Covid19 – Mauritius Lockdown Island 2021

Following the come-back of the Covid-19 cases in the island, the country entered a second lockdown on 10th March 2021 at 0600. On the eve, the 9th March 2021, the country already had 15 confirmed positive cases of Covid-19, most of them originating from a fruit-vegetable import/export company and from a family gathering of around 200 people.

52 days later, on the 1st May 2021, the lockdown was removed at 6 am all over the island, except in a small area in the southern region whereby a few cases were recorded during the recent days.

Official figures up to now:

  • 579 positive cases (local contamination)
  • 7 deaths (directly caused by Covid19, as announced but a lot more people died while being +ve)

Read more about the longer lockdown during 2020 here.

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