Best “mine bouille” in town… euh… Mauritius


I have definitely not eaten every “mine bouille” (boiled noodles) in every snack or restaurant of the island but many of my facebook friends / followers definitely envy me each time I post the pics of noodles from one of my fav snacks in Port Louis. Probably you will too.

Situated in China Town, just a few meters from the burnt game-house named l’Amicale, “Le Pain Maison” is a small snack where you can order noodles (fried / boiled) or stuffed bread along with a choice of fillings at a very affordable price. I especially love the “mine bouille” because they truly have a unique taste and look.

Some shots to water your mouth :

Choice of fillings

Among the different menus (fillings) available, you can get the following : Poulet chassive, poulet au miel, sauté poulet, sauté boeuf, oeuf, poulet au tamarin and for vegs : sauté legumes avec teokon.

Some tips :

  • Don’t go there in a big group as there are only around 4-5 “stools”.
  • Girls, you might probably choose not to wear mini-skirts too.
  • And please, when you have finished eating, don’t just sit there and start gossiping. Pay your bill and walk out as other people might be waiting to have lunch.

I should thank A.B for bringing me there for the first time nearly 3 years back (Thanks again Facebook for keeping track of this day). Ever since, I regularly drop in to have a big portion of mine bouille along with some chicken fillings and an egg omelette. And I regularly bring along colleagues / friends there. I have also stopped counting the number of times I have to give directions (or post google maps) to indicate the location of the snack!

To give you an indication of the price you might pay :

Mine Bouille + Chop Soy Poulet + Poulet Chassive + Coca = Rs 100

Map :

Google maps link :

btw, “Le Pain Maison” is open on saturdays too.

Mine bouille saumon gros pois

There’s another place which is worth mentioning too if you want to taste the famous mix “mine bouille saumon gros pois”. Just drive to the back of Champs de Mars (besides the post office) and you will notice the small Green snack on which you can see the words “Tico” and some newspapers hanging along a rope.

Don’t be afraid of the owner Tico or his assistant. Just place your order, grab your noodles / halim and sit on the bench or the side of the street. However, if you are fussy about food, this place might not be for you.

To give you an indication of the price you might pay :

An halim + a mine bouille saumon gros pois for less than Rs100

Map :

Google maps link :

Other “best in town” series :

For those who wish to eat “boulettes”, have a look at my post here and for the best “halim”, head over to this page.

Bon appetit !

3 thoughts on “Best “mine bouille” in town… euh… Mauritius

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  1. Thanks for sharing bro.
    One of the best local blogs out here. Being following since years now.

    Just a request pls if possible of course, to query about whether the food at mentioned places are Halaal certified. Would be of great help to our Muslim friends and as well to the snacks, finding a mean to clear any misapprehensions through your blog 😉


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