Happy 36th birthday under Covid19 lockdown

A second birthday under Covid-19 lockdown…

This is becoming like something normal now for many. Nothing to complain about as this makes you spend this special day with the closed ones, enclosed in the house. So, we are at Day 12 of the lockdown with 202 positive cases of Covid-19.

Unlike the previous year, Dhaneesha cooked briani for the first time and ordered a birthday cake for me.

I purchased a lot of alcohol just in case people turned up for my lockdown birthday party but as my cousin pointed out, the only alcohol which suits right now is this :

birthday best alcolhol

The Daily Ageing Project

As every year, I publish a new video with the selfies shot (nearly) daily since 2013… I now have over 2800 selfies, all compiled in one time lapse of 2 minutes

Youtube link : https://youtu.be/SZYuvhbXwu4

Thanks to everyone for their wishes during the day…

Keep safe everyone.


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