wife Dhaneesha had her first dose of Covaxine on 30th March 2021.
  2. Coincidence or not, she started having an ear pain on that same day. She took paracetamol as recommended for anyone having the vaccines and we waited.
  3. 31st March : She starting having fever
  4. 1st April : 48 hours after the shot, the ear still pained a lot.
  5. 2nd April : We went to see a doctor who noticed an ear infection and prescribed medicines including ear drops as a first medical aid. If the pain does not fade after 3 days, he asked us to come again for some antibiotics prescription.
  6. 3rd April : A day later, things did not go much better. The pain worsened and even the jaw area was paining dreadfully. We returned to the GP doctor who then prescribed some antibiotics.
  7. 4th April : She was unable to bear the ear and jaw pain along with the fever. She could neither eat nor take her antibiotics.
  8. We decided to go to a clinic. There has been some long story here as we drove to a few places, but I will cut it short for this article.
  9. We finally landed in some private clinic, where she was given first care through IV and we were informed that she has to be hospitalized. She did a Covid 19 PCR test, which turned out to be negative.
  10. Her fever reached pikes of 39 degrees over the next 3 days. Her whole body shivered loads at the same time. She did a whole set of blood tests, X-rays, CT scans : all results were normal.
  11. An ENT specialist had a look at her and identified a swollen gland : Lymph Node as they call it. However, this was said not to cause such type of pain and fever.
  12. 7 April : Another PCR test was done again. Negative.
  13. More tests were done in order to determine any possible cause of the fever. Meanwhile, she was given paracetamol, antibiotics and anti inflammatory treatment. The high peak of 39 degrees was reached at a regular interval of 3 hours.
  14. The ear and jaw pain was nearly gone, same for the previously identified swollen gland.
  15. 8th April : She was given Voltaren, which dropped the fever quite quickly. She was stable for at least 10 hours before the high temperature was back. Another Voltaren was given.
  16. After the second dose of Voltaren, the fever did not go beyond 37.5 degrees.
  17. 10th April : Her medical condition was pretty stable, enabling doctors to diminish medication slowly.
  18. 13th April : She was discharged to go home.

Thankfully, everything sounds better now but she needs rest to recover fully.

And to summarize everything, the calendar overview can be helpful

If we count the number of days with fever, it starts from 31st March till the 9-10th April. That makes roughtly 10 days of high fever of peaks up to 39 degrees.

The cause of the high fever has still not been identified. Since she did a Covid Vaccin just before the problem, the doctor filed a report which was sent to the Ministry of Health. Such cases should be reported (publicly), so that it does not remain a secret and links / investigations can be made accordingly.

Anyone is free to take their own conclusions as per the above facts. If anyone is going through same problem or anyone wants more details, drop a comment or a mail, I will respond accordingly.

2 thoughts on “After Covaxine shot, unexplained high fever for several days…

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  1. Some days after the covaxin shot, I had like an inflammation of muscles in the heel and calf. It seemed like was on fire if I was on my feet for some time.
    Did have some pains before, but to a much lower level.
    Had the pain for like 3 days and then went to see the doctor.
    I was prescribed some antiinflammatory.It’s ok now.


    1. Any luck finding people complaining for the same thing on the net? I am hearing this for the first time too. With Covaxine, people complained less and it was usually just a small fever of 1 or 2 days max.


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