Yashvinblogs Awards 2017

Ladies and gentlemen,

The whole team behind the most prestigious and most awaited awards of the Mauritian Web has the utmost pleasure to welcome you for the 6th consecutive year to our in-house awards ceremony, the Yashvinblogs Awards 2017. Held annually, this ultimate aim of this ceremony is to recognize the immense contribution of the various political personalities of the island in different fields and areas of expertise. Like each year, the members of the jury had a very tough time to go through the performances of all the nominees in order to pick up the best choice.

To avoid losing any more time, let’s announce the winners for the different categories :

Best Actor : Kalyan ( Movie : Erotism in Parliament – Visa X)

Best Actress : Ameenah mina ( Movie : Sobrino au paradis )

Best Actor in a comedy role : Anil ( Movie : Les dents de la mer  )

Best Actress in a comedy role : Nandinee ( Movie : Intervista di cotomilie donna in italia)

Best Actor in a supporting role : Etienne ( Movie : La tete touni)

Best Actress in a supporting role : Roubinaa ( Movie : Behind the bars)

Best Actor in a villain role : Roshi ( Movie : Le reveil des dinosaures de la 18eme )

Best Actress in a villain role : Maya ( Movie : Chaos in the parliament )

Best Shooting location : Belle Rose / Quatre Bornes

Most Promising new-comer Actor : Dhanraj ( Movie : Le reveil des dinosaures de la 18eme )

Most Promising new-comer Actress : Tania ( Movie : Le reveil des dinosaures de la 18eme )

Most awaited release : Tramway to Hell

Best Director : Pravind ( Movie : Premier Ministe Par L’imposte )

Best Song : Mo pas pu kilé ( Chanteur : Soudane)

Best Movie : Menteur Menteur

Best Dialogue : ” I order you out!” (Maya) / “Mo ti pou touye li” ( Soudane)

Best Profit-making : BetaMaxiProfit

Best Thriller : Bet365

Outstanding Performance : Arvind ( Movie : Le reveil des dinosaures de la 18eme )

Lifetime Achievement Award : Bhai Aneerood ( Movie : The Invisible Man)

A big round  of applause to all of the winners who have been entertaining the population even more since their live broadcast on the television, the Mauritius Beze Cass Coorporation.

Dear friends, that’s all for the awards ceremony. This year, we have the pleasure to provide you with snacks cooked in our La Cuisine : Samoussas, bajias and gato piments are available near the exit doors. For those who don’t want to get dirty with the oily cakes, high quality Essko biscuits can be found near Maya’s table. And before concluding, drivers taking alcoholic drinks, please get in touch with Thierrie et Boygaa for tips.

See you next year!

Take care!

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