Applications for ICTA permits/licences/certificates are now online

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a communiqué from the ICTA. From what one can read, the ICTA will now have a web site from which all import applications (permits / type approval certificates) need to be made. They will also cater for document uploads to support your applications. Until now, this process required the importer to fill in forms manually and submit the form and any required documents to the ICTA office.

Hence, as from tomorrow, the 1st October 2019, the applications will be made through this link only :

This blog post summarizes important points written on the ICTA web site. However, it is always advisable to look for any updated data from the relevant authorities instead of relying on anything on this blog.

3 categories for items for non-commercial usage (personal / gifts)

List D

ICT equipment intended for professional use such as Private Mobile Radio and Maritime VHF Radio, for corporate private networks such as outdoor access points and for public operator networks such as Radio Base Stations, for which clearance to import is subject to a type approval certificate and licence to operate

List E

ICT equipment for non-commercial purposes (including for personal use and for offering as gift) for which no licence and no type approval certificate is required.

If a similar item has already been granted a Type Approval Certificate, the procedure does not need to be repeated. A search box is available to find the above info.

List F

Free entry ICT equipment for non-commercial purposes (including for personal use and for offering as gift) for which no licence and no type approval certificate is required

Notes :

  • While List D is pretty straight-forwards, the items under List E and List F are quite confusing. While both lists do not require any license or type approval certificate, items under List E might be subject to verification before given clearance.
  • I guess that List F items are those which you can expect to be delivered at your door step ( or nearest post office)
  • From examples quoted on the ICTA Web site ( and reproduced here), WiFi repeaters / routers are in the List E while mobile data ( GSM, LTE) routers and modems are categorized in List F.


Screenshot before launch :

Web page down just on launch day

As at now (1st October 2019 – 0900hrs) the main application dashboard is down. So, after registering myself as a user and activating my account, the web site throws an error. So, for now, lets keep fingers crossed so that they can put the site online again.

Site was working when I checked an hour later (i.e 1000hrs)…

What can we expect now?

Having different item categories will probably enable channeling applications more conveniently and with everything paperless, we can probably expect faster processing times.

I will also get in touch with the ICTA to clear a few points I have (for example, reconditioned and second hand items). I will then update this article accordingly.

So, keep tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Applications for ICTA permits/licences/certificates are now online

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    1. Normally, they don’t ask for permits if it is for personally usage. But with the online permit system, it takes a few seconds to apply and for many cases, you get the permit immediately. So, go for it to avoid unpleasant surprises


  1. I can’t even login, it saying that my email is invalid. i have created another email address and try again, same problem.


    1. If you really need to get the permit, I would advise to call them and inform them that their system is not working. They can meanwhile probably issue you a permit without the online system.


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